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Nearly Two Dozen Feral Cats Mysteriously Disappear From Trinity Park

By Susy Solis, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – How nearly two-dozen feral cats disappeared from Trinity Park without a trace remains a mystery, and the volunteers who fed them daily hope to hire a pet detective to figure it out.

At a fundraiser at 7th Haven Saturday, dozens of cat lovers donated money for the cause.

The group is offering $2,000 in reward money for any information on the disappearance of the cats.

The cat colony was well known to Trinity Park regulars and, of course, the volunteers who cared for them.

“They were all spayed or neutered, with rabies shots. They were fed daily and if anyone of them became ill we took them out of there and we took them to a vet,” said Bev Sims, a volunteer who has cared of the feral cats for more than a decade.

But weeks ago, the close to two dozens cats all but vanished.

“We believe they were killed. This happened to coincide with a TNR program, which is trap, neuter, release, that the city is looking into passing,” said Charlsye Lewis, the chair of the Animal Shelter Advisory Committee of Fort Worth.

As part of a TNR program, cats would remain in the wild after being neutered and given rabies shots, instead of being sheltered and then euthanized at a local shelter.

Though volunteers like Sims have been practicing trap, neuter, release on their own, they are pushing for the city to pass a TNR ordinance so it can practice it systematically across the city.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) says TNR programs are the only proven and effective to manage feral cat colonies.

“The number of cats that die in a shelter will do down dramatically with a program like this,” Lewis said.

Sims and other suspect foul play because, along with dozens of cats, several makeshift cat shelters were stolen.

“We know it’s foul play. The cats disappeared almost overnight. No trace and we are determined not to let this drop,” Sims said.


One Comment

  1. susan says:

    i do hope someone will come forward regarding this story,since there now is a reward offered..for all of these cats to disappear and their shelters as well, it has to be humans because other animals, such as coyotes or owls could not get all of the cats at one time, nor take the shelters…the aspca is world renowned for its experts and their knowledge of animals..if they recommend trap,neuter and release programs for feral cats,it has to be the best solution…

    1. KenB says:

      I love cats, but they will kill all the other small animals and birds that are around so to maintain natural animal populations feral cats should not be let loose back in the wild.

    2. Chris says:

      WRONG, experts dont always know what the hell they’re talking about. EXPERTS have always said the Titanic whs sunk by an Iceberg. Now They’re saying it wasnt the Iceberg, it was the design of the ship that caused it the tear apart and the back end didnt rise verry hight at all as they origionally thought. So these ANIMAL EXPERTS most likely are wrong as well.

  2. Dog Cat Lover says:

    We will find who did this. Animal bigotry will not be tolerated. I have both dogs and cats. I appreciate both, but the cats have proven to be self-reliant and resourceful whereas the dogs will bark to be fed, let out, walked. I appreciate cats for that reason. Independent survivors. I have never had a neighbor complain about my cats. My dogs have barked too loud at times, and have never killed a mouse.

  3. Concerned says:

    Well, I think you have a suspect (see the ramblings of Woodsman).. I hope we find out what happened to these cats soon and are able to prosecute the perpetrator(s).

    1. Woodsman says:

      People who comprehend the importance of not allowing an invasive-species to destroy all native wildlife and spreading deadly diseases to all wildlife and humans are now doing their part to ensure that the only thing that TNR advocates manage to accomplish is making their bank-accounts lighter. Do a Google search. Theirs is not the first, nor will it be the last TNR colony to completely disappear. It seems to be a new hobby that is sweeping the land. Just like TNR first spread. All TNR’ed cats now die just as fast as if they had trapped them and had them euthanized themselves. Too bad that they’re not going to control how all their cats die. Not that that has ever mattered to even one of them. *ALL* TNR’ed cats die from “attrition”. You know, by being road-kill, cat and animal attacks, exposure, diseases, environmental poisons, etc., etc.

