Fed Up With Menu, Students Stage Lunchroom Boycott

TIVOLI (AP) – Macaroni and cheese again? Students at a Texas junior high school staged a four-day boycott of cafeteria food last week to press for more menu choices and healthier alternatives.

About 30 students at Austwell-Tivoli Junior High School in Tivoli, Texas, near the Gulf Coast, shunned the cafeteria’s offerings and brought their lunches from home for four days last week, The Victoria Advocate reported over the weekend.

They demanded less menu repetition and more choice in what is served, including salads. President of the seventh-grade class Mckenzi Simmons said “boycott” was a vocabulary word in a recent Texas history class, and that students put what they’d learned into action.

“All we wanted was for our voice to be heard and a chance at change,” said Mckenzi, 12.

Superintendent Antonio Aguirre said his Austwell-Tivoli Independent School District offers free lunch to students and staff because a large portion of the district is deemed low-income by the state.

Aguirre defended the school’s menus, saying they are based on policy set by the Texas Department of Agriculture — which provide specific nutritional guidelines for foods like fruits and vegetables, portion sizes and fried foods.

But he also saluted the students for harnessing the “power of their own learning.”

“Kids will say, `When am I ever going to use this stuff?”‘ Aguirre said about some classrooms. “Maybe those girls are our leaders of tomorrow. Somebody has to jump up and do something different.”

On Wednesday, Mckenzi and the class vice president sent a letter to their principal, Stephen Maldonado, on behalf of their class, calling for less repetition in lunches and a choice of a salad. That same day, another letter she sent to the principal emphasized their stance.

“We have tried other solutions before,” the letter read. “However, seeing as there has been no change or consideration, we have come to this option. Once again, if we have hurt anyone’s feelings we are sincerely sorry, as it was unintentional.”

The students believe their demands have been heard and plan to now halt the boycott.

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One Comment

  1. Ralphie says:

    Big deal…I did this for four YEARS at my school.

    1. Been There says:

      Same here. We even left school to buy it at the nearby restaurant and gas station till we (students) were threatened with susupension. Then we just ate junk food in the lobby. Nothing’s changed in 25 years.

      1. Think for Yourselves says:

        Looks like that indoctrination thing is working out so well. Liberals thought that school kids would just roll over and do what big daddy government told them to do. There may be hope yet to get past this Obama clown.

      2. anita daeoph says:

        Kids will not eat the “heathy alternatives.” In VA we pay an ALOT in taxes for school food, and if you watch what the kids eat, the salad usually doesnt make it and ends up in the trash. Dont get me wrong, the food is pretty good, but not for kids. In restaurants managers take note of what is not being eatten and adjust accordingly; school should do the same.

      3. ALCinDC says:

        In response to think and anita – read the article. These kids are ASKING for healthy alternatives like salad. Apparently the evil liberal agenda of trying to make children aware of healthy eating habits has worked! Oh god, retreat to your apocalypse bunkers and load your guns – the end is near!!!!

      4. anita daeoph says:

        ALCinDC: Youre really out of touch with kids if you think they’ll eatt the health alt… This whole thing was prob inspired by a wacko lib like you, with the kid being the puppet

      5. Jay says:

        Anita, I have seen several first graders choose the salad option at lunch and eat it. Just because you didn’t eat healthy as a kid or your children don’t want to eat healthy doesn’t mean that other kids don’t want to eat healthy.

    2. Geno says:

      Most people don’t get it. School lunches are expensive. If you want more choices and fresher foods, someone has to PAY for it. Who does that? Either paying customers of taxpayers. So – if you want better, be prepared to PAY for it. Nothing is free.

      1. FrankM says:

        School lunches are NOT expensive Geno… Bulk purchased. The union labor however, is extraordinarily expensive.

      2. Just wondering.. says:

        How come the Staffs get freebie also?

      3. krp says:

        School lunches are not expensive. They are bought in cans and frozen. What IS expensive it perishable items like lettuce and fresh vegetables.

      4. M. Ant says:

        Wrong Frank M. Tray cost is $1.00 if their lucky. Add on labor and direct expenses (Electric, gas, etc), and the $2.72 reimbursement rate doesn’t cover it. Produce is expensive as hell and as gas prices increse so does the groceries.

      5. JR says:

        NOTHING is free? I beg to differ. Ask the 42% of the people in this country who pay no taxes. It is all free to them.

    3. JB says:

      If the students can bring a lunch from home why are lunches being supplied for free?

      1. gobnait says:

        Why indeed? Isn’t THAT the burning question?!

      2. V Young says:

        This school is Provision 2 which means there are high enough numbers of free and reduced kids that the school can do away with the application process and all kids eat free. The only reimbursement that comes in for meals, is for those that are taken…not based on attendance. The school has to supplement the loss of the money that would have been generated for the paid and reduced meals by selling a la carte and snack items. If a student does not take a tray, the food service department does not receive money. My school is Provision 2 and we serve healthy meals, lots of fruits and vegetables, and many of our entree’s are made from scratch, not processed. Just because it is a free meal, does not mean that we don’t do our best to ensure that their meal is nutritious, tasty, and visually appealing.

      3. henryjin says:

        @V Young, what happens when the low income students complain that they can’t afford the a la carte items and your school is forced to even provide those for free? Alternatively, what if people start protesting about how unhealthy your a la carte snack items are? Your only solution would be to take away a la carte choices as well as the snack items. Then what are you left with? That’s right, the boring lunch menu items that you’ll have to manage under an inadequate budget in order to ensure “equality” for everyone. This is the inherent danger of communism: no one gets ahead.

    4. JOSE says:


      1. krp says:

        Hey. The younger they learn that anyone or anything that is connected to the government is incompetent, the better.

      2. Hilda says:

        Jose who said anything about illegal aliens? Just kids that used what they learned in class trying to get healthier food. Isn’t that what the government is telling us? To eat healthy and make better eating habits?????

      3. Jay says:

        Mackenzi Simmons sure does sound like the name of an illegal alien. Did you even read the story?

    5. Stoney says:

      “If they are able to bring food from home, I guess they don’t need a free lunch program after all.”

      The food at home is also paid for by the taxpayer.

      1. Ellie Light says:

        yep free food the OBama voter way — all the while MOOCHIE goes on her 16th vacation in the last 2 years — on the taxpayers dime

    6. Fuzzy says:

      The second something is offered for “free” (free nowadays usually means someone else paid for it) is the same second you lose any argument about the quality or quantity of the received service/item. That should be lesson #1 to these girls. Lesson #2 should be the true definition of the word “free” instead of the one used so often in society. Live freely.

    7. David Dean O'Keefe says:

      Old cartoon:
      Principal: “Thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention, nwo get out of my office”

      1. David Dean O'Keefe says:


    8. pete says:

      If these kids could bring their own lunch for 4 days they can bring their own lunch EVERY day!

      Why are MY taxes paying for “free lunch” for them??

  2. Jeff says:

    I wonder if this student watched mash and yeld we want something els lol

    1. Jimbo Limbo says:

      I believe you mean to ask if the student watched the T.V. Show, M.A.S.H., and yelled, “We want something else.” lol?

      1. TEE says:

        I believe you meant M*A*S*H not M.A.S.H.

      2. LSMarto says:


    2. Not Jeff says:

      I believe you mean to ask if the student smoked hash., and yelled, “We want something else.”

    3. TJG says:

      I think he wrote, “they are yelling for mashed peas”.

      1. Mark Matis says:

        No, he meant “whirled peas”…

      2. Robbzilla says:

        All that I’m saying, is give Peas a chance!

    4. jpbrody says:

      I believe you meant to ask if the student watched TV, yelled “this is trash,we want something else.”

      1. ~~JustMe~~ says:

        That’s OK; Meeechelle to the rescue! No doubt she will fly down to make the changes! After her vacation of course 😉

      2. me says:

        Flying down on that broom of hers.

    5. Jerky Miester says:

      My sides are hurting from laughing so hard!

  3. Norbert g. ginsel says:

    I guess there were no brown bag police to confiscate their lunches. Typical Fed inefficiency.

    1. george says:

      Just give ’em time.

    2. dudette45 says:

      And while i eat my lettuce sandwich on two day old white bread (declared unsuitable by food police) hope Michelle and the girls are having a lovely time in Aspen WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  4. Stoney says:

    You’re getting the lunch free, and it’s not good enough for ‘ya.

    1. Echo2012 says:

      Remember, it’s not “free.” Taxpayers are getting hammered with the rising costs of feeding others’ kids. If the subsidized kiddos get hungry enough, they’ll eat it good old carbs & cheese.

