DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Dallas school board is scheduled to vote Thursday night on closing 11 campuses, but there have been some emotional protests against shutting down those schools, including Fannin Elementary School, which is nearly 100 years old.

Fannin Elementary School was built in 1915, and opponents to the campus closings said that shutting down the school would tear apart a close-knit community. That is why they have rallied together against the closings.

But closing these campuses is a cost-cutting measure for the Dallas Independent School District. School board members said that closing all 11 campuses would save the district $11.5 million, and trustees are looking for ways to cut another $38 million from next year’s budget.

Fannin Elementary School can accommodate just over 500 students. Only half of that are enrolled at the school this year. This same situation can be found at the other campuses which are on the chopping block – including the H.S. Thompson Learning Center, Harllee Elementary School, City Park Elementary School and Hulcy Middle School.

There has been talk about removing Thursday night’s vote from the agenda, which would please the protestors, but that still leave the DISD with some tough decisions about ways to cut the budget.

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