Fort Worth Considering Changes To City Noise Ordinance

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Fort Worth officials are gearing up to rewrite the city’s noise ordinance to make it more specific and ease enforcement.

During a public meeting at the Botanic Garden Center Monday night, Fort Worth’s deputy director of planning and development Dana Burghdoff said the changes include the use of a decibel meter.

“If you’ve got a resident complaining then we would measure the noise from their property line and we would use the residential level at their property line,” Burghdoff said.

As it stands, some of the biggest problems include, “Bars and restaurants, where there’s loud music or loud patrons and there are complaints from neighbors, and then the second one is animal noise – dogs and roosters to be specific,” Burghdoff added.

The plan is to rewrite a noise ordinance that some call vague and subjective. Current language includes offenses of “unreasonably loud noise.” The change would define specific noise levels that can be measured with a decibel meter.

Some businesses in the area say their biggest draw is having an outside patio and live music. They worry the new ordiance coudl get in the way.

“We get our occasional noise complaint,” said Clay Mazur, the owner of Capital Bar in the city’s Cultural District. “We are an outdoor music venue so our music carries.”

Mazur says they’re even about to make some changes.

“We are trying to build the walls round the stage area to get them 18 feet high with covered decks to keep our noise contained as much as possible,” says Mazur.

It’s all in an effort to keep the noise under control. In spots like West 8th Street, condos and apartments are being built near the bars and restaurants.

“Our building has a quiet policy from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. They try to keep it quiet,” says Christina Brock who lives downtown.

Proposed changes to the ordinance could also include a time limit of 10 minutes on how long your neighbor’s dog can bark before your neighbor is issued a citation.

The Fort Worth City Council could decide on this as early as March.

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  • Common Sense

    I wonder if this includes cars driving down public streets with loud music to be included in this?

    • Rob Barker

      GOOD! because I have a neighbor who seems to not hear his own dog barking and barking and barking! It gets annoying! I actually stuck my head out the window and chimed in with the dog, making the most ugly sounding, moaning bark. THAT annoyed him and he finally took the dog indoors. And YES loud hop hop music blaring from cars should be included! It’s about time people started acting civilized, rather than barbarians with no consideration for others.

      • Andrew James

        haha, you know if they include the jungle beats they will scream racism and call in al sharpton and jesse jackson saying how the jungle beats and public stereos in their cars are part of their heritage and ticketing that is like ticketing them for being black.

      • President Not Sure

        I have a friend that works second shift and usually sleeps during the day.. One of his neighbors dog though will sometimes bark for hours at a time because they would leave him outside when they went to work.. My friend says that when its really bad he will then go over to the neighbors house after he gets home after work, around 3am and knock on their door and ring the bell until they answer.. Then he explains how he couldnt sleep at all earlier because of their dog.. He said it was so bad one day he ended up going back again at like 4:30am to wake them up a second time.. It only took 3 times of him waking them up in the middle of the night before they finally stopped leaving the dog outside all day..

      • DAvid

        @ Bob BARKER…..Your friend working at night is his choice. No noise ordinances during the day sorry. Most people who sleep during the day go to proper lengths to ensure tehy can sleep..Ear plugs ..ECT…

      • t from NJ

        these same people who complain about dogs barking are these fancy lawn people who have these landscapers with the battalions of leaf blowers with their 600HP lawnmower accompanyment at all hours, and with close properties like my state, NJ, this is the biggest problem!!

      • Reality Check

        The day sleeper found a way to solve the problem without passing a new law.

        No need to sorry for him, the person who lectured him need some serious mental illness assistance though…

    • Scudbuster

      Or loud motorcycles, the ones with the baffles removed that shouldn’t be.

    • Justin Naugle

      No there is some necessity to this/ I myself was confronted with this problem. When I did IT I worked from home. My Neighbors dogs would bark 45 minutes out of every hour at their gate which was 5 feet from my office window. I have dogs too but mine are trained not to bark at everything in the world.

      • William

        Justin, I couldn’t sympathize with you more. People who allow their canines to bark incessantly are a menace to the peace. This proposed ordinance doesn’t go far enough, half the time and twice the fine would not be strict enough.