      1. Andrew P. says:

        Exactly. And how exactly were they able to bring lunches from home if they are in a free-lunch program? I thought it was only for those who can’t afford to make a lunch at home. Anyone who brought their own food should be dropped from the program

      2. NoMoreLies says:

        All the news is practically made up after the coup and cover up. We have no president, freedom of press, or democracy. Welcome to tyranny compliments of the last election.

        The cover up is exposed here

      3. p3orion says:

        And a big “Howdy” to the tinfoil hat brigade. If you want the best laugh of your day, go read NoMoreLies’ blog.


      4. p3orion says:

        My job is to attack, discredit, and divert attention. I love wasting your tax dollars. HaHaHa dumbsuckers. I rule this site!

      5. krp says:

        The free lunch program is for those that “qualify”. Of course the cost of living in Texas is less than in New York, so the qualifications for free lunches in some parts of the country are people that would be solid middle class.

      6. M. Ant says:

        KRP. The program is based on Federal guidelines. A student in my district qualifies the same as a student in New York.

      7. Jim says:

        Every kid in my kid’s district gets “free” lunch (there is breakfast also but I don’t know what the deal is with that) including my own kids on the rare days that they don’t bring a lunch. Last year there was a sudden push to get everyone to apply for it, including those of us who had no interest. Next thing I knew it was all “free”. Kids that just wanted milk had to pay for it (as they should) but they could get the milk free if they took a free lunch. Many of them would then dump the lunch and take the milk. Nanny state gone wild

  5. ASOC2 says:

    Boycott Palooz is spam, this guy is all over the internet.

  6. Paulstrom says:

    “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality” ~ H. L. Mencken

    —————————— http://911essentials.com

    1. Vicky Bevis says:


  7. Erick says:

    Wow – a bunch of 12 year old government dependent liberals.

    1. Sam says:

      We want steak for free, we want to be like the rich kids even though our familes are on welfare! We want it all and work for nothing. Wait they work, they work on abusing the system and taking advantage of our taxes.

      1. Sam says:

        Hopefully they keep doing it and the school can stop feeding the spawn of welfare families. These kids are being raised to sit on their butts and request more.

      2. cole says:

        They’re 12, my friend. They are legally unable to acquire employment, and are the definition of dependent.

        Not every single event in life is a government bureaucrat wasting what little you actually pay in taxes or a welfare queen driving a Cadillac. Relax.

      3. Common Man says:

        Hi Cole, they are dependent upon their parents, who, in turn are dependent upon other tax payers, therefore they are future leaches. Eat your free lunch and stop your belly aching.

      4. John says:

        What “little taxes” I pay??? Pffffffft. Pull your head out your arse.

      5. WWJD=Sad says:

        Right on Cole! With lowest tax burden in history people still complain. I wonder if they use roads?

    2. NY9Solyndra says:

      It’s RACIST that they don’t get lobster, crab, filet mignon, etc.!

    3. krp says:

      NO. They are protesting the incompetence of the government employees. These are TEA Party kids more than liberals. They are not sitting around and accepting whatever gruel the government forces them to take.

      While the story says that most of the kids get free lunches that doesn’t mean that all of them do. Even the kids that pay cash for their lunches are demanding a better product.

      1. M. Ant says:

        Wrong. They feed ALL students free. The free % is high enough to cover all the students in the district.

      2. rose says:

        krp you are right on.i have eaten with mt child in our 5 star lunchroom paid for my meal NOT reduced and only drank my milk and eat the applesauce as the food was gross. way back when – we took a fried bologna and scrambled egg san bought mlik for 2cents enjoyed our meal more than those poor kids that bought their lunches .today nuttn has changed food still gross .

  8. julie says:

    Oh no……………you done did upset the “Obama Food Police’ !
    You will have to Serve 6 Months in their Brown Shirt Army !

    Report for Duty….June 7th 2012

  9. Howdy says:

    One thing’s for sure: Mckenzi Simmons is going to grow up to be a giant PITA.

  10. Reason 8200 says:

    “Students at a Texas junior high school staged a four-day boycott of cafeteria food last week to press for more menu choices and healthier alternatives”
    Yeah right, the above sentence is the media spin. I’m really sure, wink wink, that kids staged a boycott for “healthier food alternatives”. More likely they were tired of moochell 0bama’s dictating to all schools they eat nothing but rabbit food.

    1. george says:

      I wondered myself whether that was the real story here.

    2. Jay says:

      Have you ever thought that this is all there is to the story? Not everyone hates theobamas as much as you. What is wrong with promoting healthy eating? Being healthy means that these kids will not have as many health issues in the future and for all of you people who thinks they will all be welfare kids for the rest of their lives, that means they will be less of a tax burden for you in the future.

  11. Dana says:

    Feed them Soylent Green, I say.

    1. me says:

      In addition to the government cheese they already eat.

  12. RegularGuy says:

    Who knew? All these years I’ve been told that there is no such thing as a free lunch!

  13. The Sage Waitress says:

    Quit using the term “free” when referring to handouts for low-income folks. The proper term is “taxpayer funded”.

  14. Ren says:

    They are in 7th grade and only just learning what “boycott” means???

    And they are boycotting free food??? ….sounds like the school needs to have a class in economics.

    This is embarrassing. I am reminded of why our family has chosen homeschooling.

    1. george says:

      Yep. If these spoiled little brats get their way with this “boycott,” they’ll grow up to become the next wave of Occupy teat-suckers.

      1. krp says:

        Boy, you really cannot read the stitches on a fastball, can you? These kids are TEA Party kids. They are protesting the incompetence of government employees. I say more power to them. The younger they learn that incompetence is inherent in government the better.

    2. NY9Solyndra says:

      Hey! Stop being sexist!

      It’s now a “PERSONCOTT!”


    3. Been There says:

      Just 1 in a 100 reasons to choose Home-Schooling!

    4. krp says:

      In what grade is “boycott” taught, in your opinion? “Boycott” comes from the name Charles Boycott, in 1880. My first recollection of this term comes from 8th grade American History.

  15. Ren says:

    I should have said “free to them” food. It’s definitely not “free”.

  16. changomango says:

    I grew up in that part of Texas, feed them tacos and fajitas, it’s what they want!

    1. Been There says:

      Yo Quero Taco Bell

  17. Yama says:

    Yeah, right, we are to believe a bunch of 12 years olds organized a ‘boycott’. What is the name of the leftist teacher pulling their strings?

    1. george says:

      Must have been a leftist male teacher. If it had been a leftist lady teacher, she would have had the female kiddies calling it a “girlcott.”

      1. krp says:

        A leftist would have them “boycott” some private business. They are boycotting and protesting the government. These are conservative TEA Party kids.

  18. Sarah says:

    Maybe these girls? Is it an all-girl school? I’m confused. I also can’t tell from the mispelled name McKenzie if that’s a girl or a boy. If it’s a coeducational school, it’s odd they don’t want to say “children” could be leaders. Or need one gender not apply?

  19. LeChat says:

    We did that back in the 1960’s The school caved in three days. I still have fond memories of that event. Now if the public would only do that with the TSA….

  20. Gummint Skool Nomore says:

  21. jerelthomas says:

    Wow. Complaining about a free lunch! I bet they showed everybody by making their parents actually be responsible for their lunch for four days!

    1. BringingUptheFuture says:

      That was my thought exactly! The latest generation is so accustomed to entitlements that they are crying foul if the entitlements don’t measure up to their standards. I was wondering if anyone else picked up on that. My oldest only eats a few times a month at school and only when they’re serving the “good” stuff: chicken sandwiches, bacon cheeseburgers and popcorn chicken. I pay full price, even though we would qualify for reduced lunch. It’s the principle. My youngest hasn’t eaten cafeteria slop since Kindergarten. I’ve gone to eat lunch with him several times and I wouldn’t eat that garbage either. At least at his school I can still go pick up food from anywhere – including fast food – and eat with him.

    2. krp says:

      They are protesting government incompetence.

  22. NY9Solyndra says:


    See, they DID learn something from their liberal teachers!

  23. Ohms says:

    A 4 day boycott? The 5th day must have been pizza …

  24. Jim says:

    They should boycott and bring their own lunches everyday.

  25. Fed Up says:

    When a District is all free lunch that means they are eating on my dime. I was brought up with the addage that if your hungry you will eat it. Since when do they get a menu of choice on my dime or for that matter anyone’s. If they don’t like it they can pack and as stated they did for four days so obviously they can afford food so let them bring lunch from home. I am sick of free loaders demanding more.

  26. glenp says:

    so THEY CAN AFFORD to bring their own food!!!!! WE ARE PAYING WELFARE SOWS !!!

