Call Of Duty Game Leads To Prank Lewisville 911 Call

LEWISVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – A gun battle on a video game turned into guns drawn in a Lewisville neighborhood Monday.

A family had to face down a police swat team for what police say was a hoax, delivered through a video game system.

The incident happened just after 5 p.m. Monday.

The teenage boy, whose parents asked he not be named, was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops. He had joined friends playing online on the Xbox 360.

In the game, players can talk to each other using headsets. In between games, in a chatroom, the boy said a voice suddenly chimed in that he says he didn’t recognize.  “Some dude just popped out of nowhere, and basically said he’s going to hack me, he’s going to get my information, call the swat team over to my front yard.”

The teen ignored it, and kept playing.

About 20 minutes later, Lewisville received a call from an operator with the AT&T Instant Message Relay Service. The system is designed to allow hearing impaired users to reach someone with a standard telephone. The operator said they had received a message that a person was shot and that someone was still inside the house shooting.

The first responding officers saw no signs of shooting at the home. The video game was still on when police surrounded the house, with the entire family inside.

The teen said it was his parents who first noticed men outside with real guns, and someone with a bull horn, calling his name.

“We were all scared, out of our minds,” he said. “Didn’t understand why they were here. We thought there was some stranger some dude running around our house, hiding behind the boat. We didn’t know. We didn’t expect nothing.”

Captain Kevin Deaver with Lewisville Police said they started calling the family out because there were no signs of shooting.  “At one point they did come out of the residence but then went back in the residence, which did cause us some alarm,” he said.

What officers had seen was the boys father, pulling his wife back inside to keep her safe. The family hid in a bedroom, and the boy’s mother called 9-1-1 herself. The operator connected her to police who convinced the mother, father, three children and grandparents to come out.

The teen said he has no idea who would want to pull the dangerous prank.

Police are investigating the crime as a false report or false alarm. They are working on a subpoena to try to get the information for the gamer who made the story up.

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One Comment

  1. justin says:

    Biggest concern I see is:
    How do other gamers know your real street address?

    that would be my main concern.

    1. Arbitrometer says:

      Exactly! Why can some jerk get my address from Xbox Live?

      1. Herb says:

        It could have been a bit of social engineering and OSINT. How many kids use their XBox gamer tags as aliases on the net as well, or post them via social networking sites?

      2. Yippee K says:

        They can’t. It’s XBox we’re talking about. Not PlayStation…

    2. Michael Wartman says:

      i’m not sure on the method used here, but it would be a simple issue to find ip of the game host with DDWRT on a common linksys router. at that point, there are a number of ways to turn an ip address into a physical address.

      1. tbauman says:

        Most people don’t have a assigned IP Address and is random assigned to the user several times a day. It is the MAC address of your ROUTER that the Internet provider can trace because it has to be setup.

      2. Smarter than You says:

        You two have any clue what you are talking about. IPs can only be traced to a host as most residential IPs are Dynamically assigned which could change intermittently. The only way for the police to determine the MAC address associated with an IP at a specific time is with a Subpoena.

      3. sniffinglue says:

        You tech nerds need a life. It’s someone who knows him already and already knows his address.

      4. 3020 says:

        “you tech nerds need a life”
        \instead of being an ass hat you should be kinda to the type of people that made the internet and your computer what it is today. It’s like if you called the wright brothers morons for trying to figure out how a plane works while riding a on a plane.

    3. Winged says:

      first of all, xbox does not readily supply personal info. It has to be hacked from the system if the user doesn’t make it public.
      second, all the person needed was a phone #, not nessessarily an address.

    4. Lew says:

      Most times if you google someones Xbox live handle it will show up with their name or whatnot because they have linked it to forums.

    5. sooner says:

      It could be the neighbor kid down the street. They may not have gotten the address through XBOX live.

