Poll: After Failed Run, Perry’s Ratings Down In Texas

AUSTIN (AP) – A new poll shows Texas Governor Rick Perry’s approval rating in his home state at a 10-year low and more than half of Texans don’t want him to run for another term as governor. Forty-five percent said his failed campaign for the Republican nomination for president hurt Texas’ image.

The poll conducted January 21-24 was conducted on behalf of five Texas newspapers, that published the poll results Thursday.

Forty percent of Texans approve of the job he’s doing as governor, a 10-point drop from a year ago and less than Obama’s 43 percent statewide approval rating, according to the poll. The Fort Worth Star Telegram said the Democratic president’s approval ratings have showed little change in the past two years.

Another 40 percent said they disapprove of the job Perry is doing.

The poll found 53 percent said they don’t want Perry to run for a fourth full term in 2014. Since ended his campaign last week, Perry staff have said he could run for another term as governor.

According to the poll, Perry has lost ground among Republicans in a state dominated by the GOP. His approval rating among Republicans dipped from 73 percent to 60 percent, and among independents he fell from nearly half to 27 percent. Until earlier this month at the Iowa caucuses, Perry had never lost an election.

Perry ran for president as a socially conservative candidate and he boasted about his job-creation efforts and the economy in his home state. But he stumbled badly with several flubs on the campaign trail, including his notorious “oops” moment in a nationally televised debate when he couldn’t remember all three federal agencies he said he wants to cut.

The random telephone survey of 806 Texans, including 669 registered voters, has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

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One Comment

  1. US Voter says:

    I’ll vote for him. He’s for God, guns and getting these illegals out.

    1. Anita Perry says:

      Go back to your Klan meeting.

      1. AJZ says:

        Go back to your welafer office – and show some respect for those who pay for your food stamps

      2. VizaViz says:

        You mean like Robert Bryd?

      3. Susan Gate says:

        Not all Demorats are Klan members, but all Klan members are Democrat.

      4. RT says:


        That was the old days. Didn’t you get the memo? Democrats are now unAmerican leftist traitors and KKK members wear tea bags on their tri corner hats and vote Republican. It was part of Nixon’s Southern strategy to divide the country.

    2. Chronovisor says:

      since WHEN is he against illegals getting “out”, he’s FOR them staying and US educating them!

      1. Snuff says:

        Not true at all. Federal government mandates that.

    3. John McCaffery says:

      Is that why he gives illegals instate tuition? No wonder he lost

      1. Snuff says:

        You poor misinformed creature. Ignorance truly must be bliss.

    4. CraigO says:

      Are you kidding. He only talks about getting illegals out and then turns around and gives in state tuition to illegals.

    5. Dustin says:

      You’re a idiot.

    6. RT says:

      too bad he can’t get his thoughts out.

    7. AJ in Tejas says:

      Hey US Voter, get a clue… The ONLY thing Perry is for is getting these illegals full scholarships to Texas universities. No green card? No problem. Gov Perry says You OK Jose!! You no pay!!! Disagree with this??? Well now, you must be “heartless”. Perry’s own words, amigo. The truth is FINALLY OUT on this RINO.

  2. Ekim Sregor says:

    Whomever whispered sweet nothings in Rick’s ear to convince him to run did Rick no favors. Texas is a “weak governor” state. That means that most of the power resides in the Lt. Governor, with the Governor basically taking care of highly visible things with the Lt. Governor running the political agenda. We’ve seen Rick on national TV making mistakes. Just come home and fade into the background Rick. We;ll call you if we need you. Yes folks, I’m a Republican and I am tired of Rick Perry and Obama.

    1. dougx says:

      His wife talked him into it.

      1. RT says:

        ah yes, her and her burning bush dream.

    2. LexTerrae says:

      Amen, brother! AMEN!!!!!!!!

      Not only am I sick and tired of Perry and Obama, I’m sick and tired of the state and national GOP giving us such damned sorry candidates.

