By Jack Fink

ROCKWALL (CBSDFW.COM) – Dr. Jacques Roy’s Desoto medical office, Medistat remains locked up, one day after he was arrested and charged in the largest home healthcare fraud case in the country.

Federal agents are seizing Dr. Roy’s assets including his white Buick SUV seen last June sitting in the driveway of his Rockwall house.

One day after Roy appeared in court, records show agents are also taking Roy’s two sailboats, and his bank accounts.

The U.S. Attorney in Dallas, Sarah Saldana, says in general they pursue defendants’ assets because they often can’t recover cash.

“We do everything we can. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that most defendants pay back their judgments, by that time you’re right, it’s wasted, frittered away, spent on luxuries and the like.”

In Dr. Roy’s case, prosecutors say he has bank accounts under a different name in Canada and in the Cayman Islands.

They say they found and seized $4 million, but that millions more dollars are unaccounted for.

Prosecutors say they believe Roy made a profit of nearly $19 million from his alleged schemes.

Still, the Justice Department says their anti-fraud efforts pay-off.  Deputy U.S. Attorney General James Cole told a news conference in Dallas Tuesday that, “For every dollar we’ve spent on enforcement these past three years, we’ve recovered nearly seven.”

Investigators first raided Dr. Roy’s house and office and other home health care agencies last June 2.  They say a medicare fraud strike force team uncovered the fraud after finding Roy filed phony medicare and medicaid claims.
Saldana says that team has helped her to increase the number of attorneys handling these cases.

Since January, 2011 when the strike team began in Dallas, Saldana says they’ve prosecuted 21 defendants. “If we hadn’t had those resources, I couldn’t have done that with one to two lawyers, so yes, it makes a difference.”

Dr. Roy’s attorney, Patrick McLain, says he hasn’t seen any evidence that his client broke the law.  On Monday, Roy will ask a judge to release him from custody, but prosecutors want Roy to stay locked up.

In court documents, prosecutors say because Roy has squirreled away millions of dollars, they believe he’ll flee.

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