DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The line was out the door at the CBS 11 News studio in North Dallas on Wednesday, with people looking for work and waiting to tape video resumes.

One of the people in line was a woman we have been following since October 2010. Heather Morris went from “soccer mom” in Frisco to “military mom” in the Navy Reserves for training in aviation electronics. Because, even though she has two degrees and 15 years of marketing experience, she could not find a job — and her cupboards were bare. “That was a wake-up call,” Morris said. “It really was.”

CBS 11 News first spoke with Morris on October 21, 2010. Now, 38 years old and armed with her recent Navy training, she is sending out resumes again. But finding a job has not gotten any easier. At least, not yet. “It feels crowded,” Morris said. “I’ve got five people in front of me waiting to go interview and I’ve got five people after me.”

Hoping to move ahead of other job applicants, Heather decided to add one more tool to her resume kit with the help of CBS 11 News: a video resume. “You’re no longer words on the paper. You are a personality. That can’t be carried through on a resume sometimes,” Morris said.

There were 120 people lined up at the studios in both Dallas and Fort Worth, all thinking the same thing. “Thank goodness. Finally, someone is investing in the public that’s viewing their station,” Morris said, “and taking a vested interest in helping us out, because nobody else is doing this.”

Those video resumes are currently in the process of being posted online here at CBSDFW.COM. Companies will be able to watch those videos and contact potential employees for work.

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