Teacher Accused Of Inappropriate Conduct With Student

brandon ashley mcdaniel Teacher Accused Of Inappropriate Conduct With Student

(credit: Arlington Police Dept.)

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A teacher in the Arlington Independent School District has been arrested.

Sam Houston High School teacher Brandon McDaniel, 36, is accused of having inappropriate conduct with two female students.

“Mr. McDaniel was placed on administrative leave by the district on February 8 as soon as we had some allegations of inappropriate conduct with a female student,” explained Arlington ISD spokeswoman Amy Casas.

According to police, McDaniel allegedly drove one victim to Austin for a day trip last November. The victim told authorities that’s when a consensual sexual relationship began between the two.

The second victim told police she had sexual contact with McDaniel in his classroom. Both victims were 18-years-old.

Despite the age of the students, Arlington police spokeswoman Tiara Richard said the ultimate responsibility falls on the teacher. “Although they’re [the students] both adults, it’s something where the teacher is in a position of power, a trusted position. Parents trust teachers to act appropriately.”

McDaniel, who has been with the AISD since 1999, was chairman of the English Department at Sam Houston. Now officials at the school are working with investigators.

“Obviously the district is working fully with the Arlington Police Department to investigate this to its fullest extent and we take these matters very seriously,” Casas said.

Investigators said it was a Crime Stoppers tip that led to McDaniel’s arrest.

McDaniel faces two second-degree felony charges of Improper Relationship Between an Educator and Student and is being held in the Arlington City Jail with $20,000 bail.

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One Comment

  1. Former teacher afraid to teach says:

    Way we vilinize men today, especially teachers is Modern day’s version of the Salem Witch Trials

    1. Satan's Minion says:

      Wow, you’re a former teacher and you don’t know the difference between villainize and and vilify? Not to mention, you spelled the wrong word incorrectly, anyway. Maybe you’re a former teacher because you were found to be an illiterate dolt.

      1. Satan's Minion says:

        You also don’t need to capitalize modern in this instance, Noah Webster.

    2. H. Tyson says:

      Personally I think this is going to far. Come on both of the girls where 18 when they had sex with this man. The law as I understand it is meant to safe guard CHILDREN! NOT legal age adults! These women and that’s what they are! ARE by of legal age to decide for themselves who they go to bed with. And really don’t need the state or their parents nor the community telling them who the can go to bed with… Really.

      1. Jeff D Johnson says:

        The problem is that the teacher is in a position of power and authority over the students. That is why it is considered an inappropriate relationship. He isn’t being charged with statutory rape.

      2. 2sister says:

        That’s true Jeff. Also, he could be charged with having an improper relationship for just dating the student.

      3. Jerry says:

        Regardless of whether the students are of age or not, it is just as unethical as a therapist having sex with a patient. Besides IT IS AGAINST THE LAW!!! If the moron wanted to date and bed 18-year olds, he should have chased after those that were not his students. SIMPLE!!!

      4. Craig from Australia says:

        I agree totally. They were consenting adults in this instance. It’s not a crime for your boss to sleep with you, so how is this any more inappropriate. No wonder your prison systems are full.

        Wake up America!

      5. Nicholas Castillo says:

        that is some one’s daughter yes they are 18 but the law was in place not to protect students statutory rape is. our teacher is dating someone of a young age that is one thing but to have sex with a student is wrong we held as adults when it is about major decisions that we as students are not ready for in a world that wants the best we want to take short cuts but for a teacher to take advantage of this is wrong. now she walks our hall ways and i hear the names and people like you of ignorant minds say she is not a child. it’s people like you that make the world see this as okay. i go to school to learn teacher i hope go to teach my Spanish teacher a beautiful lady i will always see as a mother figure and she says many time she loves her kids we the students are her kids. this is my real name so you know as a senior student of SHHS i do not think the teacher is innocent in anyway. please comment if you wish to continue your mind set

    3. 2sister says:

      There are innocent teacher’s who get accused of things, but their are also guilty teachers who get accused of things. Also, it isn’t just male teachers who get accused of this sort of thing. There are plenty of women who also are accused of this kind of crime. I this teacher is guilty, he deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If he is innocent, I hope he can move on and teach. This, however, is not a modern version of Salem Witch Trials.

      1. 2sister says:

        Oops. i meant if this teacher is guilty and not I this teachers is guilty.

    4. Craig from Australia says:

      Probably good you’re no longer teaching. You can’t even write proper English.

    5. Larry says:

      You got that right friend, If my wife and i fought tonight would the local shelters take a male ? Would the state give me $2100 to find an apartment like they do for women ? Would the D A assist me in getting a protective order for free ?

  2. Glenn says:

    both 18…..but HELLO…..in the darn classroom. How stupid can you be!!!

