Toddler Attacked By Dogs At Fort Worth Home

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A Fort Worth toddler has been hospitalized after being mauled by a set of dogs Monday afternoon near Lake Worth.

The child was attacked by four dogs around 3:45 in the 7800 block of Eastland Avenue.

The breed of the dogs are unknown. Animal control officers have quarantined the animals.

Witnesses say the boy was bitten around his face and ears.

The Eagle Mountain Fire Department transported the child by ambulance to Cook Children’s Medical Center.

The condition of the 19-month-old boy is unknown. The child slipped though a doggie-door while his parents were inside the house sleeping.

Terry Grisham with the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office says they’re still trying to figure out how the boy got to the dogs.  “No one can say what created or caused situation where the dogs would harm the young boy.”

Neighbor Elaine Kucker called 911 when she heard the boy’s mother screaming for help from the backyard.

>>Click here to listen to the 911 Call<<

As police and news crews were on scene, another neighbor confronted the child’s grandmother about the dogs.  The grandmother then grabbed the neighbor by the throat and had to be handcuffed by police.

Police say she will likely face assault charges.

Fort Worth Animal Control is investigating the case.  The dogs have been quarantined.  Neighbors say it was not unusual for the dogs to get out of their backyard, or for the boy to wander to nearby homes.

Charges against the parents or grandparents are pending the outcome of the Sheriff’s Office investigation.

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One Comment

  1. NiteNurse says:

    I would be interested to know how a one year old would be allowed near a dog this size without extreme caution by an adult.

    1. 2sister says:

      There’s not enough details. We don’t know if the dog ran up from another house and hurt hurt him or if the child was at the house where the dog lived?

      1. 2sister says:

        They have now updated the story, and the dogs were apparently family pets.

  2. Maggie Hall says:

    The child went out through the doggie door while the parents were sleeping. How can they both fall asleep and not make sure that the baby is secure in the house?
    when you have a young child, you do not go to sleep during the day….you have to watch them at all times!!!!

    1. NiteNurse says:

      Even if you took a nap wouldn’t you secure your 18 month old in a crib or playpen? I love how the white trashy relatives went all Jerry Springer on each other in front of cameras. I’m sure that helps the situation.

      1. 2sister says:

        Actually, what they needed to secure was the doggy door. An 18-month-old can climb out of a crib or playpen.

    2. 2sister says:

      We really don’t have enough information. Were the parents sick in bed? Do they work nights? Was the grandmother babysitting? It doesn’t say if the grandmother was at the house when the attack occurred or if she came later.

      1. 2sister says:

        Never mind, I watched the video video after I read the article. The grandmother came home after the attack.

      2. DDR says:

        Hey, 2sister, I have an idea. How about you refrain from your habitual moronic posts until you read and watch all of the information regarding the story? It would really help the rest of us who have to wade through your pedantic banter to get to the salient comments.

  3. april underwood says:

    i am a 38 year old woman and 4 months ago i was attacked by 3 pit bulls and i am blessed to be here for sure. I will pray for the baby and family..

  4. Soylent Green says:

    The grandmother and other family members look like total white trash. The government should establish a program to deal with their festering numbers, as well as the worthless elements of the other races, and ALL pit bulls.

    1. Michelle says:

      For starters, before you go bashing breeds, you should really know what your talking about! The dogs I seen on the video being put in animal control were NOT pit bulls!!! (I actually KNOW my breeds!) You are ignorant and racist and people like you should be put in a program!!!!!

      1. Soylent Green says:

        You don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”, plus you’re (not your) using phrases like, “The dogs I seen on the video…”. It’s SAW, genius. Hey, when you get an EDUCATION, you dumb drooling double-digit IQ hick, MAYBE then I’ll take your opinion seriously.

      2. Breeder says:

        LOL. You are not only stupid, but you must be BLIND as well. The second dog IS a boxer, as you suggest, but the first one in the video clip is a pit mix for sure. Look at the head. So in short, no, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    2. laynejewell says:

      I agree. They should establish programs to do away the festering problem of closed minded people like you. They are boxers in the video. You call others trash but yet you spew it. Yes you, and others like you, is what is wrong with America today. Bravo for putting your 2 cents in though.

      1. Breeder says:

        No, the problem is illiterate losers and loud cackling fat hens like you. Soylent Green is right.

      2. Breeder says:

        By the way, only ONE in the first part of the video clip is a boxer. The first animal shown is a pit mix.

      3. lisa says:

        I do not see how you can call someone “illiterate” or a “fat cackling hen” and show intelligence.That’s sad.

      4. Breeder says:

        Lisa, that’s “loud cackling fat hens”. It was right above your comment. Short term memory and/or reading comprehension isn’t your bag, is it baby?

    3. Beardsa says:

      They are boxers, not pit bulls. These two breeds are in no way related.

      1. DDR says:

        Nobody gives a rat’s ass about the breed, you dumb hillbilly.

  5. Helen says:

    This all falls on the parents and grandparents – why do you fall asleep, knowing your baby is crawling around and you know there is a doggie door, Yes, I feel very bad for the baby and the pain it is going through, but he went into their area, having no idea what may happen. The dog was fenced up in their own back yard. Look at this stupid grandmother, fighting with neighbors and police instead of tending to the baby – does that tell you anything – totally all the blame goes to the family

    1. Rocket Girl says:

      I agree with you 100%. You can’t fault the child or the dogs. The child was doing what a child does, explore. And we are supposed to have parents to help guide us and protect us until we are able to do it for ourselves. Additionally, the dogs were only doing what was in their nature too, protect. Good job my little 4-legged friends. Where were this child’s parents when he needed guidance. THEY WERE SLEEPING. It is there fault. Like you mentioned it just sucks that a child has to suffer too.

  6. Reality Check says:

    SO sad when “adults” like Breeder, laynejewell, Michelle argue about things other than THE CHILD’S WELFARE. You’re (not your) ALL a bunch of infantile LOSERS.

    1. Reality Check says:

      …and Soylent Green, who started all this.

      1. Meg says:

        Obviously the fault here is in the parents hands. It is not the dogs fault. Dogs are territorial, when they see something in their territory that doesn’t belong, they react. Simple as that. All dogs also sense emotions. When someone is scared they sense it and it makes them uncomfortable. I have the most lovable lab and one time I had my friend over who is afraid of dogs, and he sensed her fear and wouldn’t stop growling at her. So I put him in his crate until she left. Obviously it is the parents fault who neglect to take care of their child. I think a call to CPS is in order here.

      2. CSB says:

        I have a German Shorthaired Pointer who has been in every sort of situation at my house for over 5 years now. He has never growled at the kids who were afraid of dogs. It’s all in the upbringing for the most part. So, I definitely agree with you at least halfway on that observation, but regarding the blame being on the parents, I agree 100%.

  7. teresaf says:

    This is a fail in all areas. Parenting fail because the child was NOT being watched & the doggie door should have been secured. Pet owner fail because the dogs should not have been out of their own yard. The article states that it wasn’t unusual for the dogs to get out of the yard & it wasn’t unusual to see the child going to other houses in the neighborhood. CPS definitely needs to be involved in this one. WHO in their right mind allows a TODDLER to wander the neighborhood?

  8. fredpat says:

    Part of the “bad boy” and “bad girl” living with grandma and get high all night sleep all day n-texas sub culture. Don’t worry everyone, when those parents get to be 50 they will turn conservative and become good folk big tummies and smaller dogs.

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