    1. krp says:

      Government programs, one size fits all, 30 years ago, my sisters and I PROBABLY qualified for free lunches, but my parents didn’t feel that we needed them. In the South, the cost of living is lower, so people that would be considered middle class in the South would still qualify for subsidized lunches.

  27. glenp says:

    don’t bring turkey sandwiches with fruit and apple juice —the OVOMIT FOOD NAZIS will steal it from you!!!!

  28. ronnnn says:

    OMFG they brought lunch from home .. OMFG what rebels . why is this a story ?

  29. common sense says:

    About 30 students paticipated??? Probably more like twelve. I bet they brought bags of chips and soda as their lunch for those days.

  30. glenp says:

    I PAID FOR THAT FOOD you ungrateful little SOBs. Tell your parents to get off the crack get a job and FEED YOUR WORTHLESS SELVES

    1. Jay says:

      Some of their parents probably work 2-3 jobs just to keep a roof over their heads. In case you haven’t noticed, Texas has created jobs, but most of those are minimum wage jobs. If you work for minimum wage and work 40 hours a week 52 weeks a year, you only make $15K a year. That is well under the poverty line for a family of 4. Don’t be so ignorant and think that none of these people have jobs. They probably work harder than you do for less money. Maybe if this state created better paying jobs then there would not be so many people in poverty in this state. About 25% of the children in Texas live under the poverty line. What do you think about hat great Texas economy now?

      1. Wow folks, simmer down says:

        Gosh, Jay, stop pointing out logical issues to the ‘free lunch’ problem. Everything is black and white, didn’t you know? There is no difficult grey area when we are discussing low-income people! They are just lazy!
        Honestly people? These kids don’t know who is paying for their lunch. They are young and learning about their rights and exploring there ability to change things around them. They are not democrats or republicans, they are SpongeBob fans. Goodness.

  31. Tom says:

    Easy solution, discontinue free lunches!

    1. Jay says:

      That would be illegal.

  32. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

    Well, I see that the leftist censor police are alive and well on this blog!

  33. John Moser says:

    Did the Food Police show up to inspect their sack lunches? I’m amused that the students want “healthier alternatives” which they then won’t eat.

  34. Steve says:

    Seems like they need the food police in Texas instead of North Carolina. Quick call michelle obama and have her get the food police there.

  35. Aggiemara says:

    Only 30 students? The headline made seem like the whole school walked out. This is a non-story. They will quickly learn that boycott’s don’t really work when the rest of population keeps buying the product.

    1. p3orion says:

      And the teacher who suggested the whole thing to them (probably the one who had “boycott” on the vocabulary list) probably is the one who called the TV station to make sure somebody noticed. I guarantee you the cafeteria workers didn’t notice (or care.)

      1. krp says:

        Of course not. They are gubmint employees. By defintion they are incompetent boobs that would improve the human race by removing themselves from the gene pool.

  36. Big Daddy Government says:

    “Let them eat cake, and Big Macs.”

  37. tiredofallthisgarbage says:

    Alright brats, it’s a free lunch for you that comes out of my paycheck. Enjoy it, love it…if you don’t like it, then bring your own. Nobody is forcing you to eat it.

  38. Cee says:

    I cannot believe that they are eating for free and are complaining. My children carried their own lunch because I could not afford to pay that much out of my budget and we made too much for free lunch.

  39. phillysmart says:

    Even the kids are rejecting the dictator socilist government…there may be hope for America yet

    1. krp says:

      Finally somebody who get it. These kids are like the kid in Tunisia that set himself on fire to protest bureaucratic corruption.

      These kids know the spirit of the TEA Party. Government = BAD Government Program = BAD Govermment employee = Incompetent boob

  40. snap says:

    not sure you have cause to complain when it’s a free lunch –

  41. sean patriot says:

    Why cant they bring their lunch every day and save us tax payers some money?

    1. krp says:

      Do you think that if some kid takes their lunch to school that you will get a bigger tax refund?

      Obviously you do not listen to Rush and do not understand the concept of baseline budgeting. Louie Gohmert gets it. Google him.

      Baseline budgeting means that every budget item goes up every year automatically, and if they don’t the Democrats will scream that the Republicans are trying to starve kids. It doesn’t matter if there is a need for the school lunch program. The budget item ALWAYS goes up. It wouldn’t matter if 100 million kids eat free lunches or none of them free lunches. The BUDGET ITEM ALWAYS GOES UP.

      1. M. Ant says:

        Wrong again. We cut our budget 10% for 2011-2012 while my grocery, milk and produce cost is stil on the rise. You really don’t much about school finance or “free lunch”.

  42. GC says:

    ‘Obama’s Children’ should be the title of this article. It seems to be about gimme, gimme. Big Govenment shouldn’t even be feeding these children, the parents should. Oops, did I say something controversial? There is nothing wrong with bringing lunch from home. I took lunch to school for 5 years. How pathetic of students to protest the fact that they are not getting a variety of grub. How sad and pathetic. I say to the students, Shut up and study.

    1. krp says:

      These are TEA Party children. They have learned at a young age that government employees are inherently incompetent.

  43. SurgioPrevente says:

    Austwell-Tivoli Independent School District offers free lunch to students and staff

    This is the “free lunch” I was taught as a boy didn’t exist. These children are complaining about food which is free to them. Shut the program down. The gubmint can subsidize the children at home. Obviously they can bring their own lunches. Free lunch for the staff too?

  44. Robert says:

    “Kids will say, `When am I ever going to use this stuff?”‘ Aguirre said about some classrooms. “Maybe those girls are our leaders of tomorrow. Somebody has to jump up and do something different.”

    Yeah do something different. Like bring your own food you worthless little sponges.

  45. Garfield says:

    Maybe things changed from when I was in Middle School, but I actually did have to pay for School lunch in my Middle School.

    People here have no evidence that these kids are getting the food without having to use money their parents have given them.

    I think the healthy argument (assuming the kids actually said that) would have to do with the fact the school food tastes awful.

    The pizza in school lunches tasted like cardboard with cheese on top.

    The mac & cheese often tasted awful too. Furthermore eating the same thing, day after day for weeks on end, actually makes people start to feel sick.

    So quite frankly, I think that people shouldn’t jump to conclusions one way or the other.

    Everyone is assuming the kids are getting these lunches for “free,” anyone bother to consider that the kids may actually be having to pay money for said food?!?!?!

    I’m guessing many of the kids are also taking to bringing lunches from home so they aren’t trying to pull a hunger strike.

    1. Kris says:

      Garfield…did you read the article??? No one is “assuming” anything. The article quotes the superintendent of the school as saying the entire school receives the free lunch program. Yes, that is “students and staff”.

      “Superintendent Antonio Aguirre said his Austwell-Tivoli Independent School District offers free lunch to students and staff because a large portion of the district is deemed low-income by the state.”

      Next time read the whole article & know what you are talking about before you accuse a whole group of posters.

      1. WWJD=Sad says:

        “The school offers free lunch to students and staff” It says nothing about “every” student or “all the students in the boycott”. I for one applaud these young people and they give me hope for America compared to the sad sacks on this comment board.

    2. M. Ant says:

      The whole student population eats for “free”. They can buy ala carte if it’s available.

  46. wharthog says:

    You know how you really get the schools attention. Start getting other kids to boycott the cafeteria by making lunches for them and tell them they will not go hungry if they skip the lunch line and take one of your lunches instead of the cafeteria.

    It worked for us when they tried to split our lunch period into A and B. The school relented after no one ate in if for 3 days straight. Now we get to hangout with all our friends in one single 40 minute lunch period.

  47. Tyrone says:

    Great……parents should be supporting their own kids anyway…..make a lunch at home and bring it in a sack. We pay property taxes to educate our kids, cut the fluff and let the parents feed and cloth their own kids.

    My kids had no problem with bag lunches….and we still found the time and money to support them here in the land of the morons (California), despite ridiculous taxes aimed at us also supporting the kids of deadbeats and ILLEGALS.

  48. Edward says:

    Just think how Barry feels? He has to listen to Michelle nag him every meal.

    1. me says:

      That’s why he hits the golf course so often. And why he sends Mooch out of town on an expensive vacation as often as he does. The guy IS good at self preservation.

  49. CVA says:

    “…School District offers free lunch to students and staff because a large portion of the district is deemed low-income by the state.”