  3. B Rodriguez says:

    I agree the classroom is not the appropriate place for this kind of activity, and I agree that the guy should loose his job and teachers certificate, they were BOTH 18 and consented to the relationship. I don’t think criminal charges should be filed in this case, but the guy should know better. Enjoy your next career cleaning bathrooms at tha cinemaplex.

    1. Jeff D Johnson says:

      Charges are filed because in Texas it is against the law for a teacher to have a relationship of this kind with a student even if the student is of legal age.

    2. 2sister says:

      He should face charges. A teacher is not allowed to have a romantic relationship with students. He is facing a second degree felony. The age of consent argument would apply to a rape charge, and that’s not what he’s facing.

  4. rd says:

    @Glenn, I was 18 in my senior year and never had to repeat a year. I don’t know if it’s still that way, but when I was in elementary school, you had to be 6 yrs old on or before Sept. 1. My birthday is in October, so I was almost 7 when I started first grade.

  5. waf_98 says:

    I’m not defending this guy for a very bad decision, but the law is going too far. I can see the offense being a civil matter between employer and employee, but to criminalize behavior between two consenting adults is going over the line. It is no small wonder that convictions for these offenses are hard to come by.

    1. 2sister says:

      You can’t be charged with rape, if both people are consenting adults. That, however, is not what the teacher is being charged with. He’s being charged with having an improper relationship with a student. A teacher can’t have sex with a student or have any other kind of romantic relationship with a student ( i . e. dating the student).

  6. Vigilance says:

    I know this man, and I know first hand he often has sexual encounters with underage girls at San Houston. He has been doing that for years now. I’m no one to judge him, but I’m certainly glad authorities are finally removing him from the classrooms in Texas. He also used to video tape and photograph his underage students, which he used to share with his buddy Burris and others.

    1. Poop says:

      Should Burris be investigated?

    2. Secondhand says:

      “First hand” means you watched him having sex with underage girls. You are also a criminal if that is the case.

      1. Vigilance says:

        I was underage at the time. As mentioned before, he would always brag about his “deeds” in front of the sudets, who he thought followed him and praised him like idiots. I never shared his bs, and proudly can say that I never associated with him myself. If I didn’t bring it up, it was because his idiotic followers would fiercely defend him. At that age, kids dont really process information right, and are willing to do anything for who they consider their hero.

    3. CH says:

      Did you see this with your own eyes? Is this just hear say? If this were true, I’m sure SOMEONE would have come forward about it a long time ago. It sounds to me as if you just listen to hear say. And if you knew something, why didn’t you come forward before. If its true, you are just as guilty for not reporting it sooner. Stop slandering someone when you have no hard facts.

      1. TH says:

        Previous students – and teachers – DID try to notify the school of inappropriate behavior of this teacher. They were vilified and discredited by an administration that chose to protect him instead of appropriately investigating the situation. To those who knew him, these charges are not a surprise. It’s a shame it took this long for him to get caught in a situation where it was impossible for the district to sweep it under the rug again.

      2. To TH says:

        Exactly what kind of inappropriate behavior were students and teachers trying to report? It’s to my knowledge that any kind of inappropriate behavior on behalf of the educator is unacceptable, and not tolerated. Please shed some light on his behavior.

  7. juliana says:

    oh my god….this is not kool………….

  8. anonymouseketeer says:

    I was in his class 10 years ago at SHHS and the same rumor went around then about him. This is not shocking.

  9. shhs2006 says:

    Mr. McDaniel was a great teacher and I loved his class. So I don’t appreciate all of these negative comments. Those girls are old enough to know that messing around with a married teacher is wrong.

    1. Jeff D Johnson says:

      And that teacher knows the law. The ultimate responsibility is his.

      1. Deff J Dohnson says:

        That’s some pretty dismissive, just world fallacy argumenting right there. Too bad its not intellectually honest in any way, or you might have convinced someone of something!

    2. Nicholas Castillo says:

      old enough doesn’t quiet cut it. what they did is a different wrong what he did is at another level of being morally wrong.

    3. Aimee says:

      I was in Mr. McDaniel’s class when he taught at a private school while he was in college. He was a great teacher and so much fun. I know that he is a good person. I feel he probably knows he shouldn’t have done it. It probably is punishment enough to be publically embarrassed like this. I agree with someone else who said this should have been a employee/employer punishment and he should have benn fired but I seriously do not think he should be charged as a criminal. It was misconduct at work. Like having relations with a co-worker may be against the rules but not againt the LAW. Kinda crazy, and kinda blown out of proportion.

      1. to Aimee says:

        How do you know he is a good person? Do you know him “well”? Having sex with a student is NOT like having sex with a co-worker. There is authority involved here. More like a boss having sex with an underling, which is grounds for automatic firing at every decent corporation in the U.S. But what he did was worse, so much worse. He signed a yearly oath to not do such disgusting things, and now he has ruined these girls lives.

