Report Accuses Tanning Salons Of Lying To Teens

NEW YORK (CBS) – A new congressional report accuses tanning salons of lying to customers just to get their business. The investigation found that often, tanning salons aren’t just downplaying the risks of tanning, they’re promoting benefits that don’t exist to a young clientele that may not know better. Every year, 28 million people use tanning beds, and young women age 16-to-29 are the backbone of the $2.6 billion industry. They’re targeted with student specials, homecoming specials, even deals for the prom. But when congressional investigators contacted 300 tanning salons, identifying themselves as fair-skinned teenage girls, they were routinely given bad information about the risks involved.

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  • ksmahoney

    Unfortuately teens are looking for any excuse to tan and I’m not surprised that they wouldn’t do their homework and check the facts. It’s absolutely terrible that taning salons would intentionally mislead teens.
    Sara from

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  • NiteNurse

    It’s silly that the government has to monitor these stupid tanning stores. If a parent is so stupid that they can’t advise their kids not to tan then so be it. I’m so tired of parents letting the government be their children’s parent.

    • melmom

      NiteNurse, governments ban the sale of alcohol and tobacco to kids, does that frustrate you too?
      Should we use pool lifeguards during family swim times?( I tend to think we should, as we need to protect all children, not just those who whose parents fully comprehend the risks.)

      Governments already spend heaps of tax dollars on public warnings and classroom lesson plans; a teen ban is the logical next step and would properly inform the public ( not just teens) that skin cancer is a real cancer and ‘not just skin cancer’ .

      PS my teens indoor tanned against my wishes; the salon was a block from the high school- I was at the office and the salon staff convinced them that their mother had it all wrong. That all stopped when I was diagnosed with melanoma.
      Doctors warn us now that they face additional, familial risk for this deadly cancer, but since melanoma often strikes mid life we were unaware of the added risk. So I guess I’m tired too.. tired of arguing that we need to protect all children from a known carcinogen.

  • juju

    I would like too, for a chance to see some poonana.

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