Fort Worth Naked Man Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison

naked man Fort Worth Naked Man Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison

(credit: Tarrant Co. District Attorney's Office)

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) — You knew the story wouldn’t end well when it began with a 57-year-old man wandering around his Fort Worth workplace — naked.

A judge in Fort Worth recently sentenced Kenneth Clyde Jackson to a total of 18 years in prison.

During the trial prosecutors presented evidence that on July 3, 2010, police officers found Jackson at the Regal Plastics warehouse, off East Loop 820.

Officers were not only interested in why Jackson was at the warehouse, but why it was he didn’t have on any clothes. When questioned, Jackson said he was at the warehouse catching up on work and was naked because he was hot.

When officers took Jackson back to his workstation, presumably to get his clothes, they saw child pornography pulled up on his computer.

“His job description didn’t include prancing around naked while looking at child pornography,” Assistant District Attorney Martin Purselley said in a press release statement.

When police ordered Jackson to present some type of identification he told them it could be found in the glove compartment of his car. Officers not only found the ID, the glove box also contained a bag of what appeared to be marijuana.

Jackson apparently learned little from the July arrest since he was taken into custody three months later for standing in his garage, naked as children rode by on their bicycles.

Jackson was sentenced to 10 years in prison for possessing child pornography and eight years in prison for indecent exposure. The sentences were ‘stacked’, meaning the defendant cannot begin to serve the sentence in a subsequent conviction until the sentence in the preceding conviction is completed.

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  • JustAThought

    Eight years for the indecent exposure charge and Erykah Badu gets off with a $500 fine for stripping in Dealey Plaza.

    • NiteNurse

      Honey Ms. Badu didn’t have child porn on her computer like this dude had. It wasn’t the nudity that got him all the jail time it was THE CHILD PORN!!!

      • Tommy Jefferson

        No, JustAThought is right. It was 10 years for the CHILD PORN and 8 years for indeent exposure.

      • BigBrotherIsNowGodAlmighty

        This is just another made up story after the coup and cover up like most things that get national attention.

        Unelected officials have taken over Washington and are orchestrating the daily news. Most of the comments and replies you’re reading online are government created too. With many stories the COMMENTS ARE CREATED BEFORE THE STORY IS REPORTED. They are designed to generate a response to engage “dangerous people” in real time.

        The oldest, first, highest, best, and most popular rated comments are almost all government propaganda. They are conducting Psy-ops (psychological operations) for domestic spying. They have 1000s of user names and are determined to bury the truth or ATTACK anyone leaking it.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

      • Jcaus

        I’m sorry, but you people are complaining that a twisted freak is going to be spending a little extra time in jail on a technicality?? Good for the judge for maximixing the penality on both charges!!

      • wmroc

        Only if he worked at the Pentagon or if only he’d been in government law enforcement could he have pulled off that caper. Or if he had been a cohort of Larry King at the Franklin Savings and Loan or a priest or a boy scout leader – but even some of these have gotten charged and prosecuted.

      • LittlesisterisneverGawdaltogether

        BigBrotherIsNowGodAlmighty you are right. I know for a fact that I am not a real person. Sara Palin made me up. However she also made YOU up. That is why this comment was made up on 6-6-06. by Todd Palin. We were able to create this Pysc op false flag post using my x9##343 and a very special tin foil hat. We will follow you forever………………….

      • DDR

        True. Eight years for indecent exposure is extreme, but you have to put it in the context of what he was doing while nude, and the fact that he exposed himself again, months later, by standing in his garage nude while kids rode by on their bikes. The good news is that he has a decent chance of dying in prison.

      • Ms pickles

        Well at least she should get the same punishiment for indecent exposure.
        It wasn’t a pretty sight in her case either.

      • Young Jeezy

        Sorry NiteNurse but he got 8 years for the nudity and 10 years for the kitty porn. Both sentences are extreme. You could literally kill someone and get far less years. Please read the entire article before you try to correct someone by commenting. Erykah Badu took her clothes off in front of plenty of children and she only got a small fine. Besides Badu is a nasty looking chick that no one wants to look at naked. I think we all agree that this guy is a sicko but he clearly has mental problems. 18 years for some kitty porn, marijuana and indecent exposure is simply ridiculous and I have no doubt this will be over turned on appeal. This judge is out of control . This guy should never get 8 years for public nudity and 10 years for child porn. Both are bad crimes but they do no warrant an 18 year sentence.

    • Zeb

      Yes- The scary black chick is the problem, not some repeat pervert contributing to the sexual abuse of children. Try thinking and not hating.

    • jim

      BigRoyher- This story is also in the Ft.Worth news.If it’s not true this guy will own several news outlets with lawsuits,,,

    • james g

      Which of the two would you like to have stripping in your neighborhood?

      One is clearly a threat– the other is just a talented idiot. The threat goes to prison. The non-threatening idiot pays a fine.

      Although it is rare, judges are allowed to use some common sense, should they actually have any.

