Dogs Euthanized After Fort Worth Toddler Mauling

FORT WORTH (AP) – Authorities say four pit bulls blamed for mauling a North Texas toddler have been euthanized.

Fort Worth Animal Control officials said Tuesday that the dogs will be tested for rabies over the attack on the 18-month-old boy. Cook Children’s Medical Center on Wednesday declined to release details on the boy’s condition.

The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office has said the boy’s grandfather kept seven pit bulls at the residence near Lakeside. Officials believe the youngster was attacked Monday when he crawled through a doggie door and into the yard.

The boy’s grandmother, shortly after the mauling, was arrested during a scuffle with a neighbor who had complained about the dogs. Lena Grace Brown has been charged with assault and bodily injury. She’s free on $2,500 bond.

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One Comment

  1. Journalism Isdead says:

    The dogs were not pit bulls, they were boxers!

    1. hELEN says:


      1. chrisk says:

        Pitbull owners care. Every time a dog bites it’s a “pitbull” in the media, regardless of the facts.

        “Authorities say four pit bulls blamed for mauling a North Texas toddler have been euthanized.”

        What rubbish.

    2. d walk says:

      I truly appreciate you clearing this up. I would personally like to see CBS news post a clarification of their facts now! Pits have a bad enough wrap without feeding the public with more inaccurate Reports of attacks by them. I would love to see articles that outline educating the public on how to ensure animals are properly socialized to avoid aggression regardless of the breed!

  2. sandy says:

    cbs news lies 4 boxers and 3 mutts are not pitbulls senseless media hype you suck !!

    1. AntieMoe says:

      THANK YOU!!

  3. Helen says:

    who cares what kind of dogs they were, is that all you are looking at, a child hurt and 4 dogs put down needlessly. Lets look at the parents and grandparents of this child and blame tham for what happened. Out of that many people in the house where was the supervision?????? Why would you leave a doggy dog unlocked to begin with. NO ONE IS TO BLAME FOR THIS EXCEPT THE ADULTS IN THIS HOUSE. The poor dogs were punished and the child probably will have issues, but the adults go free, unpunished. I am sorry, I do feel for the dogs,

    1. Mike says:

      thank you Helen – well stated! It all starts with the supervision (or in this case, the lack of supervision). I though I heard a report say the adults in the house were asleep at the time? that may be wrong, but regardless, it’s a shame to see the dogs as the scapegoats here. They may have been spooked and just defending their territory. I feel for the child, but why was he outside with no supervision and then crawling though an opening not meant for people. I know the kid didn’t know better at his age, but that is still no excuse for poor parental supervision. May the dogs rest in peace for doing nothing more than defending their home. Also, I’m not PitBull owner, but that breed takes the rap many times and in this case, that wasn’t the breed of the dogs. journalistic integrity today really is laughable.

    2. AntieMoe says:

      Helen that is EXACTLY why we care! Ignorance about pit bulls and the frequency that attacks like this are falsely blamed on the breed detracts the readers’ attention from the TRUE GUILTY PARTY – the accountable HUMAN adults. Where were they? Sleeping, not paying attention, probably watching TV. “Oh we wont make the humans admit they are stupid, clueless and responsible, we’ll just blame an innocent animal”. Nice. Yes, it would also be the human owner’s RESPONSIBILITY to properly train and socialize the dogs so things like this wouldn’t happen. Since grandma grabbed a neighbor by the throat, is it any wonder the dogs behaved the way they did? Breedism is just another type of Rasicm. And still no excuse for ignorance.

    3. LS says:

      You are totally right. The meth head parents and white trash grandmother are who the blame needs to be placed. Anyone who leaves an 18 month old regardless of whether the dogs are Yorkies or Pitbulls is worthless. CPS knew these parents had a history of meth use and stupidly placed a child with another low life who was probably as bad as the parents. After they placed the kid with the grandmother, they could close the case and not worry about it again. That’s after the state wasted $$$ trying to provide counseling, etc., for two people who obviously didn’t benefit from it.

  4. Correction says:

    The AP has since corrected this story, deleting the reference to the dogs being “pit bulls.”

  5. DDR says:

    You people are a bunch of drooling moronic hicks. WHO CARES ABOUT THE DAMN DOGS AND WHAT BREED THEY WERE?!

    1. Helen says:

      If that is how you feel about animals, I hope you don’t have any. Yours would be the ones to turn out mean because they don’t know any better – JERK

  6. Irishgirl says:

    This story is tragic and sad. Neglectful parents and irresponsible pet owners caused an innocent child to be harmed. I was saddened to see that Pit Bulls were automatically the scapegoat breed when in fact the dogs were not Pit Bulls. The breed of dog is not as important as the fact the parents and grandmother should be charged with child neglect. However, the media is quick to persecute pit bulls when in fact these dogs were not even pit bulls. As the owner of 2 Pit Bull mixed dogs and a 23 month old my heart goes out to the little boy but it’s time to stop blaming pit bulls for every dog attack.

  7. Helen says:

    I think people should look at Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. They took in 22 of Michael Vicks dogs and have rehabilitated all but 2, that couldn’t be. They have even adoped out a few. Its just like people, there are good ones and bad ones, and it has nothing to do with race, money, etc.

  8. Elmer says:

    “Euthanize” and “put down”, why avoid the real word, “kill”?

    1. Helen says:


  9. Correction says:

    My concern here is that CBS11 continues to call these dogs pit bulls. Why? The AP has changed the story because the dogs were NOT pit bulls. This is so unfair to lovers of the breed.

    While it’s very sad that the child was hurt and irresponsible owners are to blame for this whole mess, it’s sad too, that an entire breed of dogs is being blamed for something they did not even do!

    The sadness of this story has been beaten like a dead horse. Sad that a family is in shambles because actions or lack thereof of people who are supposed to be there for each other. But the fact remains that media outlets care too much about selling headlines than to check the validity of a story.

  10. Ms. M says:

    The really sad part of this story is that this family was investigated by CPS late last year and for whatever reason, the child was left with this idiot family. I don’t understand why if CPS knew they parents were doing drugs and the police had already been called for family violence, they left this child with them. If anyone is to blame, blame CPS. I’m tired of hearing of this agency having investigated a family and then some time later the child ends up terribly hurt or dead.

  11. garyr says:

    The poor child is the victim. I hope he is placed in a good home. The parents are drug heads, the grandparents are morons. This was bad situation for a long time. Grownups in denial. CPS should have been all over this one. Sounds like the adults are auditioning for the Jerry Springer show

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