$10M Of Liquid Meth Found Inside Truck At Arlington Taco Bell

liquid meth e1330047942220 $10M Of Liquid Meth Found Inside Truck At Arlington Taco Bell

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – An international investigation led police to an Arlington Taco Bell.

On Tuesday, officers found 20 gallons of liquid methamphetamine inside a fuel tank of a 1997 Ford F250.

Officers estimate the street value of the meth to be more than $10 Million.

The truck is registered in the Mexican state of Coahuila, and had been tracked since it crossed into the United States at Eagle Pass.

Officers believe the liquid meth was supposed to be removed and converted into crystal meth for distribution locally and nationwide.

The driver of the pickup, who law enforcement officers had under surveillance, was able to escape without capture.

The case remains under investigation.

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  • LynnM

    they had him under surveillance SO what happened that he got away ?? AT least they got the truck with the meth

    • ck

      he was able to move real fast.



    • Don

      Two fuel tanks. He was obviously running on the primary tank, and the meth was in the reserve tank.

  • Bruce Hay

    My K9 “Kaine” would go plum crazy if he smelled that much meth at one time. If he was under surveillance how did he get away?

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  • Moe Foe

    Mexicans are using the old ‘running moonshine’ methods? When are seeing these guys in NASCAR? They gonna give Jeremy Mayfield his Race license back? It’s, at least, more interesting than Danica…

  • Bob

    Walter White!

  • jkratzer

    Sooooo still no comment on how he got a way huh. I’d like to hear that one for sure

  • yessir

    clearly, he was let go

  • jcr

    They knew Obama would take them to court if the tried to arrest him so they let him go.

  • rwc

    He made a run for the border.. taco bell

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  • Pablo Cervantes

    For those of you unable to think for yourselves, the driver did not escape…he was allowed to get away. No doubt he was involved in the investigation. Either he was flipped or he is DEA. No police department could be so stupid as to let him get away.

    • makemyday


  • BGko

    Why would they track him all the way across the border and then move in at Taco Bell? Why not wait to see where the delivery was going?

  • ed

    He should have eaten at Los Pollos Hermanos

  • smellsalottapuss

    i love it when someone with a “k-9” says that his dog would go crazy if he smelled that much meth! sounds like all the other dirty cops out there that you see working the late shift in arlington!

  • Mr. D

    Ah, the driver was under surveillance and he “got away”. Either he was under-cover, an informant, or the police were totally inept, and I doubt that it was the latter.

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