Small Plane Stolen From Athens, TX Airport

n5141s2 Small Plane Stolen From Athens, TX Airport

Athens police say this plane was stolen from a hangar at the Athens Municipal Airport. (Photo credit Athens Police Department)

ATHENS (CBSDFW.COM) – Police in the East Texas town of Athens are looking for a stolen airplane.

The small plane, a Cessna, disappeared from a hangar at the Athens Municipal Airport  sometime between January 26 and 28.

Police say there were no signs that anyone had broken into the hangar – the plane just vanished.

The propeller-driven plane, seen above, is worth $110,000.

Police say they don’t know if somebody flew the plane away or took it some other way.

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  • comanchepilot

    How close is Roswell?

    Or more accurately . . . how close is Mexico?

    And if the aircraft is caught drug smuggling [and a 210 is the perfect single engine airplane for that] the owner always has some ‘splaining to do what with their aircraft being ‘conveniently’ stolen just in the nick of time to be caught smuggling a white powdery substance . . .

  • WT1958

    A 210 might be the perfect plane but the one in the picture is a 182.

  • Planehook

    WT1958…you are spot-on!

  • Earl Whyde

    WT & Planehook; Hate to tell you this, but look at the bottom of the fuselage and you can see the hole for the main gear to retract in. Comanche’s right.

  • Earl Whyde

    I stand corrected. It’s a 182 retract….forgot 210’s don’t have a wing strut…Am I so embarassed :-(

  • larry snyder

    Early 210’d did have struts but also a bump in the nose for the gear. You can see the rear gear holes. This is a 182 RG. Nice plane.

  • Jean Schwarzkopf

    tr182/G. Police don’t know if it was flown away? Well DUH! Are these the keystone cops?

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