Dallas Sheriff’s Deputy Indicted For Document Tampering

By Kent Chapline, Bud Gillett, Jack FInk, & L.P. Phillips, CBSDFW.COM

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas County sheriff’s deputy has been indicted for allegedly trying to defraud the government.

Tuesday morning a grand jury indicted Sgt. Derce Kirby on six counts of tampering with a government document with the intent to defraud.

Kirby is accused of writing tickets while on duty as a deputy but claiming he wrote them while working for a grant program the sheriff received.

If convicted on the felony charges, Kirby could go to a state jail.

The grand jury could issue other indictments.

KRLD’s L.P Phillips talked to Sheriff Lupe Valdez:

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One Comment

  1. Bill Haley says:

    This is sad for a number of reasons. First, as an LEO, he knew he was violating the law. Second, while money should never alter an LEO’s ethics, it is a fact that if cops were paid better, there would be less graft.

  2. Joe Man No says:

    Sounds like your average cop to me! I am not surprised.


  3. don waller says:

    2nd attempt. A photo would have been nice, does he look like a bowling ball with crudely done tatoos and partner with a big black fellow with califlower ear? One of these stole $40.00 from my wallet in a case of mistaken I.D. and frisk last mid of last year.

  4. don waller says:

    Thanks for posting my name. Now I can be a victim and a target!

  5. Tiffany Higgins Barnes says:

    A crooked cop?? NO!!! Say it ain’t so….There are just as many criminals that work for law enforcement as there are on the streets..The police are NOT there to protect or serve…they’re bullies with a gun..how scary is that.

  6. Red says:

    After the first few years at about $50,000 per year we pay close to $100,000 per year for a average cop in the USA. so obviously we need to raise that to about $500,000 per year for starting cops and more as they become more experienced . and for all those people working for $25,000 a year and not breaking the law, give them a pay cut because obviously they are earning too much since they aren’t breaking the law like this cop that got caught was.
    There I fixed it

    1. Daddy'sGirl says:

      Cops make nowhere near 50,000 in their first few years….please check your information…starting salary is in the 25-35 range, and increases every 5 years!

      1. Red says:

        Using information provided at the Dallas Police Department web site (“Salaries and Benefits:” 29 June 2010), which is a representative sample of that of the other Metroplex area departments, the starting salary for police officer trainees in 2010 was $41,690. After training, additional pay incentives are available that increase monthly salary like advanced education, language translation and shift differential pay, to name a few.

  7. andy says:

    Show me one of the one of the previous disgruntled writers who is willing to step in the line of fire for someone they don’t even know and I’ll give some credence to their remarks.

  8. Hustler says:

    It doesn’t say that Sheriff Loopy plans to suspend Kirby and the 7 or 8 OTHERS to be indicted later WITH PAY. WHY? Let’s see …get caught steelin then GET PAID for it. NO WHERE BUT DALLAS COUNTY!

  9. Hustler says:

    Whoa!!! Is this the same Kirby that got caught doin the same stufft about four or five years ago? What did Sheriff Lupe do about that. And are the others involved some of the same deputies that were involved in the Strip club mobster incident a couple years ago? What did Lupe do about that? NOTHING!!!NOTHING!!!NOTHING!!! I wunder why they would ever do that again? GREAT LEADERSHIP LUPE.

  10. Hustler says:

    Is it true that Dallas County lost MILLIONS in TXDOT grant money cuz of Kirby? Is it also true tht seveal other deputies are also facing indictmet for the same case and that some of those deputies were involved in working strip clubs for mobsters and lying to the sheriff about it?

  11. Red says:

    Andy: you got me there, I’d never purposely step in the line of fire for anyone except in the line of duty and then only with caution and not so much in the line of fire as from as safe a vantage point as possible.
    Are you saying that cops step in the line of fire purposely without using due caution?

  12. Daddy'sGirl says:

    Actually- he is my father! He has been with Dallas County for 28 years with a spotless record! There are several “Kirby’s” on the force, and this man has never done anything but protect and serve Dallas County. Its funny how when something happens, all of sudden the city turns their back on them. I am not condoning anything, but INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!! Imagine getting a call about your dad, and wondering if he is dead or alive because you know its a RISK he takes DAILY! Get your background info before you make your comments please and thanks.

    1. Jerrett says:

      It’s a very sad and disheartening FACT to accept that your father has betrayed the TRUST of many, in many ways. Shame on him for portraying himself as a man of God with his church as well. The fact remains, he lives a dual life of someone that he pretends to be as to someone he is. I know your father and KNOW of his MANY under the table shin-digs, its about time that god has taken it into his own hands to put a STOP to the lies and betrayal. No one is a HATER here, only stating facts. A true, TRUE man of God is a mask he used to hide behind.

      1. Daddy'sGirl says:

        I didn’t call anyone a HATER, and what you KNOW doesn’t matter. If justice is so important to you, then shame on you for not coming forth until now. Maybe you should be splattered on the news too. Lots of people makes mistakes and like I said INNOCENT till proven guilty. I will not speak on God because only HE can judge a man. “Him without sin sin throw the first stone”…. Did you throw one? I think not.

  13. worked with kirby says:

    Well your dad was caught doing this several years ago… He should have been punished then but wasn’t…

    1. Hustler says:

      Why not? Why didn’t the sheriff take action?

    2. Daddy'sGirl says:

      I can’t say what he has been caught doing or not doing. I can speak on what I know. If there was a problem with his actions it would have been addressed then…it was not. So that says there was no problem. Simple.

  14. Red says:

    Most dangerous jobs (2011)
    1) Fisherman
    Fatality rate per 100,000 workers: 116
    Median wage: $27,880
    2) Logger
    Fatality rate per 100,000 workers: 92
    Median wage: $38,660
    3) Airplane Pilot
    Fatality rate per 100,000 workers: 71
    Median wage: $115,300
    4) Farmer and Rancher
    Fatality rate per 100,000 workers: 41
    Median wage: $65,960
    5) Mining Machine Operator
    Fatality rate per 100,000 workers: 39
    Median wage: $39,950
    6) Roofer
    Fatality rate per 100,000 workers: 32
    Median wage: $37,880
    7) Sanitation Worker
    Fatality rate per 100,000 workers: 30
    Median wage: $34,310
    8) Truck Driver and Delivery man
    Fatality rate per 100,000 workers: 22
    Median wage: $35,500
    9) Industrial machine repairman
    Fatality rate per 100,000 workers: 20
    Median wage: $45,700
    10) Police Officer
    Fatality rate per 100,000 workers: 18
    Median wage: $55,620
    However, one of the main culprits when it comes to police killings are traffic accidents.
    In 2010 Traffic-related accidents represented 56% of all fatalities. Only two occurred in high-speed pursuits, with the rest occurring on routine patrol.

    1. Jay says:

      Where are the stats on those murdered while doing their jobs? I want to see those.

  15. sunnygirl says:

    Daddysgirl, i could not agree with you more. INNOCENT until proven GUILTY! Don Waller you speak ignorantly and its obvious you’re not the birghtest star in the sky. Who uses their ‘real’ name on a public blogging site??? Anyhow this man is my Uncle whom I know very well . He is an upright man!!! I do not agree with the allegations being charged!! He will come out on top, rest assured!!! May God have mercy and continue to bless each of you.

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