    • Tim Lucas

      Where’s PETA when you need them?

    • stopthe

      If the 10 minute rule applies, then if the car is in a different place every 10 minutes, the code wouldn’t apply.

      “Nuisance laws” are band-aids anyway. Too bad our lawmakers (and most voters, too) are merely “practical” and lack the ability to think. If they could think, they could discover what the real problems are and start to address those, instead of writing moronic and unenforceable laws like this to address symptoms.

      • Reality Check

        Exactly, if Obama would only borrow 5 Trillion a year from the Chinese, rather than just 1.5 Trillion a year, we could begin investing in the fixes to the real causes of these problems.

        Someone smart like Obama would be able to figure out what the real problems are so we do not have to worry about them …

    • Robert

      How about the stupid exhausts you can hear better than a full mile away? I had one of those in and out of here more often than I could count, this evening. (Not a mile away, but 70 yards. And they have to leave it in first gear, too.) May I add: I need to get up at 5am. Some of these will rattle the house at 93dB (measured) with the windows closed.

      • ella funt

        Why don’ you move to a better location –like an airport or next to train tracks??

    • Jeff

      Doubt it but they should!

      • Marshmount Montgomery

        “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” ~ George Washington

    • Reality Check

      That is the number one thing we need in this country.

      Laws that make it easier for governments to fine and collect money from people easily whenever they needs some money.

      Police can be a great revenue generator for cash strapped cities.

  • dave

    stupid – there are far more important things to go after than barking dogs. What’s next, shoot birds that chirp too long or raccoons that constantly chatter outside your window? I can only imagine how many reports to 911 will come in if this becomes law and you’ll have cops occupied with people complaining about their dog when people rob banks or assault others cause the cops are preoccupied

    • Dave S

      No, Dave, barking dogs SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll take bank robbers ANY day over dumb ass barking, yappy, flea infested mutts!!! No doubt, you probably got one in your yard.

      • Cogito ergo sum

        Really??? I’ve been the victim of a really bad dog bite before. I had to see a plastic surgeon for it, and the owner never paid for my medical bills because I didn’t prosecute (it was my fiancee’s friend) and I don’t have the kind of hatred for dogs that you expressed in your comment. In fact, I own one. I specifically moved to an all dog-owner apartment so I could have a dog in peace. I think you are being unfair to dog-owners and dogs themselves. I have a whippet mix, that I rescued from VA, and he never makes a peep, but if he did I would hope that my neighbors wouldn’t run to the cops, but would instead confront me over my dog’s behavior in my absence. This running to the so-called authorities to solve every little problem is precisely what has gotten this country into the mess it’s in. On the other hand, there are several teenagers who live below me and they blast their stupid hip hop at all hours and bang doors, keeping everyone up in the complex. No one calls the cops. I just bang on my floor and it normally stops. That’s how you handle bad neighbors. You don’t need to go crying like a baby to the cops everytime something happens. Maybe that’s why there’s virtually no crime in my small town. Apparently, you would rather have bank robbers potentially shooting innocents than hear a barking dog in your town. Please don’t ever move to Northfield, MA.

    • Rooty

      No, jerkusaurus – it has to do with noises that can be controlled by humans. Noises like dogs barking for more than 10 minutes, morons who don’t know how to turn down their boom stereos, and Dave making stupid comments…

    • Sammie Jo

      you obviously have never lived next door to someone who has barking dogs.

    • David Heath

      You must be a dog owner. I can’t see anyone else who would argue that people should be free to keep neighbours awake or have their children frightened off because of a selfish desire to own a dog.

      • Seriously?!

        Like most of us dog owners, barking is an unacceptable behavior. Don’t blame the dog, blame the owner for not taking care of the problem. There isn’t anything called common courtesy anymore. That’s the other problem.

        By the way, I can see someone that lives in the country or has never lived in an apartment complex, making an argument about how funny this sounds.

      • DAvid

        Um I want my dog to bark to keep kids off my property what would you want it for? as far as barking past 9 no I tell mine to STFU or bring them inside. but during the day I cold care less raise hell you stupid mutt.

