Attorney: Woman With Gun At DFW Passed Through During Shift Change

DFW AIRPORT (CBSDFW.COM) – The attorneys representing Judith Kenney of Little Elm stand by their defense that the 65-year-old mistakenly carried a handgun onto an American Airlines plane Wednesday at DFW airport. “It was really and truly an honest mistake on her part,” said Kenney’s attorney, Gary Redman.

Redman says Kenney, who is also a lawyer, worked a late night before getting up early in the morning, and that she was unaware that the gun was tucked away in her compter bag. Redman says his client passed through the TSA security check point with no problems, but noticed something just before her bags were scanned.

“Right before she went through the security, she remembers that TSA was changing shifts, it appeared,” explained Redman. “The person who sits and looks at the computer monitor had left and then another gentlemen came and sat in that seat and he was adjusting the computer monitor,” the Dallas attorney added.

d26 checkpoint Attorney: Woman With Gun At DFW Passed Through During Shift Change

Judith Kenney passes through security. Courtesy DFW Airport

Kenney’s attorney says his client got on the plane and then minutes later, two officers came aboard. “After the officers walked through the plane and looked at the passengers, there was an announcement for the female passengers to get off the plane,” said Redman. She was arrested on the ramp that connects the plane to the terminal.

Chaim Koppel is an Aviation Security Analyst based in Southlake. Koppel says the scanners likely caught the gun, so he believes it was human error that led to the security breakdown. “It’s enough that one person was not paying attention for two or three seconds,” explained Koppel. “Things like this can happen. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of the business and it’s probably going to happen again,” added Koppel.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) declined comment, pending the results of its investigation.

Since DFW airport is located in Tarrant and Dallas counties, it has yet to be determined which County D.A. will get the case. In either county, Kenney’s attorneys want this to go to the Grand Jury, because they believe the Grand Jury will see this as a simple mistake by a woman with no criminal history.


One Comment

  1. Juanita says:

    It shouldn’t be about what SHE did but what THEY did, security dropped the ball and should be said as such!

    1. Alex Nichols says:

      so what she had a gun, i am guessing 1/1,000,000 people who got on the plane with a gun would use it. Stop wasting all our time TSA!!

  2. George says:

    If you look at the video there was no other bag on the conveyor the lawyer just took her bag after waiting for it to reach the end of the conveyor and walked off.
    If TSA was doing its job correctly the bag would not have left the machine, much less reach the end of the conveyor. Furthermore where are the red lights or sirens you get in any store if security is breached. TSA said she took the bag and left before the screening could be completed and they could seize the bag., really? That must mean that the observer or TSA agent can´t stop the conveyor.hmmmm. The truth is he didn’t see anything. I can only presume that it was a camera remote observer who blue the whistle. Good for him he justified his job, but the scanner man he should be the guy who stands behind the people who leave the scanner area and are supposed to stop suspicious people. Yea this was a big breach of security by TSA who are they kidding.
    Nothing happened because the person in question was an outstanding citizen exercising her constitutional right to bear arms. Her mistake was she simply forgot that the gun was where she habitually carried it. Given the security that the State can provide more people should carry guns. 15000 violent crimes in Dallas, more than 667 reported rapes best estimate is one in seven is reported.
    187 murders in Dallas down 40% that means more than 300 a year is normal.
    Should women carry guns they are the principal victims of violent crime along with children.

  3. Jim Jeffreys says:

    Definitely a breakdown of human error on all sides. The passenger has the responsibility as a gun owner of always being aware of where her firearm is. Bot the x-ray operators bear the responsibility of safeguarding the public and ensuring a firearm is not introduced tot he sterile area, When changing operators BOTH need to agree all bags on the screen are clear before actually changing over. Luckily there are cameras everywhere, and management will be able to determine what actually happened, and what needs to be done to correct the situation. I think we can all agree Kenney is not a terrorist, and more than likely she had no evil intent, so a civil fine should be enough in her case. How about the officers, assuming investigation reveals misconduct, a letter of reprimand, suspension and remedial training should take care of it, Oh, and lets take the video of the incident and send it to every checkpoint at every airport and make it part of the training for every officer, as an example of what NOT to do.

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