Mother Of Fallen Marine Offended By Half-Staff Flag For Houston

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Flags will be lowered in New Jersey Saturday, the day of Whitney Houston’s funeral. But a Marine mom in Arlington says it’s an honor Houston doesn’t deserve.

When Phyllis McGeath heard Gov. Chris Christie had ordered flags lowered to half-staff for Houston, she said she felt a pain deep inside her.

“I was hurt and offended. Disappointed. Saddened,” she said. “I felt like the honor that was given to my son was tarnished.”

McGeath had three sons who were active duty Marines.

Her oldest, Philip, was killed by a suicide bomber just four weeks ago in Afghanistan. He was 25.

“They killed my son.They took his body away from me,” she said, overcome by emotion.

Arizona, the McGeath’s former home state, lowered their flags in his honor.

“That honor meant a lot to me,” McGeath said.

McGeath says Houston is not deserving of that same honor.

“Nothing against Ms. Houston because she was a beautiful singer and I was a fan for years,” McGeath said.

But, “It was like putting them on the same level. And I know how my son lived. And I know through the media how Ms. Houston lived,” she said.

New Jersey’s Governor, Chris Christie, defended his decision to lower the flags in his state saying he wasn’t honoring Houston as a role model but as “a daughter of New Jersey.”

Christie is a conservative Republican. He’s also a former U.S. Attorney who recently called for mandatory drug treatment for non-violent offenders. But he said Houston’s substance abuse issues shouldn’t negate her achievements.

“There but for the grace of God go I,” he said.

Federal law authorizes governors of American states to order flags lowered to half-staff for state officials or residents who’ve died.

There is no law or rule that requires the person being honored to have been a politician or a service member.

Christie approved a similar order when Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band member Clarence Clemons died last June.

Thinking about the recent death of her Marine son, McGeath said, “It frustrates me all the attention this one lady is being given for dying. When our son died, it was initially a one liner in the newspaper.”

Houston also sang the National Anthem in 1991 to returning Gulf War service members.  But for Phyllis McGeath singing and fighting on the front lines are two very different things.

“My son gave his life,” she said. “He gave his life.”

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  • Amanda

    It is a slap in the face to every military member and their family to lower the flag for Whitney. She does not deserve it and it should not be allowed!!!!

    • Dave Smith

      Completely agreed with you. Whitney was drug addict, thus, she does not deserve lowered flag of NJ. Whitney is NOT a heroine. DON’T lower flag for Whitney. She does not set good example in life for our children, our youth.

    • Mike

      There is a strict protocol for the American flag. It is only lowered for presidents and some others like V.P., secretary of state, etc. State flag protocols have different criteria and usually are not as strict.


      SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • JoanG

      As a military retiree I agree with you Amanda. Since when do we honor drug addicts??? I don’t care how great a singer she was. She only contributed to the moral decay of this country. I’m disgusted with Gov Christie’s decision. Every military person should be up in arms. How low will America fall in decency?

      • ramsey623

        I am a vet half flag was never meant for sports stars actors singers poets etc.. WEneed to remeber what it is for.

      • lauraz_bush

        >> > It’s one thing to criticize civilians who don’t support a bogus mission (I’m one of ‘em); but it’s not even rational to criticize a flag-tribute to any American, particularly one who was an entrepreneur not dependent on any kind of entitlement.

        Wall Street is at the bottom of all this demagoguery in the name of profit and power.
        I hope everyone is as patriotic when “they come to scapegoat you or worse”.

      • Jim in Houston

        As a fellow military retiree, I agree 100%. Laurz is an idiot.

      • philip

        lauraz, you need to stop hitting the bong when you post. in fact, you need to just stop it all together. clearly your thought processs have been inhibited by your excessive indulgences.

  • Texas Aggie

    Where do we draw the line? If this keeps up, pretty soon the passing of an American president will be lowered (pun not intended) to the same level as that of some half-baked celebrity. It cheapens all of us. The NJ governor is an idiot!

    • Larry

      Gov Christie is way out of line on this……

    • azdoug

      NJ governor is not an idiot but this was not thought out completely.
      Whitney had a great great voice but she had a drug problem and it killed her, just like other Hollywood stars. We should be sad that they died but not honor a drug addict.
      I never served in the military but my dad was a career USAF and he was in 3 wars. We moved at least every 2 years to some places that were not so nice. The military deserves the highest respect an American can give them.