    3. Carey P. Page, M.D. says:


      What you are missing in your un-informed post is his positive effect from a “weak governor” state: election of a conservative majority in the house and senate of Texas, high quality public-private endeavors in the state, attraction of major companies to Texas (because the legislature trusted him with funds), and a firm hand in dealing with the legislature (not micro-management). Look at the one million plus who have voted with their feet, moving to Texas from depressed states (mainly NY and California). I’ll readily admit the risk of this “legal” immigration in changing the Texas vote.

      Rick Perry has been the most effective governor since Alan Shivers (a Conservative Democrat before Texas had a functional Republican party), slightly edging out George W. Bush whose collaboration with Bob Bullock (a Democrat Texan for Texas) was very successful in growing Texas.

  3. Michael Wurner says:

    I know Ron Paul wants to retire if he does not get the nomination, but maybe he should run for Governor and then he can make good changes to Texas.

    1. Klaus says:

      Texas still has a horse in the race in Ron Paul. Giddy up!

    2. CraigO says:

      Good idea on Paul.

  4. billcrawford says:

    “A new poll shows Texas Governor Rick Perry’s approval rating in his home state at a 10-year low and more than half of Texans don’t want him to run for another term as governor. Forty-five percent said his failed campaign for the Republican nomination for president hurt Texas’ image.”

    Anyone with any common sense or that was not moonstruck knew Perry was not all that and it certainly showed in the debates now didn’t it.

    It comes under the ole saying, “that a fool and his money are soon parted and a fool and your money is running for public office”!

  5. NiteNurse says:

    Rick Perry was under the misconception that being president couldn’t have been that difficult since Reagan and George W. did it and they were the biggest dummies of all.

    1. AshtonB says:

      I am sure you think of yourself as among the smartest Lets see two Presidents of the USA vs one NiteNurse? ! No contest there … you ARE the smarter one!

      1. RT says:

        You have a problem with helping people in pain? Yep, you’re a Republican.

    2. RT says:

      LOL. Too true.

  6. maynardb61 says:

    I doubt the governor cares about this poll. He can’t run again anyway. He is on his third term now.

    1. dee says:

      no term limits on the governorship of texas.

  7. dee says:

    as a native texan, i am proud of governor perry’s leadership and of the number one ranking of the lone star state. the tiny northeastern states should be so fortunate.
    if only texas and alaska would secede and form a more perfect union.

    1. LexTerrae says:

      You give native Texans a bad name with comments like that. What makes you think that Texas is number one in the nation? Look at education. Look at the border. Look at the the trans border murders. Look at the NAFTA highway.

      You must have been drinking from tainted wells.

      1. Diane says:

        The only thing that I know of that Texas is number one in is repeat teen pregnancies…boy is that something to be proud of.

    2. RT says:

      Oh Lord, not the secession thing again. I’m a native Texan, too. And the best thing Texas ever did was join the Union. One of the worst was going Republican. And one of the absolute worst was continuing to re-elect that boob Perry.

  8. Ms conservative says:

    It’s because he endorsed Newt!

    1. mauloa says:

      I agree totally with Ms!!! I had some interest in Perry – but lost it during the debates, etc. However, I lost my respect for him when he backed “Newt”. Considering what Perry “said” his values and character stood for – he sure was able to drop them easily and quickly when he backed Newt. Any GOP who backs Newt has lost my vote and interest – PERMENTLY!

      Give us some new choices, these candidates have destroyed each other and handed the election to Obama. God help us.

      1. Snuff says:

        The fact that you were sidetracked by debates instead of concentrating on issues is not surprising given your lack of ability to spell permanently even though the comment box here has a spell check. Carry on being uninformed and useless.

      2. sb36695 says:

        Anybody But Obama! And yes, God help us.

  9. Carey P. Page, M.D. says:

    I, too, am a native Texan. I’ve voted for Rick Perry consistently. I think he has done the best job possible for Texas (results speak for themselves..people have voted with their feet). Gov. Perry shares the flaw of many of us reared in a rural Texas background. We have a problem in rearing up on our hind legs and being semi-articulate in expressing our closest-held positions. The rest of the world doesn’t understand “Fluent Texan” as its own language.
    The debate forum denied him simple answers as “yes” or “no.” and forced a sound-bite conversation. The jig was pretty much up when he went into brain lock on departments he would eliminate (the hind-feet phenomenon again -( been there – done that in front of a national professional audience, too)
    Could I have had it in my power to APPOINT the next POTUS from among the candidates, it would have been Rick Perry. He would have guided our nation on a principled and Conservative course

    1. LexTerrae says:

      How did you earn a medical degree?

