Dallas Plant Investigated For Dumping Pig Blood Into Trinity River

Updated with company statement 1/23/2012 @5:30 p.m.

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Federal, state, and local authorities say a Dallas meat-packing company is under criminal investigation for possibly illegally dumping pig blood into a creek that leads to the Trinity River.

Investigators executed search warrants Thursday at the Columbia Packing Company on East 11th Street in Oak Cliff.

The Texas Environmental Crimes Task Force has been looking into the plant for two months now.  Dallas County has been working with federal and state investigators ever since the tip came in.

The task force is now  investigating whether the pig blood came from a secondary pipe not connected with the waste water system.

Dallas County health officials say photos investigators took show blood appearing to flow from the Columbia Packing Company into Cedar Creek and then into the Trinity River.

Health and Human Services chief Zach Thompson says that’s what has county, federal, and state investigators so concerned.  “Any time there is some type of discharge into the Trinity River… especially from an environmental standpoint, this is a real concern.”

Thompson says the EPA, TCEQ, and Texas Parks and Wildlife executed a search warrant on the plant Thursday, and found a pipe not connected to a waste water system.  “I think they discovered a secondary pipe again is my understanding, so the question is who installed the pipe and why was it there.”

At the plant this afternoon, a guard wouldn’t allow reporters inside and said there was no comment.

The health department says the investigation began in late November when a man taking scenic photos of the Trinity saw what appeared to blood, and called authorities.

According to a letter by the Animal Welfare Institute posted on the USDA’s website, the plant was cited in 2008 and 2009 for inhumane treatment or slaughter of animals.  The letter also says the company received a one day suspension each time.

UPDATE: On Jan. 23, Columbia Packing Company issued this statement:

Columbia Packing Co., Inc is a family owned business with a strong compliance history in a very regulated industry.  It has been operating for nearly 100 years and is a pillar in the community participating in numerous area events and supporting area charities.  It has approximately 100 employees at its plant.

Columbia has never and would never intentionally engage in the activities recently alleged in the media.  It was surprised by the allegations raised last week and was previously unaware of any such concerns.  When notified of the potential issues, it fully cooperated with the government officials to answer any questions and to take any necessary action.  Columbia ceased operation pending approval  from the governmental agencies to resume its normal operation.

Columbia appreciates the support of its customers and the community during this time and looks forward to continued operation and participation in the community.

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One Comment

  1. East River Crab says:

    So, this probably IMPROVED the Trinity River, yes?

  2. chwingnut says:

    Its the Trinity River duh. A few years ago there were feces floating in it, what is a little pigs blood. It may even smell better.

    1. DDR says:

      Feces AND dead drug dealers. Oh, wait. Same thing.

  3. doyle says:

    you guys making dump comments we drink out of the trinity river in dalllas its not drinkable any more bottle water for me lol

    1. DDR says:

      Are you mentally challenged? That sentence was one of the most nonsensical posts I’ve seen.

  4. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    W.C. Fields once stated: “I never drink Water, Fish Phuck in it”.

    1. Gerry says:

      Now that there is funny!!

  5. G Marks says:


    Businessmen don’t care about anything but profit… this should be a death sentence for this business. That’s the only punishment they understand.

    You pull something like this… you go DOWN.

    That would be TRUE libertarianism. The market allows for industry. You abuse it you are OUT of business.

    Ron Paul 2012

    1. artemis133 says:

      I agree. And they’ve been cited before?

      Shut the f’ers down.

    2. davec says:

      “doing whats cheapest” also means dumping up to the allowable limit, then hiring other companies to dump the rest.

      This was happening in NW Ohio back in the 1990s, where a larger company was farming out work that caused pollution to smaller companies, to dilute teh waste discharge.

      Corruption from one end to the other

      1. Dale says:

        I like prk chops

    3. Dale Netherton says:

      The citing of a meat packing plant for inhumane treatment of animals? That’s what they do. slaughter animals. That is how we get meat. Hello!

