Valentine’s Day is about showing love and appreciation for others and in today’s Through the Lens I met a group of elementary students from Sonntag Elementary in the Frisco ISD that are doing just that.

They call themselves the KC Club, KC stand for kindness and compassion. They look for ways to share kindness and compassion not only in their school but throughout the community. Today they were making valentines for vets.

Pink, red, and white pieces of paper were spread all over as the kids dug into to make Valentine’s Day cards for our veterans who are in the Dallas VA hospital. Armed with markers and stickers they wrote notes that said “Happy Valentine’s Day” but it is the expressions of gratitude to the veterans that filled almost every card.

valentine blog Through The Lens: Valentines For Veterans

(credit: CBS 11 News/Mike Kinney)

Card after card thanked the veterans for serving our country and protecting our freedoms. It’s neat to see and hear how these kids understand what these men and women did for them and everyone in our nation. Valentine’s Day is only a week away and most people will scramble to buy cards and flowers for a loved one, but next week is also Salute a Veteran Patients Week. We should all look for a way to give our thanks to the men and women who allow us to celebrate each and every day of freedom in our country.

Mike Kinney