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rw whitts end Whitts End: February 3Whether you’ve reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt’s End:

*Josh Hamilton = Roy Tarpley.

*Something I’m already tired of hearing in the wake of Josh Hamilton having a drink(s)? at Sherlock’s on 75 Monday night: We have no right to judge him! Really? We judge everything, why not Josh Hamilton? That’s all we do as human beings. Judge. We judge each other, often forming eternal opinions within one minute of meeting someone. We judge people to be worthy of our friendship. Judging is how we decide on spouses, cars, houses and, yes, what church we prefer to attend. We judge Josh Hamilton when he makes a spectacular play in the outfield and when we push him for AL MVP. But when it’s a negative event we’re supposed to shelve our opinions and not judge him? That’s irrational, hypocritical and just nonsensical.

*Remember that push to have Dirk Nowitzki finally start an NBA All-Star Game? Let’s be real, he doesn’t even deserve to be on this year’s team.

*Shame Super Bowl 45 in Dallas couldn’t have been blessed with Super Bowl 46’s weather. It’s been in the 50s, even 60s all week here in Indianapolis with minimal rain. And I hear back in the Metroplex it’s gonna be 70 today. Weather plays no favorites.

*Another thing I’m already tired of hearing re: Josh Hamilton: You don’t understand anything about addiction! True. Never been addicted to anything. I guess that makes me an addiction avoidance expert. But I’m pretty sure it’s not something you’re born with, and not something you contract from a dirty needle or toilet seat. Isn’t addiction really a series of conscious decisions that eventually form a habit? So, um, stop making those decisions. I’m sure you’re going to tell me I don’t understand.



*The same folks who are calling for “compassion” and “patience” with Josh better be yelling the same “support him” sermon with the same intensity after Dez Bryant’s next transgression.

*Yep, we all make mistakes. But nobody gives a damn about mine. Or yours. Josh is blessed with a talent that provides him fame and fortune. When he screws up it’s newsworthy. Comes with the territory. Deal with it.

*Another thing I’m already tired of hearing re: Josh Hamilton: You’re never a former addict! Why not? If you abstain from drinking or smoking or gambling or drugs for the rest of your life, haven’t you beaten your addiction? You may never avoid temptation or urges, but you can beat the addiction by simply not giving in and partaking. Right?

*And now you know why I cringe when all the adulation is thrust upon players like Josh and Tim Tebow. It’s noble to be a Christian and all, but God almighty can’t we find a better role model for our kids? Maybe one who’s powerful “faith” doesn’t let him down time and again? I hear “Josh’s faith will get him through this” and I wonder why Josh’s faith didn’t just keep him out of that bar in the first place? So instead of divine preventative protection, faith is more like a first responder that arrives after the house is already on fire?

*Betcha those folks who pay to see Josh speak or bought his book – Beyond Belief – feel a little scammed right about now. Sorry, but Josh Hamilton is a fraud. He sells you something that isn’t authentic.

*Poignant Tweet this morning from Cowboys’ linebacker DeMarcus Ware: Life is about not what u say, but how u live. Actions speak louder. Amen. Dude walks the walk.

*If we shrugged at Ron Washington’s cocaine admission, why are we so up in arms about Josh’s relapse?

*You shouldn’t be surprised by Josh’s relapse. He has an accountability partner. He has to be kept away from the smell of alcohol. Ginger Ale instead of champagne, the works. Has he ever really been “sober”, or merely “denied”?

*In college I got into sports gambling. It was fun. Euphoric. I was betting every night, even one time on the Pro Bowl and the NBA All-Star Game. Then I lost, and lost big. Had to borrow money from Dad to pay a bookie. Hated that feeling. It was not good for me or my life. So what’d I do? Stopped calling the bookie. I quit betting. The end. Just doesn’t seem like that difficult of a decision. At least it wasn’t for me.

*Went to a piano bar in downtown Indy last night and they played Celine Dione’s theme to Titanic. And, I swear, the entire bar sang the high notes. I left. Promptly.

*Stop with the “Rangers shoulda signed Prince Fielder” hindsight. The years and the money were way out of their budget.

*Perhaps with Josh abstinence isn’t a realistic goal.

*Aren’t serial killers also “addicts.” And why can’t you be addicted to anything positive, like charity work?

*Another thing I’m already tired of hearing re: Josh Hamilton: Addiction is a disease! Really? Name another disease you obtain simply by your actions. Maybe AIDS, via voluntary unprotected sex. But I’m pretty sure you can’t decide to contract cancer or leukemia. And, let’s face it, at the very heart of it Hamilton is deciding – by going to a bar, by ordering a beer, by handing the bartender money, but grabbing the bottle, and by moving the beer to his lips – to maintain his “disease.” If the cure for his “disease” is a decision, is it really a disease?

*Talking to Cardinals’ receiver Larry Fitzgerald on radio row yesterday about Dez Bryant, he had us filled with hope for the kid. Until he called him “articulate.” Um, Dez is a lot of things. And I’m a huge Dez supporter. But articulate he ain’t. Example Tweet from last season: We just land.

*Is it fair to call Hamilton’s news “sobering”?

*Honestly, I have zero problem with Josh Hamilton having a drink in a bar in the off-season. Or playing with whipped cream and co-eds three years ago … in the off-season. Again, I ain’t Josh Hamilton’s friend or family. I don’t buy his “story.” To say I “care” about him would be ridiculous. I don’t know him out of his Rangers’ uniform. Therefore, I only care about when he’s in it. As long as his off-field actions don’t affect his on-field play, we’re cool. Capeche?

*Giants 27, Patriots 20. New York can pressure Tom Brady and without Rob Gronkowski at 100 percent, this won’t even be an upset.

*This weekend? Wrapping up Super Bowl 46 week at the Leather & Lace party tonight. Tomorrow night it’s back to Dallas for 105.3 The Fan’s Fan Bowl 2012. That’s right, a paper football tournament for $1,000. And Sunday, duh, it’s the Giants-Patriots pre-game show from the Fan Sports Lounge 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on the official home of XLVI. Don’t be a stranger.

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