    6. unknown says:

      if you hack some ones account and they have credit card information you can just look at that and get his street address

      1. anony-Mouse says:

        I can see most people responding don’t use and xbox or xbox live. Address information is on the account listing the credit card info, which is stored there to renew your account when it runs dry. The only information that a hacker needs is your password to the website. That’s it. The person’s name is not even needed, just their username, which is the same as their gamertag, which is revealed to everyone when you play games online.

  2. x says:

    Your IP address and the right software can get your home address.

    1. Jason Withrow says:

      Completely false. general vicinity maybe, exact address, absolutely not.

      1. Jason Sithtakler says:

        Your IP address and a fake subpoena and spoofed fax can get your home address.

    2. Derp says:

      Yeah ok James Bond

    3. Yippee K says:

      Your IP address and the right software and a gun can get you a lot more.

  3. duh says:

    Xbox is a computer and you are unable to install any security software.

  4. Richard Pope says:

    Just another time law enforcement looks stupid.

    1. Duh says:

      Yeah how stupid of them to respond to a 911 call of an active shooting. How moronic of them! What a bunch of buffoons! They should really stop responding to those calls! Idiot!

      1. CensorshipAmerica says:

        Everyone in law enforcement is above the law after the coup and cover up. Welcome to the fascist military police state compliments of the last election.

      2. Tom says:

        One phone call and they send swat? A thinking person would realize thar a real shooting, would draw multiple calls from a quiet suburban neighborhood, so yeah, law enforcement failed…that kid or any member of his family could have been killed its very serious…wake up

      3. Epstein's Mother says:

        I agree. Had they broken the door down, shot the dog, and pushed the family on the floor, that would have been idiotic. Surrounding the house, calling inside with a bullhorn, and NOT shooting anyone when the mother appears to be dragged back inside the house — that’s professionalism.

      4. Justin says:

        That was a very dangerous hoax to pull off. Someone could have gotten hurt or killed. I’ve done online gaming and what these hackers can do is pretty impressive, and frightening. If someone is able to hack into the gamertag, they can get the victim’s billing account information, which has the address and phone number. Many people use minimal and predictable button combinations as lock codes for their account. I hope they find the hacker and hold him/her accountable, that was a very dangerous thing to do.

    2. James D says:

      Why would law enforcement look stupid? Someone falsely reported an incident to them. They obviously can’t know if something like this is true before they get there. The report they were given called for exactly the response they delivered, and usually when people call 911 to report an issue they are telling the truth.

  5. Adan De Leon says:

    That guy playing was quick scoping… Don’t let people know you are cheating on TV!!! :o)

  6. Taylor says:

    So the SWAT team responds to 911 call reportedly from a deaf person and they announce their presence / give instructions outside with a bull horn? Makes as much sense as brail on the drive through menu.

    1. Chris says:

      Taylor – I love this comment, Thanks for the laugh! I overlooked that while reading the story.

    2. Tom says:

      Staggeringly stupid move on that police chiefs part to send swat at all, stupid people wont understand, but thats why this police chief needs to be fired…very very stupid.

    3. Taylor the clown says:

      the person being shot was deaf not the shooter…lolz…

    4. Captain Obious says:

      What do you want them to do, go up to the windows and start signing?

  7. William says:

    Sniffit is manufacturing nickels. Listen pud, take your fairy tales somewhere else. Even if the kid made a low comment regarding The Won, chances are that it was overwhelmingly accurate — no need to act like a Progressive and get all emotionally bent about it carrying all that water for the crook.

    1. Sniffit says:

      You must be another racist drudgie. Who’s paying you to blog today?

  8. when duds cry says:

    “I’m telling on you!”

    What’s up with all the sniveling brats today? No valentine?

  9. John Paulstrom Southwalk says:

    “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.”
    – Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977


    1. Riquin says:

      “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” – Thomas Watson – Chairman of IBM

      “I say to you that the VCR is to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston strangler is to the woman home alone.” TESTIMONY OF JACK VALENTI, PRESIDENT, MOTION PICTURE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, INC.