    So all I want to know is if the taxpayers got their money back for items not consumed by the previous freeloaders? If the students were able to bring their own lunches without crashing the family budget, maybe the school does not need to be giving free lunches way…

  50. DAVE IN HOUSTON says:

    Oh my gosh! Where were Moochelle’s food Gestapo agents? Those treasonous students should have had their homemade lunches confiscated and make to listen to a lecture as to why the nazis in the fed know much better than parents on the best way to feed your kids.

    Thank God (yes GOD) that in Texas we haven’t got federal nannies riding herd on kids.

    1. george says:

      I’d also make the kids sit down and watch Al Gore’s movie three times through.

  51. me says:

    The kids are either getting the “food” for “free” or reduced-cost or full cost, but NO child, no matter how wealthy, pays the WHOLE cost for his/her food. The standard lunch at all public schools is subsidized. Even the wealthy kid who buys a standard lunch is subsidized, which is one of the ways costs spiral out of control.

    It does taste awful and is not a good for you as what you could bring from home – and let that be a lesson to them – the government can’t (and won’t ever) provide for you the way you (or your family) can. They provide for those who pay them the most- in votes and campaign contributions – Agribusiness gets paid to produce some things and to not produce others. Much of what you see on your plate comes from those subsidized farms.

    We MUST have lots of government busybodies employed with high salaries and great benefits to MANAGE everything at the federal and state level. You’ll eat what’s put in front of you because all the subsidized groups employed to serve you that swill need jobs/subsidies.

    1. M. Ant says:

      Subsidized $0.27 for a paid student. I would put my school lunches up with many food establishments in town. The problem is parents want the meals for $1.00, it’s just not possible. A “lunchable” cost more than that and the nutrition quality is terrible.

  52. me says:

    I can imagine the shrieks of indignation if ALL kids just quit buying cafeteria food and brought theirs from home. The herd of govt. sponges which administer this program would have a brain hemorrhage. The feedlot would be in danger and the gov’t cattle would stampede in panic. LOL

  53. george says:

    Frankly, I always found food fights to be more fun than boycotts. At least the food served a purpose.

  54. george says:

    I always found food fights to be more fun than boycotts. At least the food served a purpose.

  55. Kris says:

    Let me get this straight…..they are complaining about the 100% free (to them) food that other people are paying for……but they had no problem obtaining food from home for the days of their little boycott. Why can’t their parents just feed them lunch every day like they did for those 4 days.
    And before anyone accuses me of being insensitive, I raised 4 kids in a low income situation & managed just fine to feed them 3 meals a day 7 days a week.

    1. krp says:

      They are complaining about the incompetence of the government employees that make the menu decisions.

  56. george says:

    These kids were actually demanding salads? Either the reporting here is highly distorted, or else the kids are the same ones who gobble up their veggies like maniacs in those stupid Hidden Valley Ranch TV ads.

    1. Avery says:

      I agree. Those Stepford kids in the Hidden Valley commercial freak me out.

  57. jessicabowen1976 says:

    Next hing you know, these kids will be demanding live entertainment during lunch time.

  58. Kris says:

    BTW…we qualified for the free lunch program for years while raising my children, but didn’t accept one single free lunch….ever. I even had a relative tell me how I needed to sign my kids up, but my husband & I decided it was completely ridiculous to expect others to feed our children.
    Once, when we were in a crisis we accepted some help for a short while, but we didn’t live that way. We worked & paid our bills & bought our own groceries & I packed my kids a lunch 4 school days a week & allowed them to BUY (with money I gave them) a hot lunch one day a week. I threw away the constant stream of paperwork coming home telling me how to get “free” lunch for my kids.

    1. CJ Fox says:

      Good for you Kris. I wish more people felt like you and your husband.

      I don’t understand why more people don’t realize that if they are not part of the solution, then they are part of the problem.

    2. Jorn says:

      Maybe you shouldn’t have had kids you can’t afford? Great job making them suffer because of your inability to feed them. But good for you for being “better” than all those horrible, awful parents who had the humility to accept help!

      1. me says:

        I think she said she fed them just fine and likely fed them better than the swill they get in the public school barfeteria.

        And we could use less “humility” in this country and a little more hard work, like Kris. Far from being made to suffer, they learned that you don’t just “put your hand out” for the gov’t to fill with someone else’s money unless the situation’s dire, and then you don’t camp out on the gov’t dole.

        Bet her kids didn’t grow up with the sense of entitlement which drives those in our current administration.

      2. Boo says:

        What a freak’n moron… it seems your comprehension level is that of a liberal!

    3. Been There says:

      The best thing is, you’re not as likely to go hungry when the gov. goes broke!

  59. Black Sabbath says:

    There is more to this story. I have never EVER seen a group of kids boycott food for… salads.
    Who is really behind these little subsidized revolutionaries?

    1. Jorn says:

      Haha no kidding! Maybe they could BUY their own lunch instead of taking the government handout lunch. Kids at their age can earn money.

      1. krp says:

        Read the articles. All the kids at that school are given free lunches. The government is paying the money anyway, whether they eat it or not.

        Child labor laws prevent 12 years olds from earning money.

      2. M. Ant says:

        KRP. Wrong again. They only get reimbursed if they “purchase” a meal.

    2. Avery says:

      Sounds like they want MO to come down to visit them.

      Actually, I am positive that is what this is all about.
      And the teacher is in on it. If 30 kids boycotted then that sounds like the entire class of students who learned ‘boycott’ in vocabulary. So this teacher is probably using this to demonstrate how powerful a boycott can be.

      I will bet you that is exactly what is going on. Hence, the call to the media to drum up attention and get noticed.

    3. Captain Incredulous says:

      I would have a tendency to agree with you, but my daughter and her friends wouldn’t eat a salad to save their lives until 8th grade. I couldn’t figure it out, but some switch must have went off in their heads….now I can’t seem to buy enough lettuce and tomatoes.

  60. Daniel says:

    How in the world is this even considered news?!?!?! 30 kids boycott the cafeteria, out of how many hundreds if not thousands of other kids? The only reason this is getting any play is because they said they want “healthier” choices. This is a sham story and should not have gone past the school newspaper.

  61. txguy71 says:

    Er… I must be out of touch. Bringing your own lunch to school is now considered an act of civil disobedience?? Anyone else bothered by this?

    1. Archie Bunker says:

      Welcome to world of Liberalism. School lunches have be lousy for decades so we either brought our lunch or ate their slop. Why do people think the food is lousy? Government.

    2. krp says:

      Read the article. All of the students at this school are given free lunches, regardless. It wouldn’t save the taxpayers any money if they did bring their lunch.

  62. Jorn says:

    “All we wanted was for our voice to be heard and a chance at change,” Wow and some kids just wanna grow up and cure cancer. Wonder what this petulant little disgrace will become.

  63. John says:

    Every one of these brats has a gaming console, cable tv and most have a cell phone. We’re not subsidizing their lunch, we’re subsidizing their fun time.

  64. Ron Pavellas says:

    Bag Lunches, when I was in school.

  65. Bob says:

    So…perhaps the kids should pick this up and use it in NC where the food police is more of a NAZI patrol…

  66. rawheadrex says:

    These children should take care. The government that is big enough to choose what enters your alimentary tract is big enough to force how it shall be delivered.
    The Obenema is coming! Let children learn what they will soon endure when they become taxpayers; bend forward, firmly clasp your ankles and prepare for the ultimate Obamination! All hail the Ruler. Resistance is futile.

  67. Mrs.Opinion says:

    Actually, nothing in this article says the kids who boycotted were on reduced/free lunches. However, because they have a high percentage in the district who are, the food is probably total cr@p and those who can afford to pay full price won’t eat it. I’ve been in schools that use vendors, like Sysco & Aramark, to “meet” federal nutritional requirements and it’s thoroughly disgusting. The sheer amount of sugar, fat & salt they manage to pack into each meal is enough to take a few years off of your life. The school “meets federal guidelines” and the kids get the shaft. Go back to paying someone to cook real food. Bet the proceeds from kids who enjoy eating lunch far outweigh the cost of a salary. May not meet the federal dollars but there sure will be fewer strings attached.

    1. Kelly says:

      A school near my parents used Amish to cook meals. As you can imagine, they had some awesome home cooked meals. At least they did u til the fed came in and shut them down. Now there doing what most other schools do, use frozen heat and serve government approved meals.

      1. me says:

        But, but, but, the government knows best They have a food pyramid and everything.

        The Amish could’t be used to cook meals because they’re not susceptible to bribery and they don’t make huge campaign contributions. They’re also *shudder* Christians.

      2. Been There says:

        The USDA is the problem. This article is probably planted by them to ‘encourage’ more salads that their overlords (Corporate Farmers) want to sell at a mark-up. More profit in produce! Absolutely no profit for them when the Amish cook it. The people get the government they deserve!