    4. Ken Smailliw says:

      Because of stupid people like you we don`t have a thing called (your innocent until proven guilty by a jury of your peers),just because the corrupt government says they did wrong hardly proves anything today they LIE LIE LIE
      if you believe a word the EPA says then your the problem too

      1. Zexufang Fang says:

        Ken – right on.

        In the same sense:
        If a monopoly in business is bad due to high prices and poor service; is a GOVERNMENT monopoly any different?

      2. Chris Blea says:

        Why do we all believe that a government should equate with a business? They are entirely different entities.

      3. Zexufang Fang says:

        Chris Blea
        As to –
        “Why do we all believe that a government should equate with a business? They are entirely different entities.”

        I concur; however, the effect is the SAME.

        It is a certainty that your drivers/fishing/hunting/business fees &license cost will ALWAYS increase without a net tangible increase in benefit.

        Because YOU as a consumer/citizen -have NO other option when dealing with the government. Whose first rule in management is to increase their numbers and bureaucracy; and this propels a need for more taxes and revenue. This will not stop until the infinite needs of the monopoly government consume ALL the finite resources that supply the government.

        Hence the idea of a constitutional LIMITED government, something that is sadly amiss these days.

    5. Transendentalist says:

      No packing plant would throw away blood. Its running $730/ton dried right now. http://agebb.missouri.edu/dairy/byprod/bplist.asp

      It would be like a sawmill throwing out sawdust. Its not gonna happen on purpose.

      1. Gerry says:

        I agree with you. I used to be an FSIS inspector and the small hog slaughter plants in California that I saw collected the blood and sold it to mostly the Asian community for blood sausage etc. Larger plants dry the blood for sale as you said. Either the management in this plant is very bad or they have a maintenance man who is an idiot and losing money for the plant.

      2. unkown says:

        I know a little about this company and I do know that they sell the blood. Any blood that is flowing into the creek was an accident, this article makes it sound like they are draining streams of blood into the creek and THAT IS NOT TRUE. You hit the nail right on the head when you brought up the selling of the blood. It doesn’t make any sense to anyone knowing that they do sell the blood.

      3. Nicole says:

        http://g.co/maps/fbsfg Google maps shows otherwise…

    6. James D says:

      It’s not exactly toxic waste. It’s pig blood. Odds are that a lot of little marine critters are enjoying their bonanza.

      Perhaps it should be necessary for the government to demonstrate that this has a deleterious effect on the wildlife or the human population, before we jump all the way to shutting down this business.

      Other things to look into are whether the legal ways to get rid of this stuff have been made artificially expensive by earlier government regulations. Sometimes businesses are put in a position where they have to cut corners to survive, by government forcing expensive regulations on them which eat up their entire profit margin.

      Pretty much every critter that dies on land outdoors has its blood being washed into rivers. I’m sure this isn’t the end of the world.

    7. Ruckus says:

      Now that is a rediculous solution. Put them out of business and put more people on unemployment . That is the last thing we need.

      1. Kevin Pearson says:

        Dude, when a company is put out of business, their customers still need the service and they go to another company or someone forms a new company altogether. The other company then hires most of the people that were working for the first company to service the additional customers.

        Presidents don’t create jobs, Governors don’t create jobs,. CEOs don’t create jobs. CUSTOMERS create jobs. If the company had customers, those customers don’t just go away. They would stilll be looking for someone for their service. Unless Obama is determined to destroy that particular industry and blocks any other companies from being formed. Then they are unemployed

    8. Jn Brown says:

      i do wonder if this saved money created any jobs or did the “family” split it? sorry i like all the details.

  6. Jim says:

    Linked on Drudge? What is this over regulation by the government again! Industry never makes any threat to citizens according to the Republicans. Do away with the EPA…isn’t that what Republicans fight for. All Big Business…forget about harming the environment….TOO much regulation by Big Government! Praise the Lord!

