Texas Power Plants Not Generating Enough Electricity

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Is it time for Texas to abandon its power grid system? That’s one option being tossed around in Austin, at a State Affairs Committee hearing.

Aging plants and new federal regulations could mean the grid system will have less extra electricity than it did last summer. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) even did ‘rolling’ power outages during the winter of 2011.

To help prevent blackouts, Texas Coalition For Affordable Power attorney Geoffrey Gay said Texas should consider endin its self-run, self-contained grid system.

“It’s time to start talking to the federal regulators about how we can participate in a national grid.

Last year, ERCOT took a close look at the next 10 years of power generation and released a report that showed reserves would begin falling below the minimum target this summer.

ERCOT CEO Tripp Doggett said reserve power in Texas would be maxed out in 2013, increasing the likelihood of frequent rolling blackouts.

As it stands, the deregulated Texas electricity market isn’t generating enough new capacity to meet state needs.

During the committee hearing lawmakers and experts also trying to find ways to encourage the construction of new power plants.

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One Comment

  1. jean says:

    I think it would be a good idea to build the new smart grid and use wind and solar power sources. So that there would be no rolling blackouts and because one part of the the grid went down not all of the grid world.

    1. Nick says:

      Rolling black-outs, by definition, are in fact, as you describe, when ONE PART of the grid goes down and not all of it. Said black-outs are a last-ditch effort by ERCOT to avoid cascading failures, much like the NE saw several years ago near the US/Candadian border.

  2. votejoel says:

    No, wind and solar won’t do it. The enviro libs won’t let anyone build a new plant, especially coal fired. Just more energy problems for the country and our region.

    1. lowtolerance says:

      Correction: Anyone enviro with a brain won’t. But you’re right, that leaves out a lot of you fine conservatives.

    2. Greg says:

      This is Texas – Not Massachusetts. No one is stopping them from building more plants. In case you didn’t hear, Obama is the first adminitration in 30 years to allow two new nuclear plants to be built – even though conservatives are trying to convince us he’s against it. Conservative cry ‘free market’ all the time, trying to convince us it will solve all our problems. Apparantly the oil companies in Texas don’t care whether their citizens have electicity or not!

      1. Kelly says:

        What planet did you drop in from? What do the oil companies have to do with permits to build power plants? And more coal plants are not the answer. There was a permit for a natural gas fueled power plant recently granted, but it will take years for it to be built. We are just now beginning to reap the rewards of the previous generation not thinking ahead to future power usage. There is no quick fix unfortunately. We need to conserve and build energy efficient plants, of all types.

    3. patrick says:

      Lets see …what was the problem the article mentioned in the first place? Deregulation has led to not much new generating capacity….Hmmmmm which party loves deregulation?


      You created your own problem.

  3. Wallace Freeman says:

    This is part of the Obamunist assault on the United States. If you can remember all the way back to September, it was the Obamunist EPA that forced Texas to close power generation plants. What Texas, and many other states, should do is succeed from what is becoming a failed nation. http://www.stumpreport.com/epa-forcing-texas-luminant-to-close-power-plants

    1. patrick says:

      Sir you are laughable…because of republican deregulation you don’t have enough generating capacity.

      Roger so the solution is to secede (which by the way you can’t do) and then force your citizens to pay for new generation capacity anyway.

      Makes perfect sense…if your a nutjob.

      1. Anne says:

        Actually Patrick Texas still has the right to secede. Technicaly we can become our own country again. We are the only state to have this right.

    2. John Danielson says:

      Since they’re not on the national grid yet, how about they raise the price to reduce demand?

    3. jim appell says:

      Oh Sweet Jesus-PlEEZ,PLEEZ do that. !! Let the rest of us in peace.P.S. Austin,you’re more than welcome over here when you secede from Texas.

    4. Fricsaid says:

      Maybe if Mr. Rick Perry was more focused on his job at hand, instead of his illusions of grandour, this wouldn’t be a problem for the great people of Texas.

  4. Cheese Wonton says:

    You mean Texas isn’t invincible? They have problems? Wow, all we’ve heard the last couple of year is how Texas is the model state.

    1. bs says:

      Texas has fared far better than any other state and has even helped other states by absorbing a large influx of people moving to Texas from those failing states in search of jobs which they are readily finding here. Instead of your mindless Texas bashing, I’d suggest you take a closer look at everything we’re doing right here that has enabled us to fare so well.

      1. mcp123 says:

        If you call “faring well” as having a massive amount of minimum/low wage jobs then you would be correct.

        Unfortunately only high paying jobs actually help…and you aren’t doing well in that area.

      2. bs says:

        Dallas has a huge concentration of high paying high tech jobs, there are numerous high paying energy energy sector jobs as well, Your misinformation is just that.

