McKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – A new high-tech way of teaching is helping pre-K kids in McKinney learn how to read.

Lawson Early Childhood Center is using interactive, 3-D technology to transform traditional teaching.

“I think this is a great way for kids to learn,” said librarian Holly Hammonds. “With this the kids are so engaged.”

Ever since Lawson started using the augmented reality curriculum to teach reading, students are learning their alphabet faster and getting excited about doing it.

“They think it’s just like one of their games, they think it’s a game rather than a learning curriculum,” said Assistant Principal Jean Stayton. “If they’re excited about it, they’re going to be more engaged and they’re going to learn it and keep it.”

The curriculum uses special flash cards that generate 3-D images onto a projector screen.

Each card has a letter and an animal that start with that letter.

The animal becomes a 3-D image that moves and makes noise.

“The pictures, they were flat but the characters kinda came to life on the cards,” explained 8-year-old Claudia Duckworth.

“I liked when the animals were popping up,” said five-year-old Grace Garner.

Because they’re having fun, Hammonds says the kids are remembering the lessons, and that gives them a better chance at success in the future.

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