    • Harlan G Weinberger

      If the inconsiderate behaving people would take responsibility for their pet dogs, there wouldn’t be a problem. That is to train them! And, it can be done. It requires a bit of effort.

    • tickyul

      Yeah if you live right next to the F**ker barking nonstop……well, it would become important really quick.

      • Working Stiff

        its called ……………taking action……………dog tranquilizers or some such action

    • old white guy

      sorry dave but a barking dog can and does disrupt the peace and quite and sleep of many people . if your dog is outside nand barking it’s wee brain out then you should be fined and or the dog removed.

      • DAvid

        If its after 9P.M. I agree they need to keep them quiet. During the day though all bets off. If you sleeop during teh day you are the few and as such shoud not expect to be accomidated.

    • Marilyn Banner

      dave — are you really going to compare your dog’s obnoxious barking with birds chirping? Seriously?

    • AK

      Obviously, you don’t have any neighbors who allow their dogs to bark constantly, day & night, at nothing. So nice to step out in the front yard and be barked at, step out in the back yard and be barked at. Try watching tv at night with the sound of the neighbor’s dogs barking in the background. Try working at your computer with the sound of the neighbor’s dogs barking in the background. It can become quite maddening. And the person who doesn’t seem to be able to hear it is the owner of the dogs. She has the dogs in her backyard, facing my living room, while she stays toward the front of her house, apparently insulated from the noise. Yes, dogs bark, but there should be some recourse for people subjected to continuous barking who can get zero cooperation from the dogs’ owner.

      • Seriously?!

        Here what you can do: Record the dog barking all day. Rent a bull horn. Wait till she’s home. Play the dog barking over the bull horn.

    • bob

      guess what every 30 seconds you’re house i getting broken into. but where are you’re cops? every 6 seconds their arresting a kid for weed. wonder how long the wait time for your robbery crime will be? hm no where. nice thought dave because it is true that these stupid laws take away from valuable law enforcement resources.

    • 5thcommjarhead

      If you actually had a job and had to sleep once in awhile, I imagine you might feel differently if there was a loud dog barking outside your bedroom window 24/7/365.

    • Lewis

      Well, dave, you have apparently never had a barking dog 24/7 next to your bedroom and a neighbor who thinks the world loves the sound of his mutt. At one time in this country there was sufficient societal respect that a conversation with your neighbor would resolve the nuisance… but we are in another time and people really don’t give a flip about anyone other than themselves.

      • 1972Patriot

        As I explained to Debbie there is a common sense solution to your complaint, lease in a community that does not cater to pets. But, I agree with your observation… as a society we are sadly disconnected.

      • Dog-Gone

        Many years ago, I had a rental where the neighbor to my house installed a dog lot against the property line just 10 feet from my house. He managed to run off my good-paying tenant with their noise. Everytime I would show the house, they would bark incessantly. He was actually trying to ‘con’ me into selling him the house for peanuts. One day, he goes to work and those dogs disappered, problem solved. A few years later, I was the happiest guy in the town when I learned his house was foreclosed on.
        You reap what you sow.

      • ella funt

        Scientists are working on a brand new product to repel unwanted noise.
        I think the’re called EAR PLUGS.

    • Ty Harris

      actually dave, it isnt stupid. wild birds and racoons are not the same as your neighbor’s barking dogs and you know it. I recently had to move to a different apartment because I was surrounded on 4 sides by owners of loud yapping poodle-type dogs that would literally bark for hours on end at all hours of the day and night. I was sleep deprived and there was never a moment’s peace in the home that I worked so hard to pay the rent for. People should not be allowed to create public nuisances and ruin their neighbor’s sleep and their lives. Same goes for the A-holes who play their bass so loud that I have to hear it in my house with the windows shut and the AC on or in my car with the windows rolled up. Why should I be forced to come home from a hard day’s work and listen to your noise inside my home? I think it’s a fantastic law and long overdue.

      • 1972Patriot

        This law is one of those slippery slopes… the next law may allow your neighbor to file a complaint when you use your hairdryer for longer than 3 minutes. There is a common sense solution to your complaint, lease in a community that does not cater to pets.

      • Debbie

        I had to move because children were yelling and screaming all day on the trampoline and then played their rediculous rap at night.