      2. CH says:

        This goes “to Aimee”. He didn’t ruin these girls lives. They were 18 when this happened, they ruined their own lives. Yes, he took an oath, but they were not 13 year olds. He should have been fired, but he DID NOT RAPE anyone. It was CONSENSUAL. Hello!

      3. I agree with CH says:


      4. Youre a lost cause says:

        Sex between a 36 year old teacher and his student (of any age) is never consensual, that’s why there is a law against it. …and CH, stop agreeing with your own posts …oh, and its not slander, check the definition. …last, we’ll see when he get convicted won’t we?

  10. Deff J Dohnson says:

    That’s some pretty dismissive, just world fallacy argumenting right there. Too bad its not intellectually honest in any way, or you might have convinced someone of something!

    1. PostGrad says:

      What did you just try to say? If this is the kind of arguments he taught you to construct, no wonder why his followers are a bunch of idiots.

  11. my nigga says:

    I don’t believe this teacher committed the crime that he’s accused of. First of all, a tip by Crime Stoppers? I didn’t know word of mouth would be considered evidence nowadays. He was accused of this same crime about 3 years ago and was not convicted. It just so happens that another rumor comes up and now he is? What is happening to the world.

    1. 2sister says:

      He may or may not be guilty. The fact that he wasn’t taken to trial for a similar accusation has nothing to do with whether or not he is innocent of the current charge. Note: I’m not saying that he is guilty or innocent of the current charge. People are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    2. teachertoo says:

      This accusation has been in investigation since Feb 8. The previous claim was also investigated. Don’t be a dunce.

    3. Another one says:

      From Wikipedia:
      Sexual narcissism

      Sexual narcissism has been described as an egocentric pattern of sexual behavior that involves an inflated sense of sexual ability and sexual entitlement. In addition, sexual narcissism is the erotic preoccupation with oneself as a superb lover through a desire to merge sexually with a mirror image of oneself. Sexual narcissism is an intimacy dysfunction in which sexual exploits are pursued, generally in the form of extramarital affairs, to overcompensate for low self-esteem and an inability to experience true intimacy.[39] This behavioral pattern is believed to be more common in men than in women and has been tied to sexual coercion in couples.[40][41]

    4. yo "white teacher" says:

      The evidence was: the testimony of two honors students, his taking a “sick” day from work, a credit card charge of a hotel in Austin on that same day, and he and the young lady entering the hotel and leaving an hour later. Guess he’s pretty fast.

  12. Anonymous says:

    it is not the teachers complete fault.. those two ADULT ladies both cooperated… plus they both knew what they were doing.. they wouldve done it with any other guy…the only difference in this story is, that he was a teacher. I say let the men go and let him go on with his life

  13. shhs13 says:

    let my nigga free he is a great teacher and doesnt deserve all of this!!

    1. shhs06 says:

      he really is the best English teacher ever 😥

  14. Craig from Australia says:

    Everything is big in Texas, even the prison system!

  15. me. says:

    Not a person that would ever do this. Ever.
    Not to mention have you seen his wife? lol.
    One of the smartest men I’ve ever met AND he’s absolutely in love with his wife and children.

    1. Just sayin says:

      You must not know him well. He would absolutely do this. Have you ever seen him around students? As far as his wife goes, a situation like this is not about attraction, its about power and adoration (in the sense that the girls adore him). He may love his wife and children, but its funny he doesn’t have a picture of them anywhere in his classroom. I think he loves himself more.

      1. teachertoo says:

        Just sayin’ is right. I know Brandon and you hit the nail on the head with that comment.

      2. CH says:

        Sorry, but you guys really don’t know him. Sound a lot like a lot of jealousy going on here. Maybe you as a teacher were jealous of him because he was popular with the kids, he is young, fun, smart and well liked by many. As a student, maybe he wasn’t your teacher, but you wanted him to be, maybe you said hi to him and he didn’t say hi back. Maybe he was just too cool for you and the only thing you can do is slander him? Maybe you as a student, or as a teacher, should really take a closer look at your unhappy lives before you start of talking about someone we don’t know is guilty or not. Remember this guy is someone’s, brother, dad, son, husband, friend. Please think wisely before posting hurtful and negative comments that are not COLD HARD FACTS.

      3. to CH says:

        LOL! Too funny!