      • snapshot

        I don’t really think the intent here is to honor a drug addict. It is to recognize a great singer. Yes, Whitney goofed up the later part of her career/life with the drug habit. But we don’t recognize people for their bad choices when a death occurred. We honor them for the good things they did. If we just focused on the bad then none of us should have a flag raised on our behalf–not even soldiers. Romans 3:23 in the Bible says we have all sinned–we’ve all done bad things. I am reminded that the flag is not only for the ones who have fallen on the battlefield but also for those that shown brightly, that lifted America up.

      • JoanG

        Since when do we use our flag to honor celebrities???

      • Reason 8200

        Snapshot…..She has been doing drugs for 15 years, she was 48. What do you mean later part of life. You look at someones entire life not just the parts you like. Traditionally that is what history does. The Flag being lowered should only be given to those that are the best of us, not a drug addict.

    • Alfred H Dunn

      Not only is he an idiot, he is a loose cannon. His statement that it is HIS EXECUTIVE ORDER only means the hell with tradition and the rest of us. His action is an insult to all men and women who have served our country and especially to those families who have lost loved ones. I feel that I MUST say something.. I received the Bronze Star with “V” for valor during combat in Vietnam. I came home alive. Many of my comrades did not make it back and it is for them that this honor should be reserved.

    • Dennis

      anything for votes

  • NiteNurse

    If New Jersey wants to lower the flag for someone they loved then it’s their call. Do you want to draw up a law now to say when the flag should be lowered or not? Let the people of NJ do what they want. I’m sure Tennesse lowered the flag for Elvis when he died.

    • TXSwede

      Agree w NiteNurse

    • geoff

      Well then following your logic, they should lower their state flag, rather than the Stars and Stripes…right? Since it is a state issue and all.

    • kykop155

      one big difference about elvis and whitney nite nurse,he served his country in the army,she didn’;s not the people of nj,it’s one man who is doing this.

    • Jammer

      Have them lower the State flag…..If NJ wants to honor “crack-headed” dregs then let them dip their flag and let the rest of the nation see how stupid they are.

      • marlene klim

        This is true. It just denigrates the state of NJ. NJ probably has more crackheads per thousand population than most states. You’ve got Newark, the Oranges, Trenton, Camden, Atlantic City, Elizabeth, Paterson, Neptune., Asbury Park, and other pockets of poverty. Those populations more than likely are over half the state. That’s what being a liberal state leads to.

      • mike

        let’s just put aside the whole drug addict thing. So why should she be given the honor of a lowered flag? That’s right… making political points with her brain dead fans.

    • Dale Johnson
      “Previous to Flag Day, June 14, 1923 there were no federal or state regulations governing display of the United States Flag. It was on this date that the National Flag Code was adopted by the National Flag Conference which was attended by representatives of the Army and Navy which had evolved their own procedures, and some 66 other national groups. This purpose of providing guidance based on the Army and Navy procedures relating to display and associated questions about the U. S. Flag was adopted by all organizations in attendance.
      A few minor changes were made a year later during the Flag Day 1924 Conference, It was not until June 22, 1942 that Congress passed a joint resolution which was amended on December 22, 1942 to become Public Law 829; Chapter 806, 77th Congress, 2nd session. Exact rules for use and display of the flag (36 U.S.C. 173-178) as well as associated sections (36 U.S.C. 171) Conduct during Playing of the National Anthem, (36 U.S.C. 172) the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and Manner of Delivery were included.
      This code is the guide for all handling and display of the Stars and Stripes. It does not impose penalties for misuse of the United States Flag. That is left to the states and to the federal government for the District of Columbia. Each state has its own flag law.
      The pertinent section of the Flag Code says, “by order of the President, the flag shall be flown at half-staff upon the death of principal figures of the United States Government and the Governor of a State, territory, or possesion, as a mark of respect to their memory.
      GOOD-FAITH MISUNDERSTANDINGS: Although the code is actually pretty clear, confusion continues to occur. For example, U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno recently ordered the American Flag flown at half-staff on all U.S. Department of Justice buildings, in honor of several DEA agents who had died. While NFF understands this gesture, the Flag Code does not give Attorney General Reno the authority to issue that order. Closer to NFF’s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home, Mayor Tom Murphy ordered all flags flown at half-staff to honor the victims of a plane crash. Here again, a well-intentioned gesture, but one for which no authority exists.”

