What Could Mild Winter Mean For Spring?

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Can you even remember last year when all that is green and blooming in 2012 was covered in ice and snow?

“Oh it was horrible last year,” said Courtney Powell who was walking her dog in an Arlington park in 60 degree weather. “I’m not a winter person. This is

The plants and grass love the weather too. But is it too early for your lawn to be green? What if we get a late season freeze?

“It’ll be fine,” said Vickie Betzer of Calloway’s Nursery in Arlington. “If it stays cold for several days it will go back into dormancy. And if it does not stay cold it will stay green.”

The problem will be with our plants — more precisely how we treat them now.
“There is a danger,” Betzer said. “Your shrubs will often put on, especially if their pruned earlier in the winter, they will put on new growth and that new growth will have to be covered with frost cloth and protected from freeze.”

So, if the plants are blooming and the grass is green, it makes you wonder what else is thriving. What about bugs? Does all this warm weather mean we’ll have infestations in the Spring? Experts say the weather will affect the bug population, but not in the way you might think.

“This warm weather really hasn’t got warm enough or stayed warm enough long enough for the bugs to come out yet,” said Brent Russell of Tarrant County Pest Control. “But I think that with this rain we’ve had lately i think we’re going to have a lot of bugs the spring.”

Oh well. At least we can enjoy the bug-free, spring-like weather now.

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  • susan

    i am sure the plants as well as the “ctritters” are confused about the seasons..the trees stayed green basically until december when all; the leaves suddenly dropped off..the unseasonable springtime weather when it should be rainy or snowy is also odd..i am afraid of a very long hot summer again!!!

  • Dennis Teel

    it’s possible to get snow and ice,etc in february..why are people concluding that we’ve “had” a mild winter as though we’ve seen the worst?? it’s not over yet!! or did i miss something?

  • Miss Macy

    I agree with Dennis … it’s still winter and we’re done yet!

  • Miss Macy

    Oops. I meant to say we’re NOT done yet. (Sorry.

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