71911070 Study Finds Carpooling Parents Often Skip Safety Seats

A young boy gestures from his new child seat. (credit: Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

NEW YORK (CBS) – Most parents make sure their child uses a booster seat in the car. But a new study found that many parents confess they don’t insist on safety seats when their kids carpool. The study — published online Monday in the journal Pediatrics — surveyed over 1,600 parents across the country, 681 of which had kids between 4 and 8 years old. Of those parents, 76 percent reported their child used a safety seat when riding in the family car — but only 55 percent insist on the seats when driving other children. And among the 64 percent of parents who carpool, 21 percent do not ask other drivers to use a booster seat for their child.

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