Rockwall Doctor Charged In Biggest U.S. Healthcare Fraud Ever

ROCKWALL (CBSDFW.COM) – A doctor from Rockwall has been arrested and charged in what is being called the largest health care fraud case in U.S. history, costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. The FBI arrested Dr. Jacques Roy and six others. He has been accused of cheating Medicare and Medicaid out of nearly $380 million between January 2006 and November 2001.

Top officials with the U.S. Justice Department flew into Dallas on Tuesday afternoon to make the announcement, along with Sarah Saldana, the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas, and Robert Casey, the special agent in charge of the Dallas FBI. “Dr. Roy’s company is alleged to have certified more Medicare beneficiaries for home health services, and had more beneficiaries under its care than any other medical practice in the country,” said U.S. Attorney General James Cole.

Click here to read the federal indictment against Roy and his co-defendants.

Only CBS 11 News cameras were there as federal agents first raided Roy’s lakefront home last June. Inside Roy’s house, agents said that they found bank accounts under a different name and a guide on how to hide assets and vanish without a trace. Prosecutors said that Roy continued signing up patients and billing Medicare and Medicaid under a different name, even after the raid.

The FBI also raided Charry Home Care Services in Dallas last June. Prosecutors said that Roy worked with that facility and some other home health agencies over five years to recruit 11,000 Medicare patients — including some at the Bridge Homeless Shelter in Dallas.

According to prosecutors, Roy ran a boiler room out of his DeSoto office, where his employees placed his signature on approvals for home health services without him first reviewing the cases. “These recruiters were bringing patients to Dr. Roy and he took it from there, selling his signature,” said Saldana.

“These cases affect all of us,” explained Casey, “those who pay taxes, which fund federal health care benefit programs, and even private health care programs, and those who pay insurance premiums.”

Roy appeared in a federal court in Dallas on Tuesday wearing a T-shirt and jeans. He told the judge that he understood the massive fraud charges that he is now facing. Roy’s attorney said that he has not seen any evidence of his client violating the law.

Six other people have also been indicted in the massive fraud case, including Roy’s office manager, Teri Sivils, and the owners of North Texas home health care agencies.

The FBI will seize Roy’s assets on Wednesday, and try to recover nearly $19 million that he allegedly made in profits. Meanwhile, Roy remains in federal custody. He will ask a judge to be released on Monday. If convicted, Roy faces life in prison.

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One Comment

  1. Satan's Minion says:

    $380 MILLION in almost 6 years?! Nah, nobody will EVER notice THAT! Moron.

    1. A Guy In Texas says:

      At Satan’s Minion

      Thr fact it tok 6 years to notice is even a scarier though.

      1. Klaus says:

        Suspend a license for being charged of a felony? Guilty until proven innocent in America? Why doesn’t Obama just indefinitely detain and/or execute the accused without trial?

      2. TheNewsIsDoctored says:

        Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

      3. Satan's Minion says:

        @ A Guy In Texas: LOL. True.

      4. Henry says:

        Know your American history and law of the land.when one become Preisdent there are existing laws in place. The president does not automaticaly change the laws. Also for a new law to be inacted it has to pass the Congress and Senate .The same law that you are refering to was in place when President Bush was in power. Do’nt spread hate about what the president had nothing to do with.

      5. single-payer says:

        Nurses are overpaid, but they are always scapegoats for medical malpractice. I would investigate every MD including administratives, who always blame underlings including the few true believers still out there. We need single-payer now to restore competition, nominal pricing and equal access to this racist and fascist healthcare system!

  2. Ms. M says:

    This type of activity is rampant throughout the Federal government as well as government funded agencies. School districts, the food stamp office, AFDC, etc. are all types of government-associated agencies/businesses in which tax money is being used inappropriately and the crooks are not afraid. They out-number the good guys a thousand to one. Heck! Even those running for high office are stealing from the people left and right. Catching this guy in Rockwall barely puts a dent in the thievery going on within the U.S. government.

  3. Alan says:

    How about FL governor Rick Scott’s fraud scheme as president of a corporation that bilked Medicare out of much more? He’s still free.

  4. laura says:

    And u wonder why healthcare is a jacked up….um…greedy sob’s

  5. Thomas Stump says:

    Coming to a health care facility near you… Thank You Mr. President

    1. NiteNurse says:

      This occurred obviously before President Obama took office so tell me how did President Bush allow this to happen?

  6. aubreyfarmer says:

    If we the taxpayers defund the federal government this will end. Reduce the size of government by 90% to begin with and when that proves to be a positive move for individual liberty we should start looking at reducing the government even further. Already so many people are receiving government cheese that defunding will be difficult and that all along has been the plan. 39). “Use the courts, use the judges, use the constitution
    of the country, use its medical societies and its laws to
    further our ends. Do not stint in your labor in this direction.
    And when you have succeeded you will discover that you can now
    effect your own legislation at will and you can, by careful
    organization, by constant campaigns about the terrors of
    society, by pretense as to your effectiveness, make the
    capitalist himself, by his own appropriation, finance a large
    portion of the quiet Communist conquest of that nation.”
    (Address of the Jew Laventria Beria, The Communist Textbook on
    Psychopolitics, page 8).
    Soon there will be so much poverty that people will have more time to blog and learn the truth about how we got in this financial mess. The crooked political class can not afford to let that happen. Censorship of the Net is coming. The new law will be called “The Internet Freedom” bill or some other bull. How the fascists and commies that are running this country will “false flag” this bill into reality is anyone’s guess.

  7. San Diego Steve says:

    I guess that everything comes bigger in Texas!

  8. Georgia Jeff says:

    Child’s play compared to what happens in Washington DC every day. They’re the real pros…$780 BILLION FREAKING DOLLARS IN ONE FELL SWOOP….

  9. Rationalist says:

    What bugs me is that the commercial that talks about getting a “hoverround” wheel chair for free is actually using my tax dollars. If you need one, buy it yourself !

  10. NiteNurse says:

    You can tell you’re in the South when the bloggers roll out the commie, fascist, and socialist comments. It’s good ol’ southern white paranoid fear bubbling to the surface. Shall we dig up Joe McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover for you?

  11. Patrick says:

    Yes, I want the government to be in control of my healthcare because after all, they are really awsome at handling big government programe!

  12. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Only $380 million? Phhht. A mere bag of shells. Virtually the ENTIRE economy of the state of NY is based on Medicare/-caid fraud, especially now after DC’s jihad on the financial industry has destroyed it as a major pillar of the tax base.

  13. Daniel Bryant says:

    Obamacare will top this ‘bucket drop’ in short order. Stay tuned.

  14. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Strictly a rank amateur by Solyndra and Jon Embezzler Corzine standards.

  15. DDR says:

    I’m as conservative as they come, and may I just say to the other right-wing commentators here: IT STARTED IN 2006 WITH THIS DOCTOR! HELLO?!?

  16. LynnM says:

    Yes those Hoverround chairs cost as much as a small car ! Another fraud program. All those involved should be required to pay back the whole 380 mil..

  17. 2lazy2p says:

    Here in Houston a Dr. Khan has just been arrested for over $100 Million for fraud as well. Let’s see, $100 million here, $380 million there, soon that will add up to some big money. Newt was right, stop the fraud and there will be plenty of money for the healthcare of the vunnable.

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