        If I am fined for my dog barking (she’s an inside dog and barks twice shen she wants to come in after I let her out), then I want the noise levels of kids tracked and they should be fined, as well.

      • bob

        don’t live in an Apartment or near a bar if you don’t like noise. it’s the city if you’re that upset about noise you have to move as far out into the country as you please. this is America grow up and move on

      • Dianne

        Our town has had the dog barking ordinance for years. It has made our neighborhood quite liveable. People being aware of the dog ordinance get the idea that kids, car engine repairs, fireworks, loud music, etc. are just as annoying and tone them down appropriately. Not only that, but a person who allows their pet to be in distress barking for longer than 10 minutes, isn’t a good dog parent and shouldn’t have one to begin with

      • DAvid

        Plenty of apartments dont let pets live there. Thats the buty of apartment living. If you own a home its different. Its your land everyone else needs to get over it. Thats what home ownership isall about..nothin walls and being able to do wha yo want legaly on your property.

        Can anyone here honestly say they would be down for it if they needed to raise taxes to enforce it? I thought not.

    • d:-)

      If you haven’t had the pleasure of having a dumb**s neighbor, barking dog, AND working night shift, then shut your hole. It is important when you need your sleep and your inconsiderate dirtbag neighbors let their dogs bark ALL day long. It took me a better part of a year to finally get the county animal control to fine her for the noise, I had to get the other neighbors to join the complaint to finally get resolution. And right after that, the dog bit the other noisy neighbors kids face so bad she needed surgery, and the dog was put down. LETS HEAR IT FOR IRRESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERS!!!! YAAAYYY!!!

      • d:-)

        @DAvid, ha, funny thing, I didn’t ‘choose’ night shift, and another thing, I DID USE EAR PLUGS!!! So you and your opinion can “suck it” ..i..

      • DAvid

        You chose the night shift you need to adjust. The wants /needs of many outweigh he few. Think about it. Get ear plugs i fyou sleep at night. Got no sympathy for you. And I worked the night shift.

  • boozy

    You have to go no further than this to see what is wrong with this country..

  • tired of this

    Fort Worth is a cesspool and this is what they focus on? Dogs barking?

  • Brent_77

    Love this. Irresponsible and inconsiderate pet owners deserve what they get.

    • jim

      so true Why do ppl get dogs omly to leave them outside all day/ id put the owners outside all day

    • granted

      and so do you. and so you shall.

  • derpdeedoo

    TRANSLATION: We need new revenue sources. Time to oppress the populace again.

    • Debbie

      You are correct, this IS just another source of revenue. Look for more to come!!!!

      • Dave S

        Obviously Debbie has a yappy dog that never shuts up.

  • John Galt

    You obviously don’t have the joy of a neighbor who will not control their dog. One day it started barking at 5:00 AM and was still barking at 9:00 because a squirrel got into their screened enclosure. They had left the dog and gone of vacation. This same dog barks for 1/2 at a time every time its owner drives away. That gets old very quickly. I don’t blame the dog, animals can be trained, I blame the owners.

    • shawn

      lol, i would have the cops on the phone by 5:01am and again at 5:15 and again at 5:30 and again and again and again. then id just kill the dog.

    • BadPenny

      You obviously do not have the joy of a neighbor with screaming kids! You are lucking to only have a dog barking! I could only dream! Oh, and I have dog barking too but I also know that living in my family neighborhood I guess that comes with the territory. I have more going on in my life to be a busy body complaining about the neighbor’s dog or kids. You might be better off looking for a retirement community. Or a pet free apartment.

      • Rob Barker

        Kids are kids. But yes, I know your point. Parents should have their kids keep it down, but it is unrealistic to think kids won’t carouse and have fun. At least the kids don’t continued at hours like 5am or 12 midnite!

    • charley nash

      You are right! Dog behaviour is a refelection of the owner. Most dogs are tossed into the backyard and serve no purpose except to cause problems and bad oders. It’s the legacy of their owners usually too.

    • Bite Me (k9 training)

      Its a fact animal abusers have a strong likely hood of abusing people at some point. If I were you I would MOVE! Or next time go over there and get the dog, send it to an animal rescue so it can get an actual real home.