    1. Jerry Newman says:

      Moron…since you’re so naive…let me inform u. Drudge is really a libertarian. Not a conservative site.

      1. blupill says:

        if your not a liberal than u must be a conservative. Thats how every lib sees it.

    2. Matt Chappel says:

      Jim, Libertarians believe in STATE regulation because that is what’s prescribed by the CONSTITUTION. The Constitution gives ZERO authority to the federal government to regulate business.

      So it’s not that libertarians wand NO regulation, it’s that we want it done on a STATE or LOCAL level rather than a federal one.

      But as we can see, this company is in trouble with authorities on every level.

    3. Jim is a idiot says:

      Jim … You are moron..

      1. Donald Duck says:

        nuh nuh, you’re a moron, and mine is bigger than yours, too, moron!

        neener neener nah nah nah nah nahnah!

    4. Motoki says:

      Jimmy, get off daddy’s PC, and do your homework!

    5. Robx says:

      Stop and think, It happened WITH the EPA, so what good did they do?

  7. Freeland Dave says:

    I shouldn’t have said this but perhaps they should have dumped it off the coast of Iran.

    1. mike says:

      the ” martyr’s sea”…we couldn’t do that!

      1. Malik Al Spaghetti says:

        Okay, how about where Osama’s flip flops are still floating?

  8. FN Cee says:

    There’s a chance this isn’t completely true … Most meat packers have a profitable use for blood … much or all of it gets mixed with other things and sold as fertilizer … after all, the only thing not used on a pig is the “oink” … please pass the ham.

    1. Atom&Yves says:

      “Most meat packers have a profitable use for blood”
      Something very few people are aware of and, obviously, unlikely to educate themselves about before commenting. I can think of several scenarios/mistakes that wouldn’t necessarily lead to some nefarious plot of ‘dumping’ a marketable product, and I’m a skeptical inquirer.

      1. Jn Brown says:

        they found the illegal dump pipe. you want a picture? look at the overheads

  9. John Robinson says:

    They could have made black pudding out of it lol


    hmmm tasty!

  10. Rev. Al Sharpton says:


    1. Herman Vogel says:

      Not as recist as you lying about policement raping Tauwalla then not allowing anyone to interview her,,,,A-Hole.

      1. Springer Rider says:

        How do you interview her A-hole?

      2. lori says:

        who would want to interview Tawanaa a hole?

  11. Jim in Houston says:

    Should have dumped it one of Iran’s rivers instead.

    1. Herman Vogel says:

      In their water supply,,,,let them drink Oil,,,,LOL

    2. Jim in Houston says:

      I am the real Jim in Houston, I am not really a racist. I was hacked by Herman Vogel.

  12. fish says:

    Pig blood is 100% biodegradable. Stop yer whine’n liberals.

  13. flashman1854 says:

    Just change the name to the “Red River”; everything will be OK.

  14. Joe Dutra says:

    OK if it was the Euphrates or Tigris.

    1. Joe Dutra says:

      Hurk Hurk, my name is Joe and I’m a Big Old Texan racist!

  15. Jason Kahl says:

    I really think the it would take every pig i the mid west to turn the river red…more likely an algae bloom like a red tide..

  16. PJF says:

    Meanwhile many cities dump millions to billions of gallons of sewage into nearby lakes and rivers ( example: Milwaukee, WI ), yet no one cares.

  17. Ozymandius says:

    In Milwaukee our government run sewerage plant routinely dumps human feces in Lake Michigan, pigs blood would be an improvement.

  18. mike says:

    put that secondary pipe up the owners ass and start pumping the pig blood.

  19. Gloriosa 4 says:

    And Mark Cuban made fun of our San Antonio River!

  20. Springer Rider says:

    This sounds like BS. Blood is actually used in the rendering process. A processing plant would never throw it away.

