Study Says Overtime Work Doubles Depression Risk

96575732 Study Says Overtime Work Doubles Depression Risk

A woman works online in her office cubicle. (credit: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

NEW YORK (CBS) – Think the link between depression and work exists only in those who are unhappy with their jobs? Think again. A new study finds that working long hours — regardless of job stress or satisfaction — increases a person’s risk for depression. For the study, researchers at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and University College London followed nearly 2,000 middle aged British civil servants for almost six years. The researchers examined the civil servants’ working hours, whether or not they were depressed or had risk factors for depression to begin with, and whether they had any major depressive episodes over time.

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One Comment

  1. FedUpTxn says:

    We are all now effectively slaves in this country with little or no time of our own. We are forced to work tor the banks, mortgage companies, insurance companies, doctors, utility companies, HOAs, and government taxes while our so called government representatives get benefits for life at our expense and nice long vacations in prime locations that we all paid for. No wonder depression is on the rise! Who wouldn’t want to go back 200 years when you could live where you wanted, work as much or little as you wanted, weren’t forced to keep your property as directed by someone else and could own as little or as few animals as you wish?

    1. dhd says:

      Haha. I agree with alot of your post, however since I’m black. 200 years ago really sucked even more for us when it came to slavery and property ownership. I do agree that we definately work way too much nowadays for things that we don’t really get to enjoy. I work all the way till the weekend and then spend the weekend thinking about things I need to get done when I get back to work. Life really shouldn’t be spent working as much as we do. People really need to be able to enjoy the world.

  2. FedUpTxn says:

    dhd – My comments were not meant to imply that slavery of anyone is acceptable, it certainly is not. But it appears that society has replaced the enslavement of one race with every race and a royal family with a government of only the rich and entitled who suck the rest of us dry while controlling every minute of every day, our homes, our children, our pets, the grass, trees, where we keep our money, everything but our thoughts and they certainly do their best to control that too!

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