FRISCO (CBSDFW.COM) – A confirmed case of the drug resistant staph infection MRSA has forced action at Sparks Elementary School.

The strand is called Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus and can be dangerous is it goes untreated.

School officials sent an email to the parents of 773 children at the school about the confirmed case Wednesday.

“I forwarded to my husband so he would read it he usually makes me feel better,” said Becky Angel, a parent.”I had a friend, her sister passed away from getting a staph infection.”

Angell’s 9-year-old daughter attends the school. Officials would not say whether the infected person is a student or faculty member.

The email released by the school district alerted parents that “cleaning crews will conduct a special disinfecting cleaning.”

MRSA is spread by contact and shared items so schools are one of the places it can spread fast. This is the fifth elementary school in Frisco this year to send out notices about staph cases.

Officials say its a common infection and parents shouldn’t worry. Parents seem to be taking the news in stride and trust the school will protect their children.

“I worry about my kids because if it was really bad they would have closed the school,” said Ami Ruppman, a parent.

“As long as they take action quickly to protect what happened there shouldn’t be bigger consequences,” said Jessica Maysonet, another parent.

Infectious disease specialists say better preventive measures can help address a growing problem.

“All the common sense hygiene that mom taught us about washing your hands and not picking your nose and not picking youself where the sun don’t shine that’s kind of really what matters,” says Dr. Cedric Spak, MD, MPH, Baylor Hospital.

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