Tollway Crash 2

(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

  • Josh

    WOW – this happened right out the Oxy Tower…we heard and we all saw most of it all. It is a blessing that only one person was hurt a little. We were all screaming and crying…it was so frightening!
    The flattened car is a Chevy GM Cruiser – GO GM and the other car that crashed into the cement barrier and flipped over to the south bound tollway lane was a VW Touareg…I think. GO VW…and the woman from that car got out and walked away…she did get into an ambulance and go to the hosp to be ck out.
    OK NTTA – the speed limit is just too fast on the Tollway. And that driver of the trailer coming off the 635W ramp going N on the Tollway was going way too fast.

  • Regus

    I am on the 12th floo of the Lincoln Center Tower looking down on the Tollway North bound just south of LBJ. If the police simply directed the traffic onto Harvest Hill and then back onto the Tollway North of LBJ by disabling the lights and using hand signals it might flow those poor guys going nowhere would be moving. It seems bizarre not to exit all traffic at harvest Hill rather than let them sit and sweat. Or is this too obvious a thing to do?

  • Bob

    Josh, you’re an idiot. Screaming and crying? Come on.

  • Josh

    WOW you are a nice guy aren’t you…I think you are the one who is the idiot!

  • Sandy

    I just want you all to know that the man in the car is still in the hospital. Just moved from ICU to rehab. It’ll be a long road. Thank you to all the angels that helped him at the scene. They probably saved his life.

    • Josh

      From my office window … it was amazing all the people who stopped to render aid to the victims of this crash. Whoever you all are…thank you and God Bless you all!

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