Meteor Streaks Across North Texas Sky

By Ryan Crowe,

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NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The FAA has confirmed a meteor likely passed across the sky of the Southwest United States Wednesday night, with many people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area hearing and feeling the sonic boom.

The meteor, which was reported from everywhere from San Antonio to Oklahoma City, was spotted around 8:00 p.m. Wednesday.

Kevin Palivec, a former television photographer in the Abilene area captured video of the meteor on two remote cameras 60 miles apart.  Images from the cameras show a bright streak passing overhead.

The meteor was bright green, and moved from the southwest to the northeast.

Many people in North Texas reported feeling vibrations as the meteor passed.

The FAA’s Lynn Lunsford told KRLD’s Curt Lewis they received multiple reports from across the region:

CBS 11 Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry explained on Wednesday night’s newscast that the meteor has been identified as a ‘electrophonic’ meteor, one that can be heard as it burns up.  He says these type of meteors have been known to give off radio waves.

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One Comment

  1. susan says:

    was this a “sign from above” about american airlines and amr corporation??hmmmm????

  2. tori wolverton says:

    i heard two sonic booms in north wise county before this. one monday and one tuesday afternoon. both happened at around 1:30pm…. what where they? i never heard the one wednesday

  3. loki laufeyson says:

    I saw it! It was WICKED– very bright green and rather high in the sky. I saw it as it first approached, then tracked it until it burnt up with a burst of orange sparks. I was on my way to choir practice and was getting into my car so I didn’t hear the boom but I sure saw it as it shot across the sky! Quite an amazing and beautiful sight!

  4. branwren says:

    I didn’t see this one, but, I left my house Monday night at around 9:15PM CST going to work. I drive mainly east/west roads and I was headed straight West when I saw a meteor moving from the NW to the SE across the road in front of me. We must have had a meteor shower and just didn’t know it…or it could have been the piece of Russian space junk that was to have fallen out of the sky round about now.

  5. branwren says:

    OH! I’m in the far Northeastern corner of Oklahoma. About 60 miles West of Joplin, MO.

  6. Jason Simpkins says:

    I still can’t believe I saw this on the news. It was around 8:00 pm when my wife and I were watching tv. We just happend to pause the tv for a second and all the sudden the back door shook. But the biggest kicker was the doggie door flap shot in by itself. She looked at me and said what was that. I looked over at the dog bed and the dogs were sound asleep. I was like I have no idea that was weird. I did not get up and look out either cause I was more in shock of what would make make the doggie door flap do that. Still pretty cool though.

  7. Colby Bauer says:

    I saw it last night while outside at Woodshed Smokehouse in Fort Worth. It was one of the most brilliant meteors I’ve ever seen.

  8. Karen says:

    Anyone hear the boom today 2/7/12 at about 2:08PM near Justin, TX?

  9. Frannyfaye says:

    Yes! There was a loud boom or explosion sound in south Denton tues., feb. 7, 2012. I had several people at my home and we all heard and felt it. The windows in my home rattled and we felt the ground shake. I have tried to find anyone else who heard this. Even have been checking the usgs for earthquake reports. You are the first person who has reported on this. It would be good if someone in the media would tell us what the sound/percussion was!

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