      • Young Jeezy

        How about neither one. Indecent exposure is just that. Why would it matter who is committing the crime. Thats like saying its somehow better to be murdered by a bikini model than your random thug. Its ridiculous for indecent exposure to even allow for a maximum of 8 years. I know this guy is seriously messed up but he did not kill anyone or even physically injury anyone and he will be behind bars for 20 years. That is truely insane.

    • e

      that is because ms badu is fine and nobody…I mean even this guys wife considers seeing her husband nude a felony…

    • Steve

      He was A timebomb waiting to happen.I think 18 years is not long enough.I guess we are all A little weird in our on sense but this takes weird to A totally different level.

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  • jb80538

    The indecent exposure isn’t what is sending the guy to prison. It’s the kiddy porn. He’ll have nice time meeting Bubba.

    • Deskboy

      and when Bubba is through with him, he gets to meet Jerome.

      • Dirk Diggler

        What is an ethnic name?
        Where is your freedom of speech?

      • Incorrect politically

        Maybe BizSnype will publish a dictionary of “ethnic” names and other words that are off limits to white people. In other words, a book of what an”ethnic” person may think of as “code” we racists use. That should be interesting.

      • Jcaus

        Biz… sorry to say, but according to prison population statistics, nearly 65% of inmates are black. And that’s a fact.

      • JustAGuy

        BizSnype, Chad, Tyler and Kenneth get their turn after Bubba and Jerome.

      • BizSnype

        Bubba and Jerome? Those sound like ethnic names? Why can’t he meet a nice guy in prison name Chad or Tyler or Kenneth?

    • Young Jeezy

      Did you read the damn article? He got 8 years for indecent exposure and 10 years for the child porn. I cant stand people that comment without bothering to read the article. This guy is a sicko but no way he deserves almost 20 years in prison for these two crimes. You cant be put in jail for what you might do in the future. Man there are a lot of just plain dumb people commenting on this article. Its agreed he is twisted but no way you get the same sentence as someone that literally murdered someone.

  • jb

    The indecent exposure isn’t what is sending the guy to prison. It’s the kiddy porn. He’ll have nice time meeting Bubba.

    • David

      Read the article. He’s getting 10 years for the child porn and 8 years for indecent exposure

      • Josh

        I’m guessing indecent exposure to minors. Sooooo…. ya.

  • Thomas Jeffery Egleston

    Why is Barney Frank still walking around free?

    • The Bobster

      No, that’s Bawney’s wuver.

    • vern

      Barney Frank works in an asylum.

    • stloony


    • Zeb

      Get bent.

    • Pablo Cervantes

      Lack of evidence…although he WAS charged with “Assault with a dead weapon”.

  • Sam Sarsam

    Don’t touch my Swingline

    • Scott Martin

      The quote actually is “I believe you have my stapler…”

      • Jcaus

        Yeeeeeeahhhhh, I’m gonna have to ask you to rot in jail.

    • office space guy

      sunna ma beech.. u beat me too

    • BBrent

      Dang Sam you beat me to it.

  • BBrent

    Have you seen my stapler!

  • americanfirst

    I say throw the book at this pervert – that said, he is getting more prison time than any terrorist who’s actually killed Americans here or abroad thus far…
    guantanamo, fort hood, Abu Graib, you name it…

    • Somebody

      Good point.

  • rpc

    Looks a lot like Barney Frank.

    • Uley

      It is his younger, better looking brother.

  • Alex

    what a joke…. 18 years for pictures on a computer and walking around naked? did he kill anyone? no! in canada you kill someone you get 15 years… prancing around in usa naked gets you more time than murder.. its like yankees are living in a Police State.. oh ya, i forgot, they do… lol.. can you say NDAA?

    • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

      You folks REALLY have a serious reading comprehension problem.

      Did EVERYONE in this blog miss this?

      “Jackson apparently learned little from the July arrest since he was taken into custody three months later for standing in his garage, naked as children rode by on their bicycles”.

      Guess so. Must have been all those jet fuel fumes you all breathed from the 9-11 attacks… just ask Paul da Azzklown!

      • james g

        Many only read the headline. It is hard to read sentences.

        If we would just throw more money in the direction of the teachers’ union…

    • Kaththee

      Alex, He is attracted to children and he exposed himself to them. What part of that did you miss? They should lock him up and throw away the key. Plus we in the USA cannot help it if Canadians choose not to punish murderers especially when it happens here as well. Don’t worry he won’t serve all that time. The powers that be will let him out when he is still young enough to hurt children and he probably will.

    • Andrew P.

      Yes, we are living in a quasi-police state. However, I would hope that regardless of the level of bureaucracy and security theater, the US will continue to strongly punish those who are involved in, or simply view, child pornography.

      I don’t care if he killed anyone, he showed his junk to a bunch of children, and (since he was watching child-porn) was probably hoping they would do the same. He deserved his punishment; it completely fit the crime.

