Now that was one spectacular Grammy Awards show.

At one point I even had my hands in the air, eyes closed, shouting hallelujah in my family room.

Not kidding.

Classic rockers, up-and-coming country acts, grand old standbys–this show had it all.

Did NOT want it to end.

And the one thread running through all of the major moments?

Good, old-fashioned TALENT.


It’s as though the most gifted songwriters, vocalists, and instrumentalists of the last 75 years finally gathered in one place, on one night, to celebrate each other’s giftedness.

And through the miracle of television, we all got to witness the greatness.

I won’t list all of my favorite moments, as I’m sure each of us is reveling in our own highlight. (And I won’t mention the duds, which only drew more attention to those individuals’ utter LACK of talent.)

But you must admit this: we have been musically blessed these last several decades. And blessed, most recently, by the beauty of Adele.

Sure, her performance last night was practically flawless. But this woman’s talent knows no bounds, a true legend in the making.

Her lyrics possess Dylan-esque poetic sophistication. The movement in her music and melodies keep you anticipating every next line.

And then there’s that voice. That voice. That voice!

This amassing of musical genius at the 2012 Grammy Awards propelled me to do something atypical of Tracy Wing Kornet.

I’m almost ashamed to confess it. But here goes…

I turned to Twitter during the show.

Yup, I tweeted–read others’ tweets–replied–retweeted–the whole kit and caboodle–during at least the entire second half of the whole darn thing!

And you know what? It was absolutely energizing to connect in that way, to participate in a national conversation, and to celebrate with others the experience unfolding before our eyes and ears.

It’s what music is all about in the first place–uniting us and igniting our spirits.

So well done, Grammy Awards producers, for lining up and delivering a perfectly-paced evening of entertainment.

And well done, artists, for nurturing your talent–all that practice and persistence to get your break and share your music with the world.

And for those of you who tweeted about it last night, thank you for allowing me to tap into your joy and for absorbing some of mine.

Can I hear a hallelujah?!