CBS 11 anchor Keith Garvin and photojournalist Edgar Solis are traveling to Afghanistan to see the U.S. war effort firsthand. In February they will bring back a series of stories about our troops there.  While they are traveling, Keith is writing this blog for CBSDFW.COM.

ALI AL SALEM AIR BASE, KUWAIT (CBSDFW.COM)  Wednesday, January 18th – Nine hour flight from DFW to Leipzig, Germany.

4.5 hours to Kuwait.

Four days in Kuwait & counting 😦

Yes, Edgar & I are STUCK in Kuwait.  After landing at Kuwait International Airport we took an hour & 15 minute bus ride to Camp-LSA at the Ali al Salem Air Base.  We were only supposed to be here overnight.  24 hours at the most.  But bad weather in Afghanistan has delayed our flight to Bagram.  It’s been snowing there so badly that an avalanche killed 6 civilians.

Camp-LSA (Life Support Area) is a critical hub for the US military.  This is where troops & civilian contractors are sent to and from Afghanistan, and up until last month to & from Iraq.  This is also where troops heading to & from their 2-week R & R breaks are routed through.  But when bad weather strikes any of the destinations it causes a HUGE ripple effect and backs up flights for days, similar to when a bad storm disrupts air travel at U.S. airports, but even worse.

Edgar & I were placed on a long list of civilians & some soldiers needing to catch flights to Bagram.  On Day 1 we were #’s 284 & 285.  Day 2 — #’s 216 & 217.  On Day 3 we have actually dropped a little further to 249 & 250!  Not the direction we wanted to go.  The army is working hard & trying to pull some strings for us but at this rate we could be here for 4 or 5 more days.  Hoping for the best.

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