      Being shot to death, poisoned, or re-trapped and drowned also falls under the definition of “attrition”. Don’t they know that?

      Here’s a new definition of TNR that you can all use in your next flyers:

      TNR — how to make your bank-account lighter through “attrition” — the cats still die soon anyway.

  4. susan says:

    oh my gawd!!! this woodsman person sounds like a combination of jedd clampett and the terminator! he has stated his “ramblings” are a “dumbed down ” version of facts and statistics and people with “half a brain” might be able to understand (an obvious insult to everyybody)..well, i think the aspca,humane society and texas parks and wildlife know a bit more about the feral cat population, the wild deer population,coyotes,wild hogs, wild dog packs wild buffalo,gophers,prarie dogs,racoons,,possums and any other creature that roam in the state of texas than a gun toting,get off my property obvious cat hater!..any wild creature that is a threat or is in danger of starvation by overpopulation in texas is studied, and if necessary,culled..this usually applies to feral hogs (as of late) and deer..if woodsman has a concern, then he should go to parks and wildlife to express this and not spout off fact and figures and say cat lover want to “usurp” others property..this man does not sound educated, he sounds crazy..

  5. Bill says:

    I too have been to this area and feed, watched and enjoyed the wild life; cats, raccoons, coyotes, and a wild Tom turkey. I have hand feed the raccoons and the cats. They all seem to get along in this area. I have also seen people dump their cats there as well, which is a great shame. I have adopted one cat there named Patches sum 4 years ago and am truly blessed to have him as a part of my family. It is a great feeling to know he does not have to wonder where his next meal comes from, how he will stay warm and dry, or just to know he is and has some one to love. He is a wonderful cat from the first day I brought him home. I am all for the TNR as well as the people that share the expense to feed these poor creatures. I hope they find out what happened to the poor cats

  6. Mehior says:

    woodsman has been a copy and paste carpet bomber for a quite sometime…after perusing it’s fine work for a while now, i am beginning to believe its all ‘false flag’ information about TNR stirring up nice caring folks as yourselves and draw attention to it’s real agenda…

    the whole pseudo feline nazi/final solution thing is so over the top…i really find it hard to believe someone could be this wrapped up about feral cats…

    woodsman i think you should change your name to kittyhimmler…

  7. Mehior says:

    i think kittyhimmler needs a hug…or maybe a cat.

    maybe i should introduce it to the fine folks over at reddit…

  8. People First says:

    That $2000 reward money could be used to help people. How ridiculous.

    1. Brittany says:

      Why does it have to be either or? People who think like you are disgusting. If you need $2k, go get a job!

  9. Bucky Smith says:

    THIS JUST IN: The reward has been increased to $5,000!!!!

    1. Woodsman says:

      That’d buy enough .22s to take care of all of them in your whole county!

      1. Brittany says:

        You have some serious issues.

  10. juju says:

    Has there a growth in the Vietnamese population. They like cats.

  11. Sportsman says:

    Woodsman, there is no math lesson necessary. There were ONLY 2 dozen cats at the park, not the astroComical numbers in your previous rants. You just don’t like cats. We understand.

    1. susan says:

      very well said sportsman..couldnt cbs just move on with some other stories? we know woodsman will continue to rant ,and nothing new has come of the reward offered..he seems to know everything there is to know and feels the need to “educate” everyone else..

  12. WOODSMAN'S FAN says:

    I applaud thee Woodsman, couldnt have said it better myself. They’re wild animals. ANIMALS….NOT HUMANS… NOT EVEN HOUSE PETS. SOCIETY is full of liberal idiot panseys and try changing everyones thought process. animals have no commonality with humans and should not be treated as such. Stop spending my tax dollars to HELP them. If you want to Help them, go pick them up and take them home with you. mice and rats can be pets too but nobody complains when they get killed in traps and poisoned. But god forbid a wild dog or cat be shot.

  13. arik says:

    Cropped ear pitbulls I say!

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