      3. me says:

        We’re talking about the same thing Been There. Who makes the big campaign contributions, Amish or BigAgCompany? Crony capitalism goes hand in hand with big brother.

        And given the line about the kids demanding more healthy food, INCLUDING SALADS, I wouldn’t be surprised if the USDA had a hand in writing this article.

        Really, you MUST read “Liberal Fascism”. It’s the best.

    2. M. Ant says:

      All students are on “free” lunch in the district. The district is only paid if the student participates.

  68. dantes says:

    Why should the staff, who are paid, get free food?????

  69. Steve M. says:

    Listen to these whiners. They get a free lunch and they want more choices? Get off your butts and earn some money; pull weeds, mow lawns, do odd jobs, or whatever and but the food and pack your own lunches. No one is twisting your arms to eat what is served. You want a steak instead of a burger? Work for it.

    Nothing new here, just whiners who think they are owed something. Tell the moochers that the cafeteria is shut down for the rest of the semester and “Mama” can make their lunches. Better yet, they can make their own, just like we did, when we were younger. heck, we didn’t even have microwaves.

    1. krp says:

      What is your point? It isn’t going to lower taxes if they did. The article said that ALL students get free lunches, because of the income of the district as a whole.

      What they are doing is protesting the incompetence of the government bureaucrats that are in charge at the cafeteria.

  70. EdJohns says:

    Fake News … Transparently Pathetic

  71. proudnot2bliberal says:

    “Superintendent Antonio Aguirre said his Austwell-Tivoli Independent School District offers free lunch to students and staff because a large portion of the district is deemed low-income by the state.” 1st of all WHY is staff getting “free” lunch?????? Avg Texas teacher salary is $39K+ WHY ARE they getting “free lunches????
    This pretty much sums up why these “poor” districts NEVER
    Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.

    Give a man a welfare check, a forty ounce malt liquor, a crack pipe, a pair of Nike Air Jordan’s,
    ………and he votes Democrat for a lifetime.

  72. Peru says:

    Wow – bringing a lunch from home for four days – What a revolutionary idea!!!

    1. laslavic says:

      you mean like feeding yourself instead of demanding your neighbor not only feed you but do a better job of it and NOW.

  73. Tim Lucas says:

    I don’t know what neighbor hood isn’t poverty related unless it’s the 90210 zip codes and above. Minimum home price 1.5 million. The kids get mac and cheese at home. If the government can shell out 537 million to green projects they know will fail they surely can do better than mac and cheese 5 days a week. Charity and or responsibility begins at home.

  74. Andrew Dumovich says:

    I bet these parents have cable and cell phones but not enough money to purchase lunch for their kids. This article really ticks me off. These are not leaders of the future, these are leeches of the future.

  75. Stand UP says:

    Thats awesome. Good for the kids. Now if Americans would learn from these kids I would be happy

  76. Catherine says:

    I’m still trying to find where the article said the lunches were free.

    1. Catherine says:

      Disregard. I found it.

  77. MikeHenrySC says:

    How’s about the little kiddies pack their own lunch every day rather than demand someone else fix the problem.

  78. rbblum says:

    Rather absurd to consider FREE food for school children as being normal or a basic right . . . . as opposed to considering the feeding of ones own children as one of the basic responsibilities of being a parent.

    OTHERWISE, the parents should use their food stamps for school lunches.

  79. Sea_chef says:

    The income level for qualifying for Free, or Reduced, lunch gets higher every year in order to get as many students in the program as possible. I am sure the same method is used for welfare, foodstamps, WIC, etc. Because the district is able to offer free meals for all students, they receive plenty of commodity, or donated, (read Government) foods, such as orange juice, cheese, turkey, beef, canned fruits and vegetables, etc. There can be a great variety of meals made from these products, so the kids carping about the menu could be valid, I believe.
    And I am certain a good number of the parents do indeed have jobs. Bringing lunch from home for a few days I am sure didn’t cost *that* much. Besides, everyone seems to be missing the point; NOBODY can get work (or a better paying job) as long as the government is in charge.

  80. julie says:

    I have a hard time believing the students demanded healthier choices. Have you everrr seen a kid demand healthier food? On second thought maybe the indroctrination of school kids is having the desired Obama effect.

    1. me says:

      No, but I HAVE seen kids blow it out their &ss so that tools like the one that wrote this article will give them what they want.

    2. laslavic says:

      we’ve all experienced these kinds of student’s in school….they work for the ACLU or become a democrat politician. bummer

  81. info bamn says:

    Really? Just what the world needs, another Palin in
    the making.

  82. me says:

    No, these kids were whinging about food they got for free. What do you want to be that every last one of their parents are Democrats. LOL

    1. proudnot2bliberal says:

      This pretty much sums up why these “poor” districts NEVER
      Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.

      Give a man a welfare check, a forty ounce malt liquor, a crack pipe, a pair of Nike Air Jordan’s,
      ………and he votes Democrat for a lifetime.

    2. krp says:

      WRONG. These are TEA Party kids protesting the incompetence of the government employees that do such a poor job of planning the meals.

  83. gx says:

    Just throwing this out there, but which of the school officials put them up to this?

    1. me says:

      I’d like to know that too. NO kid boycotts government cheese in order to get…..SALAD. That’s the big clue which indicates this is some serious astroturf.

  84. Brandon says:

    They’re getting the lunch for free. What do they expect? When they can pay they’ll get a choice.

  85. nornal says:

    “They demanded less menu repetition and more choice in what is served, including salads.”

    Really, salads?

    There should be a follow-up story of the outcome when they got what they demanded. Most likely it would include how much food (salads) is wasted since very few students chooses salad. If these student leaders are really good, they should now do a survey of whether their fellow classmates/schoolmates include salads in their brown bags. 🙂

    1. me says:

      When I read that line about the salads, my BS meter pegged.

  86. pjs8237 says:

    How about this:
    “Superintendent Antonio Aguirre said his Austwell-Tivoli Independent School District offers free lunch to students and staff because a large portion of the district is deemed low-income by the state.”

    Staff? Staff at a school at low-income? You are paying for teachers, support staff, administration, etc. to receive free lunches? What a joke. What is a large portion? Does 10% low income mean everyone qualifies? The exact opposite of what the lunch program was to do. Sad.

  87. JustAGuy says:

    If they keep this up, they’re gonna get lunches planned by Michelle Obama, and they’ll wish they had the mac ‘n cheeze.

    that’s what happened in L.A. Unified School District. The students revolted at Michelle’s cruzine!

    1. me says:

      Yeah, I heard that most lunches are now dumped in the trash. A very high percentage. And some enterprising youngsters are making some good money selling bootleg junk food.

      This also tells me something about subsidized lunches. Hungry kids don’t dump food in the trash. These kids could be bringing their lunches from home. They don’t need our tax dollars.

  88. jlynn492 says:

    Federal guidelines can consider a potato or french fries a vegetable also the top and bottom of a bun can be considered 2 servings of bread. School lunches are not about nutrition but rather money. Most of the food is as healthy as eating at a fast food place.

    1. M. Ant says:

      Good try. Starting 7-1-2012 a potato can only be served once a week. Baked, mashed, steamed, etc. No fryers have been used in Texas since 2006.

  89. Woodsman says:

    Sure, concede to their demands. Help the little darlings build their precious self-esteem. Add a salad, and more variety in the menu, then watch how much of it ends up in the cafeteria dumpster. No matter to the kids though, since the little activists aren’t paying for it.

  90. Feed Up with the parasites says:

    Didn’t see anyone point out that if these “poor” kids get a free lunch at school, they are also getting food stamps at home. So they can afford to bring their lunches as we are paying for them twice. If you remember years ago the liberals where crying that the “poor” kids where being teased because they were too poor to buy their lunches. So they made them reduced. Then they were being teased because they had a reduced lunch card (I never was), so they made them free.

  91. Dat_Truth_Hurts says:

    If they don’t like the ‘free’ government lunches wait util they discover the ‘free’ government healthcare when they grow up.

    Even the British are finally going to privatize some of their vaunted NHS. Heh.

  92. Real Rick says:

    Kids are too spoiled. Back in the day, we would have loved to eat something prepared for us. We were lucky to have a sandwich with something on it. Usually we had to pick an apple (in season) on the way to school. Maybe we should go back to that. We didn’t have ANY fat kids!

  93. jrobinson says:

    Am I really supposed to believe that high school are boycotting school food so they can eat more salads? Seriously? How much does anyone want to bet that somewhere behind all of this, there is a liberal group and small click of do-gooder student wannabees? And once they make the change, and get more “healthy food” – that none of them will eat it?