      Please note that in 1923, when the National Flag Code was created, representatives of the military were part of the process, but did not create a provision for the flag to be flown at half-staff for fallen military, or any other fallen government employees.
      It was these rules that were attempting “to head off a growing trivialization of this memorial salute, and to preserve the dignity and significance of flying the U.S. flag at half-staff” that we now have with the flag being flown at half-staff for pop-stars or band members.

    • tony

      totally agree

      • Donald

        If NJ wants to honor Whitney then lower the state flag…lowering the American flag shouold be reserved for those who put thier life on the line in the name of freedom

    • Chele

      Elvis at least served in the military!

      • Kevin Wixom

        Elvis was drafted like ALL males between between 18 and 29. Bring back the draft and stop this silly “I’m more of a patriot than you are” BS.

      • Rowdy Boots


      • pgd

        So what? According to the logic of most of the poster here–who really need to get a life–none of that should matter if he was also a drug addict!

    • RB

      I don’t beleive Gov Christy asked the people of NJ?

    • lbjusmc

      Get your facts straight – this is a decision made by one person- The Governor – and not the people of New Jersey.

    • FMF Doc

      There is a law: It’s known at Title 4 of the US Code. She does not meet the requirements of that honor, and as stated previously, the NJ state flag can be lowered, but not the National Ensign.

      -HM2, USN
      Color Guard

    • Casper

      No law is necessary. I reserve the right to comment on people’s crassness, however.

    • Marco

      The people of New Jersey didn’t decide this, Governor Christie did. I dodn’t believe the people of New Jersey would have made this decision.

    • John Chalus

      The people of NJ have nothing to do with this absurd idea. It is our governor who made the decision to honor a overpaid, drug addicted celeb. She took her own life. She is no hero. We New Jersey residents who care will lower our heads in shame over this.

    • jar3804

      do not agree at all….it should only be whitney’s city flag or wherever she grew up in new jersey or their state flag…i’m a veteran and this honor should only be reserved for vets and those who served our country…no American flag should be lowered for a celebrity….

      • USN vet

        I will vote for not eligable,also I didnt, see hewr on a USAO tour while we were laying ain arice paddy or fighttying in the middle east.. proabley running with hANIO jANE some where smoking a joint or shooting a line.

    • ramsey623

      No they did not I was around to remember if they did

    • AngryMarine

      Elvis was at least in the Army at one point.

      • De'Arion

        Do you remember how he dided?

    • Reason 8200

      The people of NJ didnt do anything, Gov. Christie did.

    • Let it Go

      I agree NiteNurse!!

      I understand honoring our service men and women. My dad and his two brothers fought in Vietnam, my sister was in the USAF and several other members of my family are/were in the service. We should hold them all in the highest honor. However, this is crazy to be throwing a fit because NJ has chosen to lower their flags.

      As far as her addiciton, don’t pass judgement on someone until you have been there. Addiction is a disease that stays with you for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, people that have never been touched by it have no idea and are ignorant (due to zero knowledge of the disease).

      • De'Arion

        I agree with you and NiteNurse.
        Please remember that Whitney Houston is someone’s daughter and mother and the harse name calling is unwarrented.

    • George, Dallas, TX

      No, actually, they did NOT.

    • darth

      You are a nut case, at least Elvis served our country.

    • Brad

      Per United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, subsection 175, para m the Governor

    • Brad

      Per United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, subsection 175, para m the Governor does not have the authority to order the flags flown at half staff.

    • MoodyBlue

      No, Tennessee did not lower the flag when Elvis died…even as loved as he was our society didn’t totally worship celebrities yet in 1977…I totally agree with this mom…and think Christie is an idiot for opening this can of worms…

      • David K.

        BlueJays: What about drug addicts in the military?

      • Raswall

        According to Christie ,he did it for Clarence ,,,,that was first bad call and now this.It should be reserved for military personnell.Heck next they ll start burying artist at Arlington ?

      • BlueJays


        You’re right. What Christie is doing is cheapening the whole meaning of lowering the flag. And Christie is not a conservative (no matter what Ann Coulter says; and I’m a big fan of hers). Houston was a drug addict, plain and simple. Our military are heroes, plain and simple.

      • Seahawks

        Read history,
        The flags were lower in two states for Elvis.
        President Nixon even ask fellow Americans to lower their flags in honor.
        He died of a drug overdose and was an addict.
        Yet, his contributions were honor with no disrespect to fallen soldiers.
        If no one complain back then about Elvis, why complain about Whitney.
        As for Elvis military career which was only two yrs. did he participate
        In any action. I sure his singing did keep the troops inspired

    • Special K

      Elvis was from Mississippi.