  21. 1608the poet says:

    Maybe someone fixed it so that it flowed up to a Mosque.

    1. 1608the poet says:

      I am resistant to accepting other cultures, please forgive me I wasn’t raised well

  22. Crosscut says:

    Rand Paul is past his sell by date. He is a patriotic American but his time has passed. He needs to retire and take a bunch of the geezers, like McCain, with him.

  23. luxomni says:

    Rand Paul was born in 1963! And you think he is too old? When were you born, 1995?

    1. Jn Brown says:

      Ron, Rand same difference. No distinction

  24. Rubicons says:

    What a waste of pig blood. Just think of all the bullets we could have dipped in that to take care of our terrorist friends!

  25. Chase says:

    Pigs blood was the mainstay of Spartan Greeks diet. What a waste to dump it!

  26. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    Chicago turns the river green on St Patric’s Day, why shouldn’t Dallas turn the trinity river red for MLK day to celebrate Obama’s accomplishments in foreign policy. Obama is so wonderful.

  27. RonT says:

    Isn’t blood biodegradable? So what’s the problem?

  28. Scott says:

    Really. Pig blood? My guess is it was that red Texas soil down there bubbling up with some water. The catfish and the turtles would dig some pig blood though!

    1. Gerry says:

      I was thinking the same thing, maybe that attracted catfish to the area. That discharge pipe may lead to a good fishing hole with some big catfish.

  29. Notta Perot-bot says:

    Lived in Carrollton for a time.

    I was unaware that there WAS any water in the Trinity River except every 4th year during the rainy season…

  30. Igor says:

    I’m betting that would be a great place to fish!

  31. freecheese says:

    Just wondering ? When a human dies and goes to the mortuary, where does the embalmber dispose of the blood and bodily fluids before enbalmbing? Does it go down the drain? I don’t know. As I said; just wondering. Thousands of people die each day.

    1. Malik Al Spaghetti says:

      Next time you pick up your order at a Chinese restaurant, notice all the little packets of this and that they throw in your bag. Disgusting? Yes, but then so is the idea of disappearing cats too.

  32. Alex Seredin says:

    Amazing waste. Great fertilizer could be made from blood of any kind, such fertilizer sells for good prize

  33. Davdi says:

    The stateof Texas Task force and all the others involved in the investigation over the last two month, what 250 investigators, and daily meetings at Dunkin Doughnuts. The inhumane treatment was they were blindfolding the pigs and letting them smoke as their last request. We all know smoking is bad for you!

  34. raya says:

    YAAY! Soon Texas will be MooseLimb-Free!

  35. gr8dismal says:

    “Pig Blood” is Obama’s Indian name.

  36. joey says:

    Big whoop a little blood dumped into a big river.

  37. Dutch says:

    I like the idea of Texas getting the pollution and me getting the finished product.

  38. slobo says:

    What river feeds the mooslime community in Dearborn? How about heading to Michigan with a tanker filled pig blood! Can you imagine that? Dumping 100,000 gallons of pig blood into the Rouge River? The mooslimes who live there could never again quench their thirst! Ha…ha…ha…! What a diabolical method to force them to migrate!

  39. Steve Hitson says:

    Please help us make this Boycott app – http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FWMXSWQ

  40. Steve says:

    Isn’t pigs blood organic?

  41. will says:

    Spray it over Iran,soak em good ! !

  42. Steve Hitson says:

    Please help us move forward with this boycott app! Only takes 1 min to fill out. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FWMXSWQ

  43. Oberon123 says:

    The racists are out in droves. Amazing how blood draws out the white trash.

  44. Randall Lape says:

    They should bottle that stuff,we’re going to need it to throw.

  45. Katie McDougall says:

    Thank goodness someone reported the blood in the creek. Without the news channels and citizen watchdogs, this could have gone on without notice for a very long time. All moral and philosophical judgements aside, it is important for every community to police their businesses and take responsibility for public health.

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