    1. Rico says:

      Actually, it’s middle schoolers, but I agree with you on the likely instigators. According to the article, the principal and superintendent seemed to be supportive of the students, so either they are a couple of old protestors themself who can’t stand to be seen on the side of The Establishment, or they helped instigate the whole thing – most likely during mandatory Social Justice class.

    2. Dog says:

      Yes, some high school kids are concerned about their diet, many have seen up close the effects of obesity, diabetes and cancer.

      Salad is the best way to prevent colon cancer, anemia, and build strong bones

  94. RLA says:

    Gotta love first world problems.

  95. Thomas Jeffery Egleston says:

    When I was going to school I was too busy hanging out with the cool kids, smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee and shooting pool at the pool hall to bother eating lunch with the nerds in the cafeteria. I hated every aspect about school from rewritten History called Social Studies to being herded around like sheep. Get rid of the Board of Education and let the states run the schools. Education has gone downhill ever since it was implicated. Better yet if you can afford it home school.your kids.The modern day schools has become like prisons and are run by eugenicist socialist psychopaths that give kids birth control and take them to Planned Parenthood for abortions without their parents knowledge. Ron Paul for the return of sanity.

  96. buckeyejim says:

    Oh boy Mooochelle is over in Aspen if she hears of this ,she will be flying into your town on Air Force One or on her broom stick……….she is not going to let you get away with the disrepect of her meal planning for all the world.. Miss Thing will teach you a lesson about eating when she shows up in your town……………….good luck.

  97. Rico says:

    Way to go kids! Way to stand up for your God-given right to demand free lunches to be provided to you from a menu of your choosing. Even though the entire student body apparently has the ability to provide their own lunches. Their sense of entitlement is not surprising however. Check out the adults in this pathetic story. Even the paid adult staff is on the freebie train. And the principal and superintendent are cheerleading the students on, making it clear that even they want to stick it to The Man – The Man of course being the hardworking taxpayers who are forced to pay for the entire snot nosed lot of them.

  98. Miss. Understanding says:

    “Superintendent Antonio Aguirre said his Austwell-Tivoli Independent School District offers free lunch to students AND STAFF because a large portion of the district is deemed low-income by the state.”

    So now the teachers are getting free food from the government? I thought, unlike the students, they were working and earning a paycheck. Why can’t they buy their own food?

    1. M. Ant says:

      It is part of the benefit package. The teachers are raising “your” kids and they do a lot more than just teach.

      1. Miss. Understanding says:

        I have no problem with “benefits.” I have a problem with assuming the teachers are poor and in need of extra food per the article. Just because you teach in a poor area does not mean you need the same befits as the kids. At my kid’s school the teachers have few benefits so the parents organize and bring in food, gift cards, etc. for the teachers. It is a much better system if it comes directly from the parents who wish to show their gratitude to effective and loving teachers.

  99. Lynn M says:

    You have got to be kidding me!! I have been working in a school cafeteria for several years now….Even though we do have a few items that are made every week, we do offer other healthy choices as well….Believe it or not but the vast majority of students spend their lunch times socializing and goofing off rather then eating…….Cafeteria workers only have a short time to prep and serve meals and clean up so hence forth they serve what’s quick and easy……

  100. skyhook says:

    I’m sure the kids are “blacklisted” now

  101. Liberal Traitors says:

    All liberals are traitors

    1. Ted says:

      BOTH parties are traitors. They BOTH voted for the NDAA Indefinite Detention Act for Americans — they can point at you, call you a “terrorist”, arrest you, torture you, “disappear” you, rendition you WITH NO LEGAL RECOURSE, NO ACCESS TO AN ATTORNEY as of Dec 31, 2011 when Obama signed it. The Constitution and Bill of Rights has been rendered null and void by BOTH parties.

      tdarkcabal.blogspot (DOT) com/2012/02/february-20-2012-white-hats-report-36.html#comment-form (no w’s)

  102. Ted says:

    Why not have Michelle (on her 16th flamboyant vacation) come and straighten the situation out with her HEALTHY, MONSANTO-LOVING husband’s FDA-APPROVED frankenfoods. Here the witch is telling Americans what to eat to be HEALTHY, while she and Obama promote Monsanto, send the FDA with GUNS out to destroy organic farms and raw milk dairies. WHY HASN’T ANYBODY CALLED HER OUT ON THIS?

    1. me says:

      Cuz she’s a Democrat and everything they do is “for the people”. By definition.

  103. Jenny says:

    As long as you are willing to take the free stuff we taxpayers are footing the bill for DON’T COMPLAIN!!! Beggars can’t be choosers!!!

  104. rufus levin says:

    OBAMA said everybody has to suffer together until the rich are al broke too.
    so kids, like the Bammers said, “Shut up and Eat your Peas!”

  105. rufus levin says:

    Sheriff Arpigo would have them eat bologna sandwwiches, or starve!

  106. Maggie says:

    You guyz are all missing the point. Regardless of who is paying for there meals – they are just asking for the greens, veggies, the healthy stuff. That is good. They don’t want any more toxic carbs that kill! Fruits veggies and protien. No more carbs that kill and dumb them down. This is good– inspite of the fact that they don’t have parents who can afford them food.

  107. Tkelly says:

    It’s free kids, Shut the F Up. No one owes you what you want for free.

  108. Dave says:

    No where in the article did it say ALL the kids were on the free / reduced lunch program, so don’t jump to conclusions about these kids being ungrateful for free food. I have Middle School kids, and, unfortunately, the lunches are horrible. My kids pack their own every day. Stupid FDA rules, based on bad dietary science, seta very low standard. Pizza sause a vegetable? Tater tots a vegetable? “Chicken Nuggets” a meat? Seriously? The real problem is not the kids, or even the “liberal” desire tp try and set a level playing field for thse kids and give them all an opportunity to learn with a full belly. The problem is the beauracrats and elected officials and the power the big food lobbyists have over them. For example, to get ketchup labelled a vegetable. I see no real reason cafeterias can’t source fresh food, local if possible, and provide real meals. Similar food costs, but more labor costs, to provide a superior product.

    1. krp says:

      Right. Since all the kids get free lunches, there are no PAYING students that hurt the cafeteria by NOT paying that could get the gubmint employees of the cafeteria to offer other choices.

      Tomatoes are fruit, so you are right, pizza sauce should be a FRUIT not a vegetable. But yes, tater tots are a vegetable, they come from potatoes, a tuber. Yes Chicken nuggets are a meat. Would you call them a vegetable? Mechanically separated meat maybe, but it is still meat.

  109. Philabias says:

    sounds to me like they solved there own problem. just pack and carry your own lunch.but i truth this as a hit by a teacher who is teaching liberalizm.

  110. Swiss says:

    The Entitlement Generation. Ingrate punks, no doubt cheered on by leftwing agitators masquerading as educators.

  111. William says:

    I went to military school for four years and the menu was the same week after week, except for breakfast when scrambled eggs and cream chipped beef were the main choices along with cereal. Only on holidays did we get anything close to special. You know what? You just deal with it and appreciate those meals at home all the more.

  112. Bill says:

    How stupid, boycotting free food. If they want different menus, then they should have to pay for their lunches.

    1. TexMex In San Marcos says:

      It’ NOT FREE!

  113. bt1 says:

    Send in the National Guard and crush these little miscreants. Who do they think they are? You will eat what the government tells you to eat. Obviously an food inspector needs to be permanently assigned to this school to see what these rebels are bringing in from home. Turkey and cheese sandwiches? The horror – you will eat government chicken mcnuggets are you will starve. Let the tanks roll!

  114. Howard Feinski says:

    I can’t wait until the “girls” play SUPREME COURT.

  115. JOSE says:


    1. krp says:

      The taxpayers are getting hosed by “baseline budgeting” and the CBO. That means that the budget and every budget item ALWAYS increases regardless of participation. “Illegal aliens” have nothing to do with the taxpayer’s being hosed.

    2. Jay says:

      Hispanic does not mean illegal. There are less than a million illegals in Texas so your estimate of half is way off.

  116. JOSE says:


  117. TexMex In San Marcos says:

    Seriously people, the taxpayer IS footing the bill for these “free lunches,” but what you should be asking is, what are they feeding them? They may say the food is “healthy,” but, is it? Whether the food is cooked in the cafeteria or packaged, is the food that is being brought in Genetically Modified Food? Do you realize how bad that kind of food really is? How it’s been linked to many of the health issues our children are having today?

  118. von der Recht says:

    I noticed two things in the article: (1) the school gives FREE lunch to everybody…and (2) the principal was gratified that the students have learned how to protest.