      • sifi

        Elvis Presley was born in Mississippi. He was thirteen when his family moved from Tupelo, Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee. So, I would say he was from Tennessee. Graceland makes that statement also.

      • Realist

        He was born in Mississipi, but he died in Memphis at Graceland.

      • Fat GOV

        and you do it with your sister

      • Dennis

        but Christie lowered the national flag, not the state flag

        it may have been more appropriate to lower the state flag

        but even so, she ended up NOT BEING A ROLE MODEL
        just like the last 20 years of her lie
        and that does not deserve any positive recognition

  • Proud parent of a soldier

    I agree this is a disgrace to lower the flag for an “entertainer.” She contributed to the music world and entertained us, but she didn’t contribute to this country as many do as first responders, or military. Also the example she presented in her show, really! you want to acknowledge that as an example of a good role model. If he wants to lower the state flag go ahead, but the flag of the United States, I disagree.

    • Nik Boldrini

      If a state flag is lowered for every famous entertainer that dies then just put it at half-mast and leave it there!

    • Rowdy Boots

      It is not just because she is an entertainer–I would not have a problem if they lowered the flag for BOBE HOPE who contributed many years to our troops in time, money and patriotism. He served in his own way.

      Whitney Houston, RIP, was part of the Lib Establishment, Hollywood–they hate the military and bad mouth it any chance they get.

      that is more to the point

      • Joynie

        ??? Never heard Whitney badmouth the military and she did perform for the troops. What an ignorant comment.

        I think your problem with Whitney is surface. You need prayer and a life.

      • Get Real

        @wootdude–you get a clue. Ever hear of Martha Raye? She entertained troops with the USO in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. She was made an honorary Marine. Special consideration was made to allow her to be buried in Arlington Cemetary because of all she did for our troops. She was buried at Ft Bragg, NC according to her wishes. The flag wasn’t lowered for her. Now, please tell me why Whitney deserves this honor more than Martha Raye or Bob Hope. How many times did Whitney travel to a war zone to entertain our troops?

      • wootdude

        Get a clue, Powty Pants.

      • jiggle

        Whether Whitney supported the troops or not, she was a drugged out celebrity who basically killed herself. She doesn’t deserve the honor.

        Oh, and for the guy who commented about “surface judgements” please don’t pull out your ragged ass race card again.

      • Leslie

        Agree or disagree about the flag protacol is one thing but to only use that Ms. Houston was a drug user should not be the issue as many people at all levels have used drugs. And so many have said what has she done for the military. Go to Wikipedia and see. She donated time, money from her share of proceeds for the Star Spangled Banner (2 times)which sold over a millin copies and she was supportive of the military. She also had foundations that served children. She was a wonderful person and singer that had problems that were known because of who she was. And people screaming about how her funeral and other events were done that isnt done for the military. She had people to araange for this. She had millions of fans. Have any of the bellyachers set up any set up and organized any kind of events for their loved ones that lost their lives?

  • theresa

    I served my country, Don’t believe anyone would lower a flag for me. What has she ever done for this country?

    • jar3804

      amen to that!!!! i also served for 7 years in the Navy and I won’t get the same honor as her….

  • kizzi

    According to the article, this person’s son was honored in their home state by lowering of the flag. Great! However, that doesn’t happen for ALL of our fallen dead. Some barely get a mention. My pain, grief, anger does not give me the right to choose how another community chooses to honor its own. Whitney’s talent and influence is worldwide. If the citizens of NJ want to lower their flat in her honor, only the offensive will be offended. I would love to see the flag lowerd for the armless, legless, mentally devastated members of all the wounded vets who have returned – many with no hope of ever having normal use of their limbs and mind.

    • Rowdy Boots

      Please spare me.

      “Whitney’s talant and influence is worldwide…”

      Ok, List the positive things she did to contribute to the security of our country, the health of our children or in the cause of Freedom.



      • Leslie

        My goodness! Just go to wikipedia and learn what she did for the military. She sang the Star Spangled Banner better than anyone and it was recorded and sold millin(s). Guess what? She donated her proceeds from the sales to military groups. Actually she did this two times, once for the Gulf soldiers and then for the fiermen and families of 9/11. She also had a foundation that helped children. All of this is very easily looked up but you have to do it. This way when you make statements you can have the back-up in writing. So, she did much for our military. I am sure much more than you and I and the other haters on here. She was a celebrity that had millions of fans. She is being “worshipped” as you say for the singer actress and other good things she did in life not for her drug use as so many think is the reason. I have actually not read a single post from anyone praising her drug use, not a single one. Have you?

