I’m excited about my story airing tonight about a Carrollton woman trying out to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.  If she makes the squad, she could make NFL history.  I LOVE her spirit.

Getting out of the studio and interviewing people is my favorite part of my job.
Absorbing their energy, soaking in others’ zest for life–it all just fires me up.

The only downside? I drive 100-200 miles on any given day.  That means lots of wear on my car, especially on my must-be-replaced-every-year tires.

One popped last Friday night while driving to College Station, leaving me stranded on the side of 1-35W south of Fort Worth.

It was getting dark, and I was getting scared.  I was alone, in a skirt and high heels, and on a dangerous freeway.
All of the news stories of stranded motorists getting hit from behind and exploding kept flashing through my mind.

But then something magical happened.  Johnny the Tow Truck Driver turned up.

He was sent to me by my new friends at AAA, with whom I had just signed up minutes earlier.

With a cigarette dangling from his mouth, he walked to my car to rescue me.  I informed my weathered, fairy godfather that my darn tires were not available in nearby Hillsboro.  I’d need a tow all the way to Waco. And I’d need to get there before the tire store closed at 9pm.

Wouldn’t you know that Johnny hoisted up my car on his rig and sped 80-90 mph all the way there!

But the best part of the trip–other than Facebooking my antics while sitting in this 60-something-year-old’s towering tow truck in my news anchor clothes late on a Friday night–was hearing all about Johnny’s life. The poor guy was getting a divorce; his wife wouldn’t let him see the kids he’d been raising; and he was being shunned the following day from his 6-year-old grandson’s birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza.

Sweet Johnny even teared up a time or two telling me all about it.

I encouraged him that things will get better. I truly believe it will. After all,who can reject a tender heart like his for long?

We made it to Waco in record time.

Johnny the Tow Truck driver gave me my hefty bill and walked out of the store–and my life–forever.  I bought three new tires that night and eventually made it to my son’s game in College Station.

So as I wrap up this blog at the end of the work day, looking forward to my story at 10pm, I walk out to my car with confidence.

I have brand new tires, a new friend, and another story to tell.  Once again I am grateful for getting to work in this profession.

Thank you for watching!