Can Romo Move Cowboys Forward In 2012?

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DALLAS (BLEACHER REPORT.COM) – The last four Super Bowls played have featured seven quarterbacks consisting of Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner.

Anyone notice who’s missing from that list?  Everyone all together now…it’s Tony Romo!

With the exception of Kurt Warner, who’s now retired, and Peyton Manning, who is recovering from a complicated and complex neck injury, you are basically looking at the elite group of quarterbacks in the NFL.

Some may argue otherwise and have their own ranking system, but it’s hard to argue the point.  While each of those players is uniquely talented in his own way and has traveled different paths to NFL greatness, they share a few common characteristics.

Although the first and obvious one is that they all have at least one title to their credit, the second and most significant are the steps they took to achieve that greatness.

I believe that Romo has taken more than a few major steps forward since Bill Parcells helped launch his career back in 2006.

In fact, if you go by statistics, he had the fourth-highest quarterback rating in 2011 behind Rodgers, Brees and Brady, and threw for over 4,000 yards, had 31 touchdowns and nine interceptions as well.

What sticks out in people’s minds is the 9-17 record during December and January.  Does that mean he’s not talented enough to win those big games?  That would be a resounding no.

But when it comes to Romo, there is always a debate about where he ranks, what his game is lacking and the fact he hasn’t taken another step forward.  I will now give you three ways he can take that significant step and end all debates.

Read more on the 3 key ways Tony Romo can move the Dallas Cowboys forward in 2012 – from Bleacher Report

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One Comment

  1. Gumby Rules says:

    Can Romo Move Cowboys Forward In 2012?


  2. Gumby is a genius says:

    Can Romo Move Cowboys Forward In 2012?

    HELL NO!

    1. altha says:

      Yes Romo can move the Cowboys forward if he is traded.

  3. RCS says:

    Are you argueing with what actually happed in the past 5 years. Our Cowboys should have walked into the playoffs but found creative ways to lose.

  4. c.crunch says:

    Romo stopped caring after he botched the game back in jam 06, 2007. Time to go romo, you too garrett

  5. Kathy Crawford says:

    I really don’t see Romo being the chosen one. He has had a few years to get it together and he just gets to the edge but can’t get the Cowboys there. He doesn’t have the eye of the tiger in him. He should just play golf because it seems that’s where his new love in sports seems to be. You know what? I bet if he got traded to another team it would light that fire of competion under him.

  6. Geronimo915 says:

    The entire Cowboy TEAM has been weak! I’m a lifelong fan and it is crystal clear that its not Romo’s fault, put any of the listed QBs in his place and Dallas would still have had average results.

  7. I have seen all 57 states says:

    Right now I am more worried about his golf game as he plays with Tiger at Pebble Beach Pro-Am, football is a few months down the road.

  8. Garf says:

    Romo is more interested in his golf game than in moving the team forward.

  9. Twosense says:

    Dalss get smart …the Rams need a receiver and we havea CHILD trying to be one … TRADE DEZ BRYANT and our first pick to the Rams for the 2nd overall pick and take Robert Griffin III …. Let him learn for a year and send Romo packing. RGIII is smart .. he can run , he can throw .. he wont be out drinking .. he is a leader .. and most of all we wont have to play aginst him after Washington drafts him ….. THINK PEOPLE >>> THINK

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