Pilot Tried To Warn Plano Passenger Away From Propeller

DALLAS (AP) – A pilot has told investigators that he warned a Dallas-area woman away from the front of the small plane before she walked into the propeller.

The National Transportation Safety Board on Monday released a preliminary report on the Dec. 3 accident in McKinney that injured online fashion editor Lauren Scruggs. The Plano woman, who lost an eye and her left hand, continues in rehabilitation.

The NTSB report says the pilot, whose name wasn’t listed, landed and left the engine running while awaiting his next passenger to view holiday lights.

The pilot says he saw Scruggs exiting in front of the strut, he put out his right arm to divert her and said walk behind the plane.

He looked away, heard someone yell “stop, stop” and Scruggs was on the ground.

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One Comment

  1. WingStop says:

    It doesn’t matter if he tried to warn her or not. Standard operating procedure is to kill the engines before letting anyone off.

    1. NiteNurse says:

      Doesn’t sound like he had time to kill the engine.

      1. You have got to be the dumbest commentator here says:

        That’s why the pilot should have told her to STAY ON THE PLANE, genius!

    2. Steven Moshlak says:

      Amen, brother. May I take it a step further? Instruct all passengers that nobody tkaes their belts off or exits the plane until the pilot instructs them and the engines are off and the props are secure..

  2. FedUpTxn says:

    What ever happened to personal responsibility and good old fashion “common sense”? If she decided to walk into traffic on LBJ during rush hour would the highway authority be responsible for not stopping traffic for her? How about if she jumped off a roof, would the construction company be responsible for injuries? I’m sorry she was injured, but the only one at fault is her for being so foolish. Leave the poor pilot alone, he didn’t do a thing to this woman.

    1. NiteNurse says:

      I agree. Why are we paying so much attention to her?

    2. 900 Hours says:

      You KILL THE ENGINES, even if you have other parties waiting to board.

  3. This is sad either way. My best friend was killed at the age of 24 by walking into the plane propeller. It was said that the pilot told her to exit away from the propeller too, the noise of it running was too loud for her to hear evidently. I would give anything to have her here every day : disfigured or not..

  4. Chris says:

    how hard is it to figure out to stay away from rotating propeller blades??? Also how did this woman “accidentally” walk into the blades to begin with….was she texting or something or what? I dont know or care whether the pilot was suppose to cut the engine or not, this poor woman will go thru life with one less hand because of a momentary slip up in personal responsibility of paying attention.

    1. Count Your Blessings says:

      Hey, it could have been worse. She could have ended up like that big bald Hitler-loving-Hun in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    2. Really says:

      Let me ask you (and others) this question then, dummy. What if you and your family were exiting that plane, and your toddler got away from you and ran into the propeller? Or what if it would have been your grandmother with limited vision, who went the wrong way, too soon for anyone to stop her? Whose fault would it be then? Well?

      1. stercuilus65 says:

        Hey dummy, she wasn’t a child was she, dummy? Get a clue.

    3. Noah Webster says:

      It’s THROUGH, genius. Thru is not a word. It’s an unacceptable variant like “ain’t”.

  5. DonMei says:

    100% correct. No safety conscious pilot lets the passengers out until the engine is stopped. It sounds like he got greedy, not wanting to have to spend the time restarting the engine. Or maybe his engine has hot start problems.

    I have seen people loaded onto piston aircraft with the engine running but always with an escort who took them from the FBO out to the plane.

  6. Rotorhead says:

    Time out.
    having been around A/C/ Helicopters all my life (77)
    you have to be very stupid to walk into and turning Prop./
    she did have eyes – the problem here is, a dumb blonde trying to show off.
    now we hear nearly daily about her on the news – whats the big deal.

  7. stercuilus65 says:

    Any adult that walks into a propeller has only themselves to blame, case closed.

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