      Where have you been? Do you not remember the atrocious deal with the Spanish to build a SUPER NAFTA highway and blight Texas forever?

      Some Texans (yes, I’m one) voted for yellow dogs (LBJ come to mind?) and continue to do so because that cur was whelped in Texas – not because he would hunt. I count you in that mold.

      1. Carey P. Page, M.D. says:

        They told me in 1964 that If I voted for Goldwater that there would be riots in the street, that the war in Viet Nam would go on and on, that the Soviets would threaten us, and that we would have an increased risk of nuclear winter in the next administration. I voted for Goldwater. They were right.. It all happened.

        My medical degree: I did it the old fashioned way: I earned it through hard work and deferred gratification. What’s your story beside voting for the most injurious president in our recent history (Wilson and Carter excepted).

    2. dave says:

      so you’re one of the morons that elected this ‘used car salesman’ into office and have allowed the rest of Texas to suffer…..he’s not all that he says he is, considering he thinks nothing of making the taxpayer pay for him to live in an massive mansion because unconfirmed cronies of his tried to burn down the official residence…..thanks alot for making the rest of us suffer

  10. Susan Gate says:

    He has been a Govenor for three terms.. big deal. He probably isn’t even going to run a fourth term.

  11. dave says:

    we always knew he was an idiot, just no one else wanted to believe it….apparently now his republican supporters are seeing he is not as GREAT as he claims….just too bad we can’t go back to before this most recent election so Bill White can actually lead us

  12. sb36695 says:

    He can’t debate. BIG DEAL! Unfortunately, we need a candidate who can, but actions speak louder than words in my book.

    1. Max says:

      He can’t debate because he isn’t smart enough for any public office. His actions show him to be not so smart as well.

  13. Roger Ball says:

    He was an embarrassment to the State of Texas long before his ego made him think he had a gringo’s chance in Juarez to become President. Texas can take care of itself – Rick Perry can go to hell.

  14. Michael says:

    Very instrumental poll here that shows the seismic demographic shift underway in Texas. If Obama is polling above Perry, at 43%, it will not be too long before the Hispanic Democratic tilt results in Texas becoming a ‘blue state’ on both the presidential and gubenatorial level. Hispanics vote Democrat, solidly, and the state is now minority white. Texas is the next domino to drop in the wave of states that vote reliably Democratic, because of Hispanics. California and New Mexico already vote this way, and Nevada is on the verge of also becoming a solid blue state, due to Hispanic voting influence.

  15. TM says:

    That’s the risk you take when running for President. EVERY flaw, personal and political, is put on display 24-7 for as long as you are in the race. If you win life is good. If you lose, or in Perry’s case drop out after a very bad showing, you have also given your opponents everything they’ll need to destroy you back home. Perry should have been smart enough to remember what happened to Dukakis in Massachusetts. Voters do not tolerate losers

  16. MK says:

    By running for President, Rick Perry revealed himself to millions and millions learned what Texans knew or should have known about his judgment. Look at all the parents of girls who were conned into having their daughters injected with a substance that has destroyed so many of them. Why did Perry say the shots were required when in Texas there is no such law? Only two states mandate shots. If memory serves, Perry received a nice bundle of cash.

    1. NiteNurse says:

      No one has been permanently harmed from the HPV vaccine. The vaccine is safe as compared to all the other vaccines that save and prevent needless diseases and deaths. RIck Perry was trying to do a good thing by preventing young women from future health problems and possibly death by making them get the vaccine. To say it’s a harmful vaccine shows complete ignorance. If you love your children please have both males and females get the HPV vaccine.

  17. hELEN says:


Comments are closed.

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