    Yes, the school receives funding based on how many students receive free lunch. The school’s solution of course is to give everyone free lunch.

    I am sure it swells a liberal’s heart to see their leftest propaganda being put into action by their captive students. Makes you wonder what else they are teaching.

    1. krp says:

      These are TEA party kids. What they are protesting is the incompetence of the government and government programs and employees.

    2. M. Ant says:

      They are only paid for the level of “need”. They can feed them all free but if 10% don’t qualify they would get the reimbursement rate relative to their qualifications.

  119. Dog says:

    These kids should be applauded for their initiative and rewarded with a shovel, a plot of land on school grounds, some fertilizer and a bag of seeds.

    If they want fresh food, they should earn it. A hand up is what people need when they are working for a better future.

    1. me says:

      Oh, now THAT’s a great idea! If they want fresh salads, they can grow their own. They’ll learn a lot too. About gardening and that food doesn’t just end up placed in front of you – free.

    2. AFSGTSAM says:

      FANTASTIC Idea the concept of working and earning something is lost in todays welfare states of America!

  120. christy says:

    You mean Michelle Obama got it right? Get out and move and healthier school lunches for America’s children? Holy cow! I guess when congress designated PIZZA as a vegetable year they were only listening to their corporate owners’ lobbyists because they sure as well aren’t listening to the kids or their parents.

    1. christy says:

      *last year

  121. kenh says:

    “The taxpayers are paying for the food, not the feds.”

    I’m not much for making things mandatory, but from this point forward maybe it should be illegal to say that THE FEDS PAY FOR ANYTHING!

    They do not! repeat, THEY DO NOT.

  122. Sam Deakins says:

    So when do they start applying what they’ve learned in sex-ed class?

  123. christy says:

    A lot of people around here don’t seem to get it. These kids don’t have food at home to bring to school. If they are getting a free lunch it’s not because they enjoy being leeches. Ignorant people are blaming the kids for being poor. If their mom or dad has a cell phone, the $100 bucks they used to buy it is not gonna buygrocerices for an entire school year. get over yourselves and start thinking critically instead of echoing a politcal parties talking points being spewed at you by corporate owned media.

    1. me says:

      They managed to bring their lunches for four days during their “spontaneous” boycott. They have food at home.

      And the talking points being spewed at us by corporate-owned media are yours, christy. That’s the whole problem with crony capitalism. The school lunch program is where they off load the food produced by bigAg, which is subsidized by gov’t for their campaign contributions.

      And ALL school lunches are subsidized to one extent or another (either totally or partially). Even kids from wealthy families paying FULL PRICE aren’t really.
      Which is ridiculous, but the bigger the school lunch program is, the more patronage jobs and political power the government wields.

    2. laslavic says:

      right, no one except you has ever been at a school with a food program. You want a real eye opener? work for a income tax preparer for a season in any big city. Before you spout off you sanctimony prove you have experiences no one else has…..

  124. stechatte says:

    Whoa, wait a second! If all the kids in the district are are so poor that they need a free lunch, how can they afford to buy groceries and bring in their own lunches? Something’s not adding up here…oh yeah, it’s called redundant welfare programs.

  125. Knot Jammin, Jr. says:

    “Superintendent Antonio Aguirre said his Austwell-Tivoli Independent School District offers free lunch to students and staff because a large portion of the district is deemed low-income by the state.”

    We’re paying for STAFF lunches? What in the hell is this!!!

    1. V Young says:

      When a district decides to go Provision 2, they usually end up cutting the staff as well. This means there are no more cashiers to take money for meals, so the staff eat free as well. My district is Provision 2, but we do charge our staff for any and all meals. The district does not have the funds to supplement the food service budget so that adults can eat free too.

  126. AFSGTSAM says:

    Nobody has a right to complain about something they get for free!

    1. laslavic says:

      oh that’s so yesterday

  127. frank w says:

    I wonder if the lunches from home would have passed muster with the food gestapos who made the kids eat the chicken nuggets instead of their sack lunches at another school the other day.

  128. Bearkat0501 says:

    If most of them are receiving FREE lunches, they have no room to complain. It’s FREE and they should appreciate what the tax payers provide. But I have one question… if they were all able to bring their own lunches for FOUR DAYS, why are they qualifying for FREE LUNCHES!!!!

  129. laslavic says:

    I am so thrilled that these on the dole kids have learned to demand stuff from their neighbors

  130. rikki doxx says:

    Those kids will now face suspension for unruly behavior and insubordination.

  131. Tired of the so-call Poor! says:

    Let’s see. How many of these ungrateful students are getting free lunches? How many of them have parent(s) getting EBT/FoodStamps? So, why aren’t they making lunch for their children, it’s not like they have to get up to go to work, so they should have the time. Why are they getting both EBT and free school lunches? Isn’t the point of EBT to pay for their food? It should be more than sufficient as their shopping carts are filled to the brim and mine is carefully counted. What’s that you say. Oh, so they can trade the EBT for liquor, cigarettes, etc…

    1. Jay says:

      You are so ignorant. If every person in Texas who was below the poverty line sat on their butt all day and didn’t work, the unemployment here would be At least 20%. Have you not heard that most of the jobs created here recently were minimum wage jobs? Do you know how much someone makes a year working full time in a minimum wage job? $15k a year. Maybe you should lobby for companies to create higher paying jobs so these people wouldn’t have to have as much government help to get by.

  132. WilliamPenn says:

    Careful what you wish for, Kids. Queen Michelle will have federal inspectors confiscating your lunchbags.

  133. Ric says:

    Looks like nothing has changed with school food. Bland and poorly prepared garbage. We had a name for lunch room pizza which was a hamburger bun with some tomato sauce and cheese on it. We called it “afterbirth on toast”.

  134. Edgar Friendly says:

    All the guvmint school had to do was send in the lunchbox feds like they do in North Carolina. They would throw away the kids lunches and force them to eat the school soylent green, at gunpoint by a homeland security agent if need be. Case closed – big brother obama and even bigger Moochelle win.

  135. FED up says:

    Shut up you brats. You’re in 7th grade.

    My local school has 89% kids on free or assisted lunch. They all bring giant $2 bags of flamin hot cheetos with them every day. Not to mention Game Boys and ipods.

    The other 11% pay the full $1.25 per day for lunch.

  136. dave says:

    I must be missing the part of the story where it says the student’s were poor and getting free lunches. School cafeteria food is one step above Jailhouse meals. I’d rather gnaw on my own arm.

    1. krp says:

      Maybe you should go back to Junior High and learn how to read.
      “Superintendent Antonio Aguirre said his Austwell-Tivoli Independent School District offers free lunch to students and staff because a large portion of the district is deemed low-income by the state”

  137. Piquerish says:

    They “brought their lunches from home for four days last week.” Holy Chrome! What a novel idea THAT is. Imagine, if it actually caught on! And for you ignoramuses in the press, PEOPLE can be “healthier;” ALTERNATIVES may be “more HEALTHFUL.” Tools.

  138. Charles Jandecka says:

    Lunch from home goes with breakfast & dinner at home.

    Perhaps then our taxes will go down.

    1. krp says:

      Obviously you have never heard of baseline budgeting. They could bring lunch from home every single day for 12 years and the budget would not go down. Why would you think that your taxes would go down.

      There is a site called “Google”. search for “baseline budgeting” and “Louie Gohmert”

      1. Charles Jandecka says:

        Baseline budgeting? Oh, I get it now … smoke, mirrors & no accountability.

        Don’t be silly … you knew that! You did, didn’t you?

        And do you really believe there is no correlation between expenditures and tax rates?

  139. Josh Biggs says:

    How many home lunches has the Obama administration stolen this month forcing the kids to eat the “MORE NUTRITIOUS” cafeteria food??? The schools and the Feds do care. They no better than you do. *the last line dripping with sarcasm*

  140. John says:

    Could it be the children of the Sheeple are waking up before their parents?!!!

  141. marilyn says:

    I think the point we’re missing is that the Superintendent supported the students and their rights to express themselves. He did this in a professional manner instead of disciplinary actions. I’m very proud of how he runs his school district! With an open mind.

  142. Mike says:

    This has Democratic Party hands all over it. I’m sure they sent an operative over there to organize these students. They did the same thing with the La Raza class in Tucson. They did the same thing with protests in Wisconsin. They’re doing the same thing with OWS.

    Liberal protests are almost always organized by someone higher up in the political foodchain while they try to portray them as being grassroots. Seriously, have you ever heard a high schooler in your life demand healthier cafeteria food? You sure do hear it a lot from the professional left though.