      • Sammie Jo

        so you advocateuprooting your life and moving over making someone train their dog not to bark, and you also advocate dog napping and trespassing.?
        I hope you keep bail money handy.

      • lvcookin41

        Its easier to make the dog a tasty treat…and toss it to him…DOG GONE!!

      • JMA

        I will gladly move, but then the irresponsible dog owner WILL pay my moving costs and any losses that I take upon disposing of my property (whether it be a sale or lease.)

    • Johannes de Silentio

      @John Galt

      I’m with you! I think I’ve got the same neighbor as you do. It is every night and every morning for at least 2-3 hours straight. I think making the ordinance more clearly defined means that it actually means something.

      btw…who is John Galt?

  • Mark

    On the third complaint the dog should be euthanized. Ignorant people who could care less about their neighbors lose their right to an animal that makes noise.

    • HappyAsALark


      What needs to be euthanized is…YOU!

    • Bite Me (k9 training)

      Inhumane and ignorant comments such as yours are the largest reason we have such a problem in this country. Always looking for the quick fix, the problem with people such as yourself is that you are too busy being bothered by others and trying to control what other people are doing and your not taking time to consider how you are actually negatively affecting those individuals. You need to help yourself before you can impose your will on others. Freedom is what makes this country great, but people like you are slowly taking that away inch by inch.

      • sdgdf

        @Bite me – you ignorant f\/ck did you read what you wrote? What exactly do you think differentiates the obnoxious dog owner from your disdain for the person having to listen to it “and your not taking time to consider how you are actually negatively affecting those individuals” – you shoudl be beaten wiht your own spleen for being so friggin selfish. You are the problem – you not being logical and thinking things through in a reasonable fashion

      • Lewis

        BM- what’s your point? Inconsiderate oblivious people have the right to deny the neighboring homeowner peaceable enjoyment of their property? You want to blame the victim of the nuisance barking? How about responsibility of the pet owner to bring their animal inside the house and let the dog bark in their bedroom?

      • BadPenny

        Excellent post!

        I wonder if Mark thinks the same about kids? Should I get to euthanize my neighbors kids because they are constantly screaming? I work from home and I can’t count the number of times I have run outside because they were screaming and I thought something may be wrong/hurt. There are also many barking dogs in my neighborhood but it comes with the territory. I would take a barking dog over a screaming kid any day of the week! Oh and did I mention all the crow squawking going on…and the darn bus driver who has to beep the horn every morning and afternoon with picking up the neighbors kids.

        The difference is, I have a life and understand chit happens. Liberals think the world revolves around them and they have no life, just busy bodies looking for anything to complain about!

    • alice Polarbear

      That’s what they do in Singapore.

  • USArmyCombatMedic

    What’s to say a person doesn’t call 911, complain on that jerk neighbor of theirs, and just before the police arrive, they intentionally irritate the dog?

    Also, what if I live next to a park and I don’t like the sound of little league? Do I get to call 911 for that? What about those trains.. Sure, the tracks were there when I moved in, but I don’t like the noise. Can they be ticketed too? Oh yeah, and I don’t like it when families get in verbal arguments and yell at each other. Can I superimpose myself there as well?

    Get the point? Live and Let Live.

    • Rob Barker

      First, one doesn’t move or buy a house next to a little league park and not think there will be noise. That would be YOUR fault. I have worked for a newspaper for 9 years, and have seen those stories. Neighbors complaining about the noise. They knew when they moved in. or they didn’t do their homework.

    • fgsfdgsdf

      ya – use absurd rehtoric and obfuscate with foolish irrelevent comparions to avoid defending the indefensible – good point – hopefully you don’t use that lack of logic in your work

    • Shelly

      Were you hit in the head with a mortar? A dog can be trained just like a soldier. A dog barking incessantly is unacceptable and inconsiderate. Your analogy about parks and trains is irrelevant.

  • Sick of LIBERALS

    SHOOT the DOG and the OWNER BOTH!!!!!

  • Robert Falls

    What if the dog is alerting to something like a person in trouble or a robbery does the the dog get a ticket?

