By Ryan Crowe,

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The campus of TCU is still reeling after Wednesday morning’s arrest of multiple students for selling drugs both on and around campus.

Police continue to say the arrests were not tied to a tightly woven drug network, but the school is the connection for the alleged dealers.

A total of 15 TCU students were among the 18 that were taken into custody.

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Police spent months making drug buys, then waited to seize the suspects in the early morning hours Wednesday.

Fort Worth Police were quick to point out it the arrests were going after known drug dealers.

“We were targeting dealers, not targeting the average student, the individuals who were actively making money for doing this,” said Capt. Ken Dean.

Attorney Paul Previte, who represents suspect Cynthia Zambrano, said this case is getting more scrutiny because of where it happened. “I think it’s been blown up so much more because it’s a TCU issue,” he said.

And while the campus overall is being scrutinized more closely, having four members of the Horned Frog football team involved has put the athletic department under the microscope.

Reports that 5 members of the football team failed a February 1 drug test have emerged. The test was said to have been called after a prospective athlete turned down a scholarship offer over concerns about the team.

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The university addressed the report in a statement Thursday, saying “The athletic department conducts tests monthly or at the discretion of the athletic director. This is in addition to random tests conducted by the NCAA.

Thursday afternoon TCU Chancellor Victor Boschini responded to repeated requests by media outlets to release the results of any failed drug tests with a statement, saying in part “This has never been about who was using drugs or how many failed a drug test, therefore we will not release any results.”

The school was quick to point out the campus overall does not have a drug problem, stating on that less than one percent of the roughly 9,500 students were disciplined for drugs last year.

Board Trustee Allie Beth Allman says the school has handled the situation well. “It is unfortunate what happend,” she said. “I know that the TCU faithful will be stronger and more convinced to continue with success.”

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Student Heather Moorman agrees, adding the university was quick to respond. “I was really glad at how we handled the situation, really professionally and I think that’s how it should be done.”

On Thursday, the school said it will develop a task force to examine the situation and determine if changes to campus drug policy and procedures need to be made.

Fort Worth Police are still looking for one suspect in the case, and are issuing a new warrant for another suspect.

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