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GROSSOLOGY – a fun new exhibit about all things that make us go “ewwww!!” is opening this weekend at the Museum of Nature and Science but make sure you don’t miss Planet Shark – Predator or Prey? You can sink your teeth into an amazing out-of-water shark experience perfect for all ages! This 12,000-square-foot exhibition guides visitors through the murky myths and fascinating facts that have surrounded sharks for centuries. See an 18-foot Great White specimen model, mega-sized jaws, rare fossils, teeth, interactive displays, Jaws movie memorabilia, plus a kid’s area with crafts and more. The impressive exhibit continues at the Museum of Nature and Science thru May 27.

It’s always a good time to see a little Tennessee Williams and we are fortunate to have the great talents at the Contemporary Theater of Dallas bringing us Night of the Iguana thru March 4. Theater critic Lawson Tate says “Brilliant productions of American masterpieces don’t come along very often, so you’d best high tail it to Contemporary Theatre of Dallas’ Night of the Iguana”. High praise indeed! Williams’ last inarguably important play takes place in a dingy Mexican resort where the owner, Maxine (played by Cindee Mayfield) is pursuing the houseboys in the wake of her husband’s death. Trouble shows up and the dance is on. Not to be missed!

Ben Stevenson’s Dracula will be performed this weekend in all its gory glory! Before Twilight. Before True Blood. There was the one villain renowned the world over. Dracula! You don’t want to miss the power and drama of Ben Stevenson’s internationally acclaimed production of Dracula presented by Texas Ballet Theater at Bass Performance Hall. This is the only weekend for the intense and beautiful performances.

It’s also the last weekend for The Secret Life of Girls at Dallas Children’s Theater. Local playwright Linda Doughtery has written an honest, unflinching, and timely look at the destructive world of girl bullying. This dynamic play is sweeping the country and has been performed internationally as well. A dramatic family event with an insightful dialogue following every performance.

And lastly – come out to cheer for Bring it On! Cheerleading gets a musical theater turn with a little drama thrown in and will have you wishing you had brought pom poms with you! Bring it On opens the 72nd season of our Dallas Summer Musicals and continues through Sunday.

See you next week…center stage!


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  1. Zachary Rouse says:

    Love me some Tennessee! Check out the blog:!

  2. Kaori says:

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