      I can’t speak for Canada, or Canadians, but here in the United States, we don’t particularly like child predators. This guy may have gotten 18 years, but with any luck, he will only be alive for 1 of them. Even hardened criminals don’t like kiddy-diddlers.

    • Geffen

      Hey Alex if you conuuks really want to have your criminals running around free to hurt more people that is your business, but I prefer that our criminals are either dead (capital punishment) or in jail.

  • Hot Dude

    All the women I know tell me how hot I am.

    Still, clothes make the man…

  • Captain Obvious

    Guys, MURDERS get less time in prison. Try to keep it in proportion.

    • *=*

      Alot of murderers get paid administrative leave…

      • HammerHead

        A truer statement has never been uttered here!!!

        Welcome to the police state!

    • BrunoS

      Reality check. In a majority of instances a murder is done in the heat of the moment and will never be repeated regardless of the sentence length. Kiddie porn/molesters whatever you want to call them are much more like to repeat regardless of the penalty… so lets keep them locked up as long as possible.

      I have hired people that committed murder and would trust some of them to baby sit my kids… but I wouldn’t trust an ex child molester to baby sit my dog.

      • Sebastian Xavier

        And you sir, are what’s wrong with America and why we’ll always be a violent country.

      • Kaththee

        You have a point and I agree with you completely about the babysitter thing. If I were forced to choose between a random murderer or a random child molester I would choose the random murderer every time. At least with a random murderer there is a chance of rehabilitation, remorse and redemption. With a molester there is no hope.

    • Andrew P.

      And that is reprehensible. Sometimes, murderers get away with their crimes. Should we then allow ALL criminals to get away, based on your logic?

  • Derek

    He looks so harmless, too. :-/

  • Beaux Jackson

    Is that Milton?

  • office space guy

    Have you guys seen my swing stapler?

  • jdkasjdaks

    What is so wrong with this… No one else was around big deal!!!!!

    • Phil-351

      So, those kids on bikes don’t count?

      Reading Comprhension FAIL!!! Kiddie porn and exposing himself to neighborhood children later counts for maximum sentencing. Learn to read.

  • Міша

    This is a horribly harsh sentence for someone, who has not, in fact, hurt anyone directly.

    18 years? Crazy… The longest prison term in USSR (!) was 15 years. And they would not apply death penalty over such indecent exposure either.

    The man is disgusting, but 18 years is unbelievably harsh…

    • Dave

      Haha, I’m sorry – are you seriously holding up the USSR as a model of justice in the world? Tens of millions died in gulags across the USSR. You’re right: this guy wouldn’t receive a long sentence under the Soviets. He’d be put into forced labor until he starved to death in Siberia.

  • charles

    He should have moved to San Francisco (the anus of America).
    Public nudity is legal there.

  • Bob Johnson

    Eighteen years is way too long a prison sentence.
    Those long term sentences should be for violent or career

    • DevilDog40

      If pedophiles and sexual perverts are’nt violent criminals maybe you should deal with vicloms of child rape. Better yet, you should work for thier release and have them live in your neighborhood. If your that much of a caring humanitarian get them a job as a school crossing guard in your district! Liberalism is a mental disorder. Your a defocked priest or a member of NAMBLA. How anyone can say that child porn is not violent is beyond comprehension? If I ever need a brain transplant, I want yours. It”s still in the wax paper. One thing you”re lacking is common sense and a soul!

      • Geffen

        Thanks DevilDog I couldn’t have said it better myself. Bob J, you need to pull your head out of your rear.

  • David

    I was about to decry the 18 years in prison for simply being naked but . . . yeah, the kiddie porn on the computer will definitely not make you friends with judges, juries and (ahem) fellow inmates. Have fun in prison dude.

  • Wilhelm Da Sad

    Jeez….prancing around naked, carrying drugs, has childporn, no ID…this guy should get that long based on “criminal Stupid”

    • Міша

      > no ID

      Why would you list the perfectly innocent “no ID” in the same line as serious crimes like “carrying drugs” and “childporn”?

      Last I checked, you do not need an ID to walk around in this country — even if most people carry their driver-licenses with them…

      • Міша

        B, please, cite the law/paragraph, which mandates citizens to “carry identification at all times”. Put up or shut up, so to speak.

        If we were taking legal advice from cops, not having a perfectly laundered and ironed shirt would’ve been a misdemeanor, if not a felony… But do ask a cop to help you identify such a law…

      • Weird

        No, you are not required to give a cop any ID. Learn your rights. There are “stop-and-identify” statutes in some states which require you to identify yourself (not with ID) if there’s a reasonable suspicion as to why you’ve been stopped. You are not required to have ID by any means.

      • Woodie

        You are not required to have ID on you at all time. Any cop that tells you so is wrong.

      • B

        you are required to have identification with you at all times. ask a cop

      • Jcaus

        LMAO.. you’re required to have ID on you at all times?? I dont think so.. this isn’t Nazi Germany—-not yet.

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