  10. Burl says:

    The fact that the “prankster” used an instant message relay service designed for deaf users means that every tax payer was aiding and abetting in this one. We pay for that service…not the user. We paid for the police too. So basically, we all got scammed, and are left paying the bill!

  11. Sniffit says:

    Amazing! Granny the name caller is censoring my comments because she does not agree with them. Is this the method of the Right? All I said was this boy may not be telling the full truth and may have made inflammatory remarks about the President online and someone reported it.

    Truth hurts huh Gestapo Granny?

    1. Steven says:

      Uh, #1 how are your comments getting censored? #2 CBS is hardly a “right wing organization” #3 “inflammatory remarks” is no reason to send a swat team unless Obama is appearing in the kids house that day or something and there was a specific threat. It’s also not the reason the swat team , or the young man in question gave to the press. The cops to no action other than to say it was a hoax… Are you not ok in the head maybe?

    2. Badgers says:

      Put the crack pipe down and back away….

    3. Captain Obious says:

      Yeah because the “right” would care about you posting inflammatory remarks about the president. Bugs Bunny said it best “what a maroon”

  12. Rick says:

    It’s called “Swatting.” Google it for more info.

  13. me says:

    all it takes if for the kid to use the same alias on xbox live as he does on other sites. If for instance you googled his unsername and came across posts on a forum using the same name and you could get enough info to track him down. If you found a photobucket account you could look at the meta data embedded in the pictures to find GPS location info. Find a pic taken inside his house and BINGO! You have the exact location of his house. Call 911 using the AT&T message service via a voip system with a spoofed ID and IP; you will never finr the guy.

  14. Leonardo says:

    This has happened before about 6 years ago in Irvine, CA…The caller was from Washington state, sent a swat team in and nearly killed the victim, I believe the kid only got a few years in prison, when he should have got more.

  15. C-Something says:

    Haha, if you knew how call of duty kids acted you would all be laughing. They are all so immature.

    The kid was probably talking s**t to the one who called the swat team on him and then he was probably kept on talking and then got his door kicked in by real people with real guns they should have tased, pepper sprayed and batonned him for good measure and offered him a hair cut too.

    1. CanisUnfamiliaris says:

      Well, I agree with part of that. CoD kiddies are incredibly immature. A “voice out of nowhere” in reality was probably a guy he was spawn-camping, and they undoubtedly talked trash for a good while before this went down. This doesn’t generally happen randomly, nor is it unheard of.

  16. Tom says:

    This police chief should be fired….at what point do you deploy an entire SWAT team, surround a house with draw assault weapons, full riot gear….in a quiet suburban neighborhood….after ONE, I repeat ONE phone call!!! Seriously people if shots are fired in any suburban neighborhood, you could bet the phone lines would light up….my God have we become a slow minded society. This Chief should just resign after this, as it shows utter incompetence. Sending a SWAT team into an obviously peaceful neighborhood is assinine. Folks you dont want more Government, you definately want less, what if one of the SWAT guys sincerely thought the kid had a real gun, through the window? huh? Thats right game consoles now sell gun like controllers, so gameplay is more natural…to that SWAT team guy, under the premise by which he was ordered to deploy could kill the little kid…this aint no joke…the chief should be fired period.

    1. kc truby says:

      I”m with you. This SWAT team in every town stuff is just plain dangerous. One firecracker, one backfire from an old car and that house would have looked like swiss cheese. Between the war on drugs and home land security we have armed our police force to look more like an army base

    2. Taylor the clown says:

      lolz…this town needs a swat team…

    3. Captain Obious says:

      “At what Point”

      How about the point where a call a about a mass shooting comes in with the perpetrator is still at large and shooting people. You can thank any number of incidents in the past where the lack of a adequate response by officers not properly armed caused more deaths. For those who have no clue, I guess you wouldn’t understand or care that the first steps would be tear gas that are carried by and deployed by SWAT. That is one reason of many you would instantly send SWAT. Not mention that your hostage negotiator is usually assigned to SWAT (unlike hollywood). etc etc

  17. Justin Auldphart says:

    Boy’s lucky they didn’t gun him down..

