By Karen Borta

Dear TxDOT (or whichever entity is responsible for finishing the seemingly never-ending construction on our North Texas roads),

Please, please, please, please, pretty please hurry up and finish.

I want you to know I usually do a fairly good job of steering clear of those areas that are all torn up, but last Sunday afternoon I stupidly stumbled into one.  I was taking my nine-year-old to a birthday party at a place in southwest Fort Worth where nine-year-olds like to have birthday parties, and I accidentally missed the entrance off the I-20 frontage road that leads to the place.  Problem?  Not at all, I thought.  I’ll just cross under the interstate at Hulen, hop back on the freeway, exit Bryant-Irvin again, and this time I won’t miss the entrance.  Five minutes lost.  Tops.

Well, imagine my chagrin (that’s not actually the word I was thinking at the time, but it works now) when I realized I wasn’t only unable to hop onto the freeway after crossing under the interstate, I was no longer on the frontage road.  I’d somehow, mysteriously, made it onto that quagmire that is Southwest Blvd/Hwy 183—the same road that is reduced to one lane for about 175 miles.  Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  It only felt like 175 miles as we inched along with no way to get off the road… at least, without breaking lots and lots of laws.

After about 20 minutes, I looked in my rearview mirror to see my little girl with tears streaming down her face because she knew she was missing the party.  While I understand that is not even close to the biggest calamity that could befall my child, it was still a great big bummer for her.  We ended up getting to the party 35 minutes late.

The good news is she learned an important lesson in patience, and she learned to appreciate the beauty of a construction-free road.  I learned that in North Texas these days there’s almost no such thing as a construction-free road, and that next time I’ll ask my husband to drive her.


Frustrated in Fort Worth

P.S. My stupidity on Fort Worth roads continued even after I dropped off my daughter. Because my of my unexpected detour, my quarter of a tank of gas quickly evaporated and I soon discovered I was driving on fumes. So I pulled into the first gas station I could find.  And paid $3.79 per gallon for the privilege.  Fabulous.