  16. To the students says:

    For all the students on this comment page, I’m sorry you were tricked by a suave teacher, but the video doesn’t lie. He is a villain. Ask yourself, what did he ever really teach you? Or do you like him because he ran his class as a discussion group and gave everyone A’s even though you almost never worked? He was COOL right? Yeah, cool teachers are popular, but they have an agenda, and its not your education. Its garnering unearned praise. I wouldn’t let my little sister take his class because he teaches nothing. He tells stories about weed and how cool he was in college. Pathetic. He was creepy in my day, and now the truth has come out. You know who your good teacher are. He wasn’t ever one of them.

    1. student says:

      actually, he did help me understand everything that we were reading.

      1. hmmmm. says:

        Well, you say it through his eyes anyway…..

      2. To the students says:

        Sparksnotes.com can do that.

    2. Vigilance says:

      Finally a mature opinion about this sorry excuse of individual. On the comments about his wife, people dont really know him. He would always brag about his affairs in front of his idiotic followers

    3. teachertoo says:

      @ To the students…. BINGO.

  17. Praying says:

    Wow! I grew up with him and his family. I know he came from a great family and was not raised to be this way. HIs wife is gorgeous as well. Unless things have changed drastically in ten years with how he was raised I am beyond shocked. Innocent til proven guilty and it doesn’t take much to spread a false claim. If there were temptations, which I can only imagine in this day and age how aggressive young ladies have become…in a public school single parent homes and daddy issues, he should have set up safe guards or accountability or just left and taught at all boys school. We all make bad mistakes and choices but rarely do we see it on the news, lose a career over it. Praying for his family I can not imagine what they all are going through at this time. Praying this will all work for the good. It makes me think of the Third Day song Slow Fade…we must always be vigilant in our values and faith.

  18. Justice Seeker says:

    @vigilance – IF you know this man and have known of his actions “for years now”, are you not just as culpable for not seeking the authorities assistance in the matter? IF you were in a situation, as you seem to be from your comments, that you overheard or saw damning evidence, then wouldn’t your responsibility as an adult (I certainly hope that you aren’t a teacher – as you would be legally bound to report this) be to share this information with someone who could do something? IF you were a part of this alleged viewing or distribution of videos and photographs — you are guilty too.

    1. Vigilance says:

      I was underage at the time. As mentioned before, he would always brag about his “deeds” in front of the sudets who he thought followed him and praised him like idiots. I never shared his bs, and proudly can say that I never associated with him myself.

  19. Some kid at Sam says:

    The folks associated with the IB program really aren’t the brightest of fellows…

    1. some other kid says:

      Those who chose the teachers were also fooled. That’s what you get when you pick for “personality”

  20. A better teacher than you, Brandon says:

    Some people are egotistical, narcissists and sick perverts. IT IS WHAT IT IS, right, Brandon?

    1. Just sayin says:

      Awesome! You know him well.

    2. kisskiss says:

      did you write that on his guestbook? LOL

      1. kisskiss says:

        I just had seen that someone wrote that like 50 times on his guestbook in all caps just like that before it was shut down. Seeing this post here makes me think that it really wasn’t his own doing.

      2. A better teacher than you, Brandon says:

        He has a guestbook? Holy cow.

    3. CH says:

      Sound a jealous much? Get over yourself.

      1. to CH says:

        Sound like a broken robot much? That’s typical uneducated logic, “They don’t like me, so they must be jealous.” Keep saying it, maybe someone will believe it. Those that comment have their own opinions. Calling them jealous just makes you ignorant.

  21. kisskiss says:

    I found this somewhere else.
    What do ya’ll current students know?

    (quick comment) Eh, I still had great memories with my friends in his freshman honors English class. Fun times and nothing strange. Sigh, this is such a shame for him.

    “I heard from my cousin that this girl is fighting for/to stay in that valedictorian spot. That she is a skinny know it all. that she was crying in the cafeteria and all that drama. like the students currently at school are divided just as the comments here are. I’ve tried googling her but she is hidden… drats!

    He is wrong of course for acting on that. Maybe she wanted that number 1 spot all along? Who knows. I can’t wait to find out how she looks like dressed up as numero uno on grad day. lol”

  22. Get Real says:

    Sex between a 36 year old teacher and his student (of any age) is never consensual, that’s why there is a law against it.

  23. holy cow says:

    a better teacher than you???? 😀 i know who you are!!!!

  24. holy cow says:

    http://bamcdaniel.com/ he had a guest book he took it down after someone wrote IT IS WHAT IT IS ABOUT 50 TIMES my guess it was McDaniel himself but thats just a guess. it is what it is

  25. jay From Arlington says:

    I Go To Sam Houston High School, And everyone said he was having sex with them because they wanted to pass his class, Well if that was true or not they shouldn’t have done it in the first place its wrong and outta line. Something they didn’t mention on here is that the girls stayed after school with him. so they wanted to be with him.. Something The teacher need to know is that every student in the AISD area knew it was happening, teacher here just don’t care until its to late !

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