105979813 Xbox 360s Kinect Being Built Into Computers

A look at Kinect for the Xbox 360. (credit: Jordan Strauss/Getty Images for Xbox)

NEW YORK (CBS) – Kinect for the Xbox 360 is making leap to desktop computers in February, but according to sources, it may be a built in to laptops soon. The Daily reported seeing prototypes of Asus Windows 8 netbooks with built-in Kinect sensors. According to the site, “A source at Microsoft has confirmed that the devices are indeed official prototypes of laptops featuring a Kinect sensor.” Why should you care? While it may seem awkward at first, think about being able to sit back and control your computer with the wave of a hand. Porting the device to laptops will open an avenue for developers to create a wider variety of apps using the motion-sensing device. Forget about a touchscreen. How about no screen, mouse or remote control to deal with?

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