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McDonald’s Scraps “Pink Slime” Beef Process

84709618 McDonalds Scraps Pink Slime Beef Process

A sign stands outside of a McDonald's restaurant. (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

NEW YORK (CBS) – Celebrity chef and food activist Jamie Oliver is a man on a mission: to stop the use of what he calls “pink slime,” beef scraps no one would choose to eat, reprocessed and repurposed for use in hamburger patties. It is, he asserts, “not fit for human consumption.”

“We’re taking a product that would be sold in its cheaper form for dogs and,” he says, “after this process, we can give it to humans.” The first salvo in his high-profile food fight was an April 2011 stomach-turning demonstration on his TV show, “Food Revolution,” nine months ago.

But last week, McDonald’s announced it’s no longer using the controversial beef. In a statement, the chain said the decision “was not related to any particular event.”

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  • http://losingtogetherdotcom.wordpress.com ksmahoney

    It’s about time. We should be informed as consumers exactly what we’re putting in our mouths and responding with our wallets if we don’t like what they have to offer.
    Sara from http://www.losingtogether.com

  • kelliblue

    how about the extruded, bleached, and “AMMONIA’d” pink chicken slime that McD’s is still using for it’s chicken mcnuggets? Go after that, too, Jamie!

  • david

    I’ll take a double slime with cheese

  • david k

    Good, Fast, Cheap – Pick two.

    • Willow

      This is McDonalds, you only get to pick one.

  • Eric Starson

    I first found out about it in this video where Cleveland Clinic researchers dissect fast food burgers:

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