T.O. Says He Wasn’t A Disruptive Teammate

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NEW YORK (CBS SPORTS) – “That’s all hearsay,” Terrell Owens said about the perception of his NFL career. “If you ask a bunch of my teammates, a lot of it is basically blown out of proportion, the media making me into a fall guy. Overall, will I ever admit that I was a bad teammate? Never. I wasn’t a bad teammate. Was I disruptive. No I wasn’t disruptive.” Here’s the thing: Owens, as far as we know, was never arrested for beating his girlfriend or making it rain or carrying a concealed weapon. But it’s also a stretch to say that he wasn’t, at one time or another, disruptive. Owens implied that former teammate Jeff Garcia was gay, and then there was the falling out with Donovan McNabb. So, yeah, there’s some revisionist history going on because, realistically, Owens could’ve helped a WR-needy team last season if not for he fact that he was, you know, a huge disruption.

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