  18. Joshua says:

    how about a nice game of chess?

    1. Dennis Teel says:

      lol…an original wargames movie it..also a very good movie tho’

  19. Frank K says:

    Sure is a police state cowardly Americans

  20. ObayJuan says:

    What a punk @$$ move made by a little punk @$$ 8icth!

  21. kc truby says:

    The big concern is WHY DOES A POLICE DEPARTMENT HAVE A SWAT TEAM in the first place. This is idiocy. A dozen high powered guns all pointing at a quite family and you expect nothing to go wrong? The drug war and the Homeland security are turning the USA into a police state. I am a card carrying conservative but I do not believe the local police department should look like an arsenal

    1. Captain Obious says:

      Google North Hollywood Shootout for those asking why do Police Departments have SWAT teams.

  22. Molon Labe says:

    The prankster knows the victim.

  23. Billie T says:

    This probably stems from all the s@$% talking that goes on in those online FPS games – one of the main reasons why I stopped playing those kinds of games. Feelings get hurt, then someone with a little technical know-how decides to get even.

    With the trigger happy nature of cops nowadays, a “prank” like this could have gotten someone killed. If stuff like this becomes the new ‘trend’, I think it’s time for people to abandon the first-person shooter genre for something a bit more civil.

  24. freedom and liberty for all says:

    When the US municipal police force can be used as a terror weapon, it’s time for a change. Goon squads with guns are not the answer. Neither are Unconstitutional searches.

  25. Cyriacus says:

    No doubt a neighbor kid/punk that made the call (which is why he knew the address) and I hope he is charged with a felony.

  26. zeke says:

    I was the person affected in this case and I feel a frustration I can not control I feel embarrassed and my frustration is because of how the incident occurred, 4 children, 14.13 and 8 years and 2 elderly patients with more than 65, against the target of snipers and police of lewisville, which had no heart to lay down their weapons at any time, pitbulls dogs appeared on his prey even knowing it was a false alarm is heard according to the 911 call, not I like how they are handling the information supposedly came to save my family and was a disaster, destroyed my life in minutes to see the risk they ran their lives, would have preferred to shoot me, They keep for more than an hour to my child of 8years without shoes and without shelter, crying and trembling with cold and fear and with 14 years as the worst criminal handcofs next to me, the alleged perpetrator, to and to live the nightmare to know what it feels like, 3 days without sleep peacefully the whole family, there was no day of love and friendship, only bad dreams, impotence, and thinking that our lives depend on a phone call and a handful of men armed with licenses to kill, if the police cars have all cameras must be recorded that should put it there and to see the next act Find out from before this unjust way, I have many things I could say more but I can not sum it all in just one paragraph is really hard this situation I hope no one goes by this situation. I wish you good luck!

  27. DonA says:

    First, I don’t think this kid is telling the whole story. Have you heard these kids on xbox live they are always using the n word, the f word, the b word and other nasty talking that quite frankly I’m not surprised this has happened.

    I have been on xbox live for over 4 years now and I can almost guarantee you that some random hacker is not going to just pop into the game lobby and state “I’m going to hack you”. 10 times out of 10 you’ll hear those statements because some under age kid is running his mouth and cussing up a storm.

    All I’m saying is this kid isn’t telling the whole story!

  28. Josh says:

    I bet this kid is wondering where do his $60 a year go towards, obviously not online security!!!!

  29. Bubba says:

    Probably the same kid thats made calls in Tampa, Fl too. Little bugger uses the Deaf language line to make the calls, then the language line calls 911. The original phone number doesn’t show up because its transferred. Moral of story is tell your kids never never give out their address on PS3/XBOX. Its always the same story, I’m stuck in the house alone and its a home invasion and the guys have guns. He’s hoping the resounding officers will kick in the door, and scare the residents who are asleep.

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