DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A problem with cameras provided by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) could impact your commute for days to come.

Late Sunday night a water main break basically froze dozens of Dallas traffic cameras and made accessing hundreds of others impossible.

TxDOT uses the camera system to keep traffic flowing smoothly and to respond to potential trouble spots, now department officials say they have no way of seeing potential traffic problems.

TxDOT spokesman Mark Pettit said emergency crews won’t be able to respond as quickly to accidents and suggests that the public lend a helping hand.

“When you see an incident or a collision out there don’t hesitate to dial 911 and let people know. That’ll get the gears rolling and get people on site sooner and as fast as possible.”

Crews are making repairs but Pettit said there is significant damage.

Live cameras at some 50 Dallas locations can still be seen, but can’t be moved. The damage also means TxDOT can’t switch to look at more than 200 other cameras in the Dallas area. “The water took out one of the main switches that allows our operators, allows the media, allows the public to see the cameras in the Dallas metro.”

There’s no clear estimate on the repair time. Pettit said the cameras could be up and running in 48 hours, or not until March.

“Unfortunately it’s gonna be at least a day or two more. It could last as much as two weeks, depending on the extent of the damage.”

Loss of the Dallas TxDOT cameras will also affect your television traffic report, since most TV stations in the metroplex use them for an aerial views of current traffic conditions.

TxDOT cameras operating in the Fort Worth area were not affected.

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