    2. Texian says:

      If the million plus illegal aliens in Texas were deported then there would be a million plus less people using electricity and water so the legal residents would have a better time of it.

      1. mcp123 says:

        “million plus illegal aliens”

        Why don’t you get your republican employers to stop hiring them…to build their massive estates in Houston…to clean their houses…to work in the fast food restaurants … to harvest their crops. Find and only hire Americans to do that work…

        What… too expensive? Oh no… then the “illegals” probably won’t leave.

      2. Anne says:

        The only reaseon they are “illegal” is because the US set a limit on how many people can move to the US each year. Why do people only complain about the hispanic immigrants? What about the people from the Middle East or China? Two years ago I read an article that said the US uses 42% of the world’s rescources. That means the rest of the world is only using 58%…..why does no one complain about us using more than our share?

  5. DirtyShame says:

    Texas has benefited from the past 14 years leadership…..NOT !!

  6. Papa Ray says:

    Yea, Texas has problems. But look at the causes of those problems. The massive invasion of Lations from Mexico and South America. The almost as massive invasion of Californians and others from almost every other State in our ununited states of America.

    Yes we are accepting all, but they are loading down a power system that we can not improve because of Federal rules and regulations.

    Plus we are in our second year of no rain and heading into another in 2012. This causes many problems other than the apparent ones.

    God Bless America and Texas, because without his help we are all going deeper in the pit of dispair. But I have faith and confidence we will weather all of the storms thrown against us.

    Because we are Americans and God did shed his grace upon us.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

    1. mcp123 says:

      …cause of the problems. Why don’t you look in the mirror? There is no problem that can’t be solved. If Texas employers (including them there republican ones partner) would stop hiring illegal aliens then maybe they would leave.

      …but of course then there would be no one to pick the crops…work the ranch… work fast food and build and clean those McMansions in Houston and Dallas.

  7. Focus on using less instead of producing more??

    1. mcp123 says:

      that would be a concept anathema to rednecks.

  8. Byron says:

    Former Texas Governor George W. Bush got the ball rolling on deregulation of electricity in the 1990’s. Back in those days, deregulation was marketed as the best method of keeping rates low since companies would be competing amongst each other for market share. Since 2002 when deregulation of electricity began, an entirely new industry of retail providers was created. These retail providers purchase electric power from producers (at prices Texans use to pay) and then sell the electricity to Texas consumers at much higher levels (the prices are fixed at a group level by the retailers).
    Now state officials and the energy providers can’t even formulate a plan to generate the capacity required to meet the demand for future growth, but instead the solution is to attach to the National grid. Seriously, in a state as large as Texas with all the natural resources the state has, this is the best solution they could come with; to be dependent on others outside the state.
    It’s clearly obvious that as a result of deregulation, when comparing the cost of energy to consumers in other states, Texans contribute in paying some of the most expensive electricity rates in the country, in addition to being required to sign long contractual agreements and pay unnecessary fees; all just to have the basic necessity of electricity. DEREGULATION has FAILED.

  9. Kenny Steve Evers-Landis says:

    This is a nice example of how deregulation failed in the great state of Texas which at a glance appears incapable or unwilling to develop Texas-based energy sources capable of supporting their independent “off the grid” system. Instead, now that George W. Bush’s deregulated, free-market approach has failed the state may need to turn to the federal government to meet energy needs. I thought bigger government was bad? Aren’t the Feds supposed to stay out of state business? Bring in the Tea Party! They’ll solve the problem by doing away with a few more regulations and a government agency or two which protect our health and environment. Sand-extracted oil piped from Canada – no problem! Unregulated emissions from the new plants – why not?

  10. stu pidazzle says:

    I think it’s “ending” not “endin” …if your going to write for CNN perhaps you should use proper sentence structure… if your not sure you can always “axe” someone else.

  11. Epic. says:

    maybe if they quit frying all the inmates they will have more power

    1. sad says:

      bullets are cheaper right?

  12. Fricsaid says:

    Just perhaps if their illustrious Governor had been more focused on his matters at hand instead of his illusions of grandeur, this wouldn’t be an issue.

  13. XerXeS_2012 says:

    I am here in Oklahoma and we’ve rolled out Smart Grid. We’re shifting about 70 Mw a year, roughly 40k customers onto our evening usage. Very successful, if you want to read more on how we’re doing this, maybe Texas could review us to help save their customers money and reduce usage at the same time to avoid black outs. http://www.oge.com On main screen, click “Learn More” to get details.

  14. chris says:

    This is an entirely EPA/Obama driven shortage. New EPA regs are making multiple coal fired power plants which have been in operation for years, uneconomical. They are doing it with little or no warning to the power company. Funny the reporter didnt see fit to mention that.

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