Arlington Teacher Who Told Student ‘Go Back To Mexico’ To Keep Job

By Steven Pickering, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – The Arlington school board is going along with a recommendation that a two-time teacher of the year keep her job after she told a student to, “Go back to Mexico.”

Shirley Bunn said that after a student kept demanding a form in Spanish.

She’s been on leave since it happened at the end of September.

The recommendation was to transfer Bunn to another school.

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One Comment

  1. LynnM says:

    GOOD for the teacher !! and the school English is the language of the USA
    NOT SPANISH. Chinese ,Korean, and what not
    We should stop coddling all of the minorities an go back to printing ALL government info/ forms in English. We could save Millions $$$$ every month !!!

    1. blame yourself says:

      i agree that they should learn english, but that still dosent give that teacher the right to say that to a child way to be an adult

      1. Mike says:

        Why not? Maybe the kid will learn to speak english, he is already a criminal so i doubt his wittle bitty feelings got hurt.

  2. Marianne says:

    I agree with the teacher. She must be one of many who is fed up with the entitlement attitude of some people. This is the USA – our common thread is our language. Learn it OR go back to wherever you came from.

  3. Notavailable says:

    Wow. Such ignorance in these comments. While the student shouldn’t have been “demanding” anything, especially in a language the teacher cannot understand, it doesn’t excuse the teachers comments. Yes, this is the USA, the country that is the melting pot of the world, open to ideas and opportunities, we as a whole, take pride in our language and our sometimes weird ideas, but everyone has a member in their family that emigrated into this great nation.

    I graduated in the top percent of my class, yet I refused to walk the stage because I saw first hand how teachers overly simplified lessons for kids whose only language was English, so if we are going to sit here and talk about “our language” we should take a look at the vocabulary and comprehension of our English-only speaking students, maybe they should “learn it” too, because frankly at least in my school it was a pathetic sight to behold.

    1. Tina says:

      Sorry but not everyone in this country has a family member that “emigrated” into this not as great as you think nation.

  4. Gregory says:

    How about transferring each illegal alien back to Mexico with one of their brats under each arm? Seems simple…and they’ll have all the forms they want in spanish.

    People are sick to death of these leeches stealing from us…and then demanding we teach them in their own language. Sorry, they add nothing to the schools except crime, more costs and time wasted dealing with their idiot kids.

    1. laura says:

      !!! i 2nd that one sir!!!

    2. shauna says:

      I third it 🙂

  5. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    They usually have “noname”!

  6. Survon1 says:

    There is no requirement for English to be translated into Spanish or any other language. They should hire their own translator or ask a neighbor to get help just like we Americans do. This teacher did nothing wrong.

  7. Christina Segura says:

    It didnt say anything about the child being illegal. What give any person the right to say that to a child. If the shoe was on the other foot nobody would want someone to say something stupid to their child. What the hell gives you the right to throw the first stone, everybody has skeletons in their closet and I would bet that some of you have hired a mexican at one time or another. All of you are complaining about speaking spanish, well to tell you the truth if you hate mexicans that bad why do you like our food and try to speak our language, Texas was mexico until the white people came and stole it. I bet that some of you have dated a mexican at one time. Also Texas is not Texas it is Tejas. Mexican and hispanic people are very hard workers, they will do anything in work to take care of their family. I bet if you traced your family history that their is at least one mexican in your background. Its not my fault that you cant speak or understand spanish (learn it cause it will keep you from feeling stupid)

    1. laura says:

      you wont see me w someone that isnt american and im proud to say im not mexican. WHY should i learn spanish…

  8. Larry Pickett says:

    I think that teacher should be offered a management position in the Arlington school district.
    English is the language of this country even if the elected representatives of US Government lack the fortitude to make it official.
    That child had no business being in her class without the ability to read and write in “our language”.

    1. shauna says:

      Amen. Try to get school in Mexico taught in English without having to go to a private school and pay high tuition to get it (not counting the schools the federal government set up for the children of the American embasyy personnel)

    2. shauna says:

      Actually thinking about this, maybe we can promtoe her to Secretary of Education and maybe she can address the dumbing down of education for those citizens that are here legally because we have to go slow for those that do not speak English at home since the parents fail to assimilate into our culture.

  9. Sherri says:

    This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA People! A melting pot of cultures from around the world! We all have ancestors that migrated here from another country! Shame on you who have posted such negative comments. I can’t believe some of the comments made here siding with the teacher. The teacher no doubt made a mistake, Maybe she was flustered, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, no doubt being a teacher is probably the hardest job in the world next to being a parent but she definitely made a mistake and should apologize to the child/parents/school and let that be the end of it.

    1. shauna says:

      Hello….when they start putting out all the forms in Korean, Chinese, Arabic, and every other language in the melting pot other than Spanish then you have a point. We coddle them and we should not be.

  10. laura says:

    You want to know why you never see a mexican begging on the streets… its because they are in every government office asking for free hand outs. I think if they sign up for food stamps w/o a s.s number we should call the police. I dont make alot but i also dont live off the tax payers.

  11. noname says:

    That two time teacher of the year has my vote for this year too.

  12. shauna says:

    Good for her!!! And if they transfer her I hope she sues the district. If more people would stand up to the rash of illegals coming across the borders, then maybe we would not have to waste so much taxpayer dollars putting all our forms in another language other than our own. Where is the ACLU in this whole forms issue anyway? Why is it okay to only do it for the mexicans but not the asiians and every other language? Guess you have to be hispanic to get assistance from them and the heck with the rest. But I digress. She is right. If the kid wants it translated in spanish, he can go back to mexico and get it translated. Try and get anything even remotely close to this in Mexico if you are an American. Stop coddling them and maybe it will slow down the amount coming over the border since they will not have everything handed to them and they will have to learn our language rather than us providing them info in theirs. Obviously our government is impotent to stop it so maybe people like her can. She gets my vote for teacher of the year again.

  13. shauna says:

    Go read the article about this on the huffington post ( The kid was repeatedly yelling “I am a Mexican” so she was right in telling him to go home becuase he was obviously in the wrong country. He was demanding to be coddled to because of his race/ethnicity so isn’t that racist as well? Oh that is right, we have groups here that try to limit what benefits illegals can get while the mexican government denies those same items to illegals in Mexico but because it is Americans that demand the limits it is racist. How does that make any sense?

  14. smartguy says:

    Good for the teacher-
    Send this kid and the rest of them and their filth back to Mexico!

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