    1. krp says:

      BS. This has TEA Party written all over it. These are kids protesting the incompetence of the government and government employees.

  143. Callingford says:

    Uh oh! Time to call in Moochie and the food police! Arrest all those kids AND their parents.

  144. Janna says:

    Maybe these kids should try making their OWN lunches?

    1. krp says:

      Didn’t you read the article, They did make their own lunches for 4 days.

  145. Kat says:

    Next thing you know they will be asking for steak and arugula!

  146. justavoter says:

    Hey somebody might even get a big bonus. I mean if the school gets a couple million from tax payers to feed thousands and it only costs $800,000 wonder where all the other money goes? I wish liberal democrats would get out of my pockets.

  147. shredit says:

    Teach the little squirrels a real lesson. They don’t like the food LET them bring their own lunches. Now we teach our kids to stomp their feet until they get what they want? Cut the school lunch program out entirely. Cut my taxes accordingly.

    1. krp says:

      Obviously you have never heard of “baseline Budgeting” or “Louie Gohmert” The budget line item for School lunch programs will ALWAYS increase whether they are utilized or not. Your taxes will never be cut until we get rid of baseline budgeting and the CBO.

  148. Jeanmchambers says:

    What is wrong with Mac and Cheese 5 days a week???

    I know! Lets take the children’s lunches of Whole Wheat Turkey and Cheese sandwiches, Juice, and Fruit, they brought from home and give them healthy, deep fried, imitation chicken nugets!!!!

  149. Lisa says:

    To serve better food the lunch price will have to go up. They will then need to boycot the price increase. Freedom is bringing your own lunch if you don’t like what is being served.

  150. Jeanmchambers says:

    …On second thought. How about we all round up these socialist SOBs who are hurting our children and beat them with canes in the school parking lot.

    That is called tough love where I’m from.

  151. Rusty Shackelford says:

    I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s good to see kids standing up and trying to get the school to serve healthier food. It’s impressive in the era of childhood obesity. On the other hand, part of me wants to tell these kids that they shouldn’t take themselves so seriously.

    HOWEVER – the biggest thing that jumped out to me in the article – the fact that these kids are in seventh grade and are just now learning the meaning of the word “boycott”. I’m 33, I’m dumb as hell, and I remember learning the meaning of that word at a much younger age.

    1. krp says:

      I don’t remember learning that word until 8th grade American History referring to something about the American Revolution, and I have an IQ of 142 and a Mensan. American History was 5th grade and 8th grade and we didn’t go into that much detail in the 5th grade.

  152. JC says:

    Congrats. You have proven tht even the low income can provide their own food and don’t need my tax handouts. From now on, bring your own lunch and save me a few tax dollars.

  153. phil7866 says:

    welcome to obamanation

    Kids expect free lunches off the government teat but when they don’t like the food choices they can afford to bring their own lunch to school.

    How about no free lunch and you bring what you want to eat from home.

  154. dave says:

    Read between the lines and read their quotes carefully. “We just wanted a chance at change” and the class, a collection of unique individuals, just magically decided to create a boycott. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

    This reeks of influence, not intent. That’s shameful. I’m all for healthier lunches but not propaganda.

  155. Chris says:

    “Superintendent Antonio Aguirre said his Austwell-Tivoli Independent School District offers free lunch to students and staff because a large portion of the district is deemed low-income by the state”

    So…they’re boycotting a lunch that they dont even pay for?? What exactly is the message here?

  156. tnmccoy says:

    Where were the food police to examine each bag lunch? Oh, I see. Fearing a punch in the nose, they only prey on the pre-school kids who are usually compliant and can’t do anything. Federal guidelines and enforcement have to go. Let the food police get real jobs. Kudos to the middle schoolers!

  157. James Woods says:

    I say let the real taxpayers in this area boycott the free lunches. What’s wrong with this country where we need to give people free lunches? Theres no such thing as a free lunch; someone is paying for it.

    These childrens’ parents have kids and other people have to feed them? Then to top it off they complain about the food and bring their own lunches? Let them always bring their own lunch.

    This is almost as stupid as comcast giving the bottom feeders discounted internet if they can prove their kids get free/discounted school lunch because after all we know how important it is for children to be online.

    All the while I pay $60/mo for my comcast internet.

    1. krp says:

      Did you not read the article. Apparently all the students and the staff are offered free lunches because of the prevalent low income of the district, so all are given free lunches automatically to save on the paperwork to determine who doesn’t qualify.

      Even if they boycott the lunch or brown bad it, someone else is STILL paying for it. That is the principle of baseline budgeting.

      When many homework assignments now depend on the students doing research online rather than the limited library, it IS important that student be online.

  158. LesleyPezley says:

    If you don’t pay for the lunch, you have no right to complain.

    If they can afford to bring their own lunches, taxpayers shouldn’t be funding their food and food choices. Period.

  159. Noelle says:

    If they have brought their food three days in a row, why can’t they keep doing it everyday? Save the school a ton of money.

    1. krp says:

      It would save the school a ton of money, but it wouldn’t save the taxpayers any. Baseline budgeting means that budgets always increase, regardless of whether they are needed.

  160. BPinTX says:

    I think we’re missing the bigger picture here. These kids are dissatisfied with their “free” lunch. So, they bring their lunch from home. Appears they aren’t in need of a lunch program after all. OR, I guess beggers can be choosers. And, WHY are the teachers getting free lunch? What is that about??

    1. M. Ant says:

      Teachers eat free, but the school district pays for the meals. Probably a part of the benefit package.

  161. M. Ant says:

    I am a Child Nutrition Director of a school district in Texas. We offer chef salads daily and not too many students take them. They are available. For you all talking about federal funds, tax dollars, etc. If we prepare 100 meals and only serve 10, we only get reimbursement for 10. It does matter who and how many participate. Free, reduce and paid students all have a different reimbursement rate attached to them. As an operator, the more on the “free/reduce” program the better. As a tax payer I’m not crazy about it.

  162. Bob says:

    We did this at Mesquite High School in 1969 and we were linked to the Students for a Democratic Society. My phone was tapped for years afterward.

  163. smm says:

    the comments are so funny… it’s free lunch, they’re lucky they get it! no, it’s not free, the taxpayers pay for it! no, the school only gets money for how many get served! o, they don’t need free lunch, they can bring their own! all i had to see was “macaroni and cheese” and “less menu repetition” and i got it. the school mac-n-cheese sux and it’s served far too often. they threw in salad as a choice they were fighting for so they would look like good, health conscious kids and make their argument more legitimate, but really, they just want something besides mac-n-cheese. school mac-n-cheese DOES suck, it always has. there’s no mystery here, the kids don’t care WHO pays, they are supposed to get a lunch, it sucks a lot of the time, please to be changing it mr. principal, sir. lol, everyone all rawr over who pays, that’s not even the point of the story. it’s only a lateral point that, for all the crabbing about healthier school lunches, this school seems to be serving the same garbage we got 30 years ago.

    1. Carlos Quintanilla says:

      Will someone help Jose read there is nothing in the article about Illegal Aliens, it is about students demanding healthy foods. That is what the article is about, someone brainwashed this probably once Immigrant and Illegal Alien himself.

      1. smm says:

        i sure hope you meant to reply to someone else, because i said nothing about illegal aliens, i am not nor have i ever been an illegal alien, and you need to leave the offensive snotty reply to the right person.

  164. biffula says:

    Complaining about a free lunch? Only in America.

  165. Stayce says:

    I couldn’t even get past the first dozen or so comments. People are very ignorant with their comments…. just because YOUR kid won’t eat healthy because you don’t set that standard at home does not mean they won’t eat healthy if given half a chance after bad habits are thrown out the window. And for people making this some kind of political debate about Liberals or Obama or whatever your adgenda is has no merit here. Wanting kids and Americans to eat more healthy is something we should put more stock into not use it as a platform for politics. Do you think kids care about liberals and conservatives? No. They don’t. They do care however how their peers see them and being fat and unhealthy is not where most kids feel like fitting in. I really wish my response wasn’t in regards to people being idiotic but to say Kudos to someone even if it has to be the kids but parents, teachers, principals, School Boards, etc should really get on this band wagon and stop making excuses about it being expensive. The physical well being of your children is way more important and where there is a will there is a way. Stop being negative and make a difference. Fight to make the positive healthy choices and stop making excuses why you like being lazy!

    1. Stayce says:

      One more thing… to say this is about our current government is to say that this hasn’t been an ongoing issue for decades now. Forget it…. I don’t even want to hear that excuse!

Comments are closed.

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