    • tweert

      gee what do you think you idiot? Let me guess liberal no mind incapable of reason

    • Shelly

      Robert Falls is a genius

  • Common_Sense96

    As long as this will apply to people’s children – then fine with me! The screaming brats in the yard next to mine – I can’t wait to call to report them! Legally – if a sound meter is used – you won’t be able to use it on dogs and not kids – slippery slope…..again – I’ll be happy to report those screaming kids!

  • dwoof

    How many minutes do screaming kids get??

  • volt007

    Bravo!! Finally a law that hit’s SELFISH DOG OWNERS WHO DON’T CARE ABOUT OTHERS

    • BadPenny

      Maybe we should apply a law against self people who want to waste a police officer’s time on a dog barking!

      • ggeyre

        self people? Do you mean slefish? Like the peopel who buy a dog becasue they want one and then everyone else has to deal with – no that wouldn’t be selfish would it – I assume someone reads to you and chews your food for you

  • Notta Perot-bot

    Can we apply the 10-minute rule to Obama-Biden?

  • Lankester Merrin

    Irresponsible dog owners that leave their dogs out to bark longer than 10 minutes should be executed.

    • BadPenny

      So should people who are so selfish, they want to waste police time to stand there for 10 minutes to see if dogs continues to bark!

      • FedUp Florida

        Defender of selfish behaviour? Tell me, do you get off when your dog licks the peanut butter off your cootch? Simp.

      • DAvid

        @fed up Florida- Let me guess uneducated left winger? How could I tell you ask? Oh well thats easy… its buy your speach.

  • BadPenny

    So, they want a cop to stand there for 10 minutes to see if the dog continues to bark? Isn’t there better jobs the cops can be doing like, oh say….patrolling the streets and keeping the neighborhoods safe? Never heard of a barking dog being a threat. If people don’t want to hear barking dogs, move into a pet free apartment or condo! Otherwise, deal with it! I hear barking dogs all the time, I also hear birds chirping and alarms going off and sirens and a whole lot of other noise, that is part of life!

    • rury

      and you hear the moans of the hobos as you service them for quarters as well I assume… talk about selfish – I’m gonna introduce an irritant into the neighborhood so everyone else shodul move

    • Shelly

      You’re a genius…what if a family owns a million dollar home? Just pack and move? Heard of any pet-free single family neighborhoods?

  • William

    Constantly barking dogs are a real nuisance. I know people who own such animals seem to think its cute and other people should just deal with it, but that only shows their narcissism. I’m sure those same people would rage if, say, someone were to play loud music as much as their dog barked.

    Anyway, its nearly impossible to deal with people who own yappers and that is why the police or animal control get involved. Having laws on the books that have fines rather than requiring expensive and time wasting court cases makes sense.

  • Jim

    There are many people in my neighborhood with dogs that bark uncontrollably. Its incredibly annoying. Its like a car alarm that never shuts off. It sucks that I can’t sit on my porch and enjoy the evening because some idiot dog begins to bark its head off because of a squirrel or a bird or whatever. I hope they pass similar laws here.

    • JD

      Obviously all of you people that are against this law live where there are no barking dogs. I am surrounded by 4 dogs all in different houses and if one of them barks it sets off the others. Sometimes it doesn’t stop and there is no where in my house where I can’t hear them. I am opposed to government intrusion as much as the next guy but this kind of thing needs to be stopped. It’s the ultimate form of disrespect to your neighbor and it shows that you don’t give a damn about the dog. If they did care they’d have the dog in the house and ACTUALLY care for it. I applaud people that actually are willing to do what needs to be done to take their lives back.

    • badpenny

      Maybe we should get rid of the birds and squirrels. How dare they tease dogs and ruin your night on the porch… .

      • nvbnm

        you should concentrate on getting the bats out of your belfry

  • WereTurtle

    Can we fine politicians who bloviate, demagogue, or otherwise lie to the American people for more than 10 minutes?

    • shawn

      so every single elected official since the dawn of time will be fined. im all for it.

    • BadPenny

      I’m with you there!

  • gussier

    hmmmph! ain’t THAT the cat’s meow!

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