    • MoodyBlue

      LOL! Her “influence?” Ok, clueless…

      • mike

        Tragically the entertainment industry has a great influence on many people in this country. And much of that influence leads to “under the influence”.

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  • Dan

    If Houston had been white not one black would have even offered a prayer for her. Some Kissa$$ polition was just trying to score votes.

    • marlene klim

      AGREED. In spades.

    • Mario Roman

      And your obviously a white that didn’t offer one prayer for this black woman. Dude your an idiot.

      • JOhnF

        And I’m a white man that doesn’t offer any prayers for drug addicts. Especially rich, soiled ones that have access to all kinds of treatments. Good riddance, and please take Lindsey Lohan soon so we don’t have to keep reading about her in the news.

        I agree that lowering flags to half staff for a drug addict is repulsive. Christie noted that it should take away from her accompishments. Character and moral values are far more important that just being in the right place at the right time. We should be honoring people that display true courage, moral character, and unselfish giving for others.

        Not some drug-addled singer who by the luck of genetics had a good voice.

      • George Kingfish Stevens

        Did she ever offer a prayer for ME? Dude, you’re an imbecile. But you right, boyh. I AM a “white”.

      • Brewster

        Before you call someone an “idiot” … learn to spell. It’s “You’re” as in “you are”. Idiot.

      • Fat GOV

        she is with the Dark Lord now

      • George, Dallas, TX

        No he’s not! You’re the idiot for defending this blatant slap in the face to all fallen military men and women.

  • Steve

    It is so wrong to lower the flag for her. The Govenor does not understand why the flag is lowered. Not only is he overweight but he is stupid. Just looking for the black vote. Whitney does not deserve that honor

    • Big Taters

      I see texas is still full of stupid people.

    • LuAnn

      Excellent point and you don’t know how right you are. Christie is likely on the “short list” for VP.

      • George Kingfish Stevens

        Word is he’s on the “short list” in the male endowment category, too.

  • Richard

    According to US Flag Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Section 175 (m):The flag, when flown at half-staff, should be first hoisted to the peak for an instant and then lowered to the half-staff position. The flag should be again raised to the peak before it is lowered for the day. On Memorial Day the flag should be displayed at half-staff until noon only, then raised to the top of the staff. By order of the President, the flag shall be flown at half-staff upon the death of principal figures of the United States Government and the Governor of a State, territory, or possession, as a mark of respect to their memory. In the event of the death of other officials or foreign dignitaries, the flag is to be displayed at half-staff according to Presidential instructions or orders, or in accordance with recognized customs or practices not inconsistent with law. In the event of the death of a present or former official of the government of any State, territory, or possession of the United States, the Governor of that State, territory, or possession may proclaim that the National flag shall be flown at half-staff. The flag shall be flown at half-staff thirty days from the death of the President or a former President; ten days from the day of death of the Vice President, the Chief Justice or a retired Chief Justice of the United States, or the Speaker of the House of Representatives; from the day of death until interment of an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, a Secretary of an executive or military department, a former Vice President, or the Governor of a State, territory, or possession; and on the day of death and the following day for a Member of Congress. As used in this subsection –
    (1) the term ‘half-staff’ means the position of the flag when it is one-half the distance between the top and bottom of the staff;
    (2) the term ‘executive or military department’ means any agency listed under sections 101 and 102 of title 5; and
    (3) the term ‘Member of Congress’ means a Senator, a Representative, a Delegate, or the Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico. The Gov of NJ is in violation of this code and insulting all who served to protect this country and what it REALLY stands for.

    • A. W. Broussard LTC US Army (Retired)

      This is what I always thought the protocol was, but over the last decade or so the flag has been flown at half staff so often that I thought that the code had been amended. Even as written I was always against a governor being the chief executive to order it’s lowering. It is a “National” color and it should only be ordered lowered by the President under specific guidelines and only for “heroes” of the United States, not a particular state or territory. A W Broussard LTC US Army (Retired)

    • j

      if you right wing nuts would like to use the above as a guideline, know that any returning soldier would not have the flag lowered in their honor (like this woman’s son). he wasn’t an official, either you see. aren’t there better things to argue about? you drudge folks are whack.

      • marlene klim

        Codeman is absolutely right. A parade for a bunch of football flunkies and not having one for heroic troops returning is positively disgustingly out of line. Shows how idiotic the ‘progressives’ commies have gotten.

      • codeman

        A living soldier coming home would not have a flag lowered. He is not dead doofus. I find it repulsive though, that NY can give a bunch of overpaid primadonnas (NJ Giants) a parade but not the troops returning from Iraq, now thats whack.

      • Marco

        I see that you are also on Drudge.

        You must be a whack job.

      • weeone

        don’t degrade idiots like that!

      • George, Dallas, TX

        Then get off the blogs!

    • Mike

      Do any of the related articles state wand the governor’s prerogative.


      that was a great idea to put this up, to let people know when this should be done,
      so they should not put that flag half staff. he can think of something else to honor her , when phillis died it hit alot of us, yes he was a marine and she has 3 sons in the military with 3 more sons who will more lilkley follow pursuit of fighting for oiur country that is falling apart,,,,,,,,,,,,but still have some freedom left…… they go fight for what the goverments and presidents are giving us the freedom we have left, i have his mother on my face book and its based on our high schools, so we have many people on them and it was felt , a moms pain of a lost solider who died for us to live for the freedom that is left for us, we all went thru this with her , it was hard and i give my hat off to this mother who shared everyday what was going on as they waited for her son to make it back and we all felt that pain and he also had a wife, they kept us all up to date of his coming home, pic of them bring it off the plane, the service, we felt that pain, now she has two more out there and another one to follow soon, these soldiers dont get the respect and news coverage of them passing and what the family is going thru,
      i like Whitney Houston, she was a great singer , but to lower a flag is wrong, and is in violation of doing so, they lowered the flag for phillip in az cuz this is where he was stationed, but his home was not in arizona. they dont give these service people enough news of what has happen nor what the family is going thru, this mom is amazing, 6 sons and a daughter, those sons are all falling into each others footprints , is any of this ever was mention, i havnt heard………… i felt this moms grieving of her son, i felt it cuz she shared it as the days went on, i know that was hard for her but she new she had her facebook family behind her, NOW THE GOVERMENT LOOK AT THE LAW THAT ITS IN VIOLATION TO PUT A FLAG HALF STAFF FOR THIS SINGER WHO DIED, ITS A VIOLATION, AS A GOVERMENT STAFF ARE YOU GOING TO FOLLOW THE LAW OR TURN AWAY AND LOWER IT FOR SOMEONE THAT DIED FROM PRESCRIPTION DRUGS THAT WE ARE FIGHTING IN THE SCHOOLS TO GET THESE KIDS OFF, CUZ THEY ARE PASSING AWAY TOO, THIS IS NOT A WAY TO HONOR SOMEONE WHO WAS ADDICTED TO PILLS, THIS DOES NOT SHOW ARE KIDS THE RIGHT THING, SHOW THEM THAT YOU HONOR THOSE MEN AND WOMEEN OUT THERE FIGHTING FOR OUR FREEDOM THAT WE HAVE LEFT AND THEY DIED FOR A REASON, BUT SHE DIDNT HAVE TO DIE, SHE WAS NOT AT THE FRONT LINE OR IN HARMS WAY, JUST A FOOLISH LADY WHO COULDNT GET AWAY FROM IT, NOW HONOR HER BY USING 20/20 OF HER BEIENG A ADDICT …….

    • NiteNurse

      I’m too ADD to read all this. I really don’t care if they lower another flag half mast ever again.

    • Rowdy Boots

      Thank you.

      This Governor, like most public officials, think they are more important then they really are.


      • Over There

        @ Rowdy, you talking about idiots like nitenurse??? Hate to have that ‘Nurse” care for you if they are too ADD to assimilate something so simplistic.

      • LuAnn

        You just now figuring that out?????

    • Leslie

      And this is the protacol for the state flag which was lowered for her or the American flag which was not?

  • Tami S

    All you self righteous people who want to slam a sister when she’s dead…need to pray!
    Who are you to say what the state of NJ can do? She was not just an addict, she was a person who contributed alot with her music and she did alot for the city in NJ so stop Hating and get a life….Only God Almighty has the right to judge Whitney Houston or any of us…..

    • Mark

      Well then god almightily can reach down from heaven and lower the flag. She made a lot of money as a singer. She was a drug addict who died in a tub.

    • MDWhite

      God Almighty judges…true. But that doesn’t preclude me from making choices between what’s right and what’s wrong. Honoring a drug-addicted entertainer is not the same as honoring one who’s sacrificed his/her life for their country. It’s wrong. Sorry if you can’t grasp that.

    • Constance Bell

      First of all, Ms Houston was not my “sister.” If she was, I’d be ashamed. Black, white, whatever… the only thing she could be possibly do that is beneficial to society is to serve as a bad example. NO WAY does she deserve to have this kind of memorial.

      • Joynie

        Wow. You must really know her well. I guess her foundation, donations throughout her life, and ability to keep her clothes on in a society that tells women you can only perform naked means nothing. Get off your high horse. You probably have your own addiction. Either food or an addiction to talking trash and being self righteous. I’d like to see your skeletons.

      • Big Taters

        Who is your sister? Who is your brother?

        Matt 25:40
        The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.

        Includes hate.

    • Marco

      While on this earth, we all have the right to judge.

      In addition to reasoning, that is what places us above the animals.

    • Kathy

      No one hates Whitney. I don’t know how I feel about lowering the flag for her. There should be respect for her funeral but I don’t know about the flag. She was beautiful and had talent that few people would even dream about. But, unfortunately she will always be remembered as a star that overdosed. Good Mother? I don’t know about that. I would not allow drugs around my daughter or allow drugs users in my home. Think about the people that supplied these drugs to Whitney about allowed these dealers around her home. Too bad.

      • Fat GOV

        I hates her

      • Rowdy Boots

        Lowering the flag is a politicians lowly act to garner favor with a particular part of the electorate at this point in time.

        It makes a mockery of a great singer and artist and her tragedy.

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    […] Missing 3 GuardsAll of a sudden the Dallas Mavericks are very depleted at the guard position.Mother Of Fallen Marine Offended By Half-Mast Flag For HoustonFlags will be lowered in New Jersey Saturday, the day of Whitney Houston’s funeral. But a […]

  • Earl

    I agree with Mom. Wonder how many New Jersey service members killed in the sandbox got the flag honor? The governor maybe sniffing for votes.

  • mike

    She’s correct. If you don’t believe me, look her in the eye and tell her she’s wrong.

  • Joe Bennett

    Why does everything have to be about me and my feelings and my grief?

    This mother has a right to her feelings about this, but not everything is about her and her feelings of loss. Respect for any individual: military or not, should be welcomed. I wish someone could explain just how this will demean the sacrifice of her son? How will this make the lowering of the flag in his honor less important?

    For those who choose not to lower the flag in New Jersey, they don’t have to.

    Give respect to the dead of all stripes.

    • Marco

      Because it is an honor reserved for those who sreve.

      That a drug addict that died naked in a hotel bathtub.

      It was her last publicity stunt, offing herself the night before the Grammys.

      OOOhhhhhh poor Whitney.

    • Fat GOV

      We should lower the flag for the terrorist that took down the world trade center next what about their sacrifice?

  • tgc

    I don’t live in New Jersey, I wasn’t a fan of Houston, and I’m not a big fan of Christie…so I really don’t care. Let the people of New Jersey deal with it. If they feel like she deserves the same honor as fallen soldiers, firemen, and cops…then so be it. Personally, I think there are a lot of people in politics that shouldn’t have the flag lowered for them either….but what can ya do.

  • Rowdy Boots

    This is the most pathetic disgusting act of hypocrisy in the history of New Jersey.

    While the gang bangers and drug dealers celebrate, a talented woman caught up in the sickness of their wares, has died.

    However, she does not deserve the honor of half mast flags–that honor is for real heroes…our soldiers.


  • Eileen Fitzpatrick

    Drug abuse, early death-now a daughter at risk. This is what we honor. We are glorifying an abusive lifestyle because she was famous. It is not good for our country, for our children. We have become a codependent nation.

  • Rowdy Boots

    By these LOW STANDARDS,



  • Burt

    Another 1%er getting special treatment.

  • Bill Worth

    Hey CBS News! Half-mast is on a ship. Half-staff is on land. Do some research for once.

  • JustAGuy

    The Gold Star Mother is exactly correct.

    The flag at half staff for Whitney Houston cheapens the honor. She was a REALLY good singer. But that is not service to our country.

    • Lori


  • Alan

    Just what did Whitney sacrifice?

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