Parents Use Hidden Camera To Capture Abuse Of Autistic Son

ALLEN (CBSDFW.COM) – An Allen couple suspected a caretaker was abusing their autistic son. But they had trouble convincing operators of the group home where he was living, as well as state authorities. So they took matters into their own hands, which led to a shocking discovery and criminal charges.

Karen and Michael Hartley secretly placed a hidden camera inside their son Taylor’s room at residential nursing home and documented an alleged beating of the 22-year-old.

“You promise this child when they’re born that you’re going to love them forever and you’re going to protect them,” Karen Hartley said of her love for her son.

Taylor’s autism and physical size, as he grew older, made it difficult for him to stay with his parents.

So Karen and Michael moved Taylor into several homes in east Allen, then operated by Frank Nerkowski.

Within days of living at a home, located in the 800 block of Meadowcreek, the family received a phone call.

“I get a call from our dentist and he says, ‘Karen you’re not going to believe this but Taylor has a compound fracture of his jaw’,” recalled Karen.

Caretaker Michael Fuller and another worker blamed the injury on a fall.

“At first we tried to give them the benefit of the doubt,” Michael said of the situation.

For months the family documented bruises on Taylor’s ears and legs, as well as burns on his arm.

caretaker abuse 1 Parents Use Hidden Camera To Capture Abuse Of Autistic Son

(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

After state investigators failed to prove they were the result of abuse, the Hartley’s secretly installed a hidden camera in Taylor’s room in May 2011. Two weeks later, the family saw the video of Taylor cowering on his bed just about every time a caretaker entered the room.

Authorities say Fuller is the person seen on recordings beating Taylor with his fists and with a toy gun Taylor’s mom and dad gave him as a birthday present.

“I’m sitting here watching daytime television and my son is being beat and treated horribly,” said Taylor’s mother, “I feel so guilty we didn’t do the camera earlier.”

Frank Nerkowski manages several residential nursing homes,  owned by his ex-wife, in Allen. He says Fuller no longer works for him and believes Taylor’s behavioral problems contributed to what happened.

“Whatever he did on film was not good,” Nerkowski said about Fuller, “He’s [Taylor] a good kid he’s playful but there’s no discipline whatsoever.”

Fuller appeared in Collin County court last week to face a felony assault charge. His case goes to trial May 14.

Taylor’s parent’s say their son is not only recovering from broken bones, he’s also struggling with a broken spirit.

“He’s just real sad. He’s lost some of the zest for the things he used to enjoy,” Karen said.

CBS 11 News attempted to but was unable to contact Fuller for comment on the allegations.

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One Comment

  1. 2sister says:

    There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. I can’t believe the owner even gave a sort of approval of what happened.

    1. Karma says:

      I agree, I think that the owner needs to take responsability for his mistakes as well. He clearly doesnt do check ups on his staff as stated that Fuller had a warrent out for drugs. Awesome job being an owner of a business! He also needs to be brought up to charges for neglegance for not properly conducting investigations when issues were brought to his attention.

    2. Voo says:

      If you have your child in one of these homes. Get them out now! Put them out of business! I don’t trust anyone that would have married that guy! I don’t trust the people monitoring the homes either. They need to be fired!!!

    3. raw shark says:

      no worries y’all, I WILL FIND THIS MAN AND BEAT HIM TO DEATH

      not far from Allen here. not far at all

      1. Linda says:

        He’s not worth it.. Don’t get yourself into trouble. We need good people on the outside of jail. Let the law handle it.

      2. Lisa Day says:

        I know how you feel Raw S. This world is so full mankind who is followers of the Devil. Their time on earth is running very short. As Matthew 5:5 Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.
        I had to live by this and tell myself each time someone hurt my Son, Mom, My Father & myself….Justice is right around the corner.
        This promise carries me through hurt, pain and suffering of not just myself but for all.
        REV 21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

        We all have someone who hurt us or others and wanted to take them down..there is just too many followers of Satan at this time of the end. Just remember one thing. For each man who forms pain to another, has family that has nothing to do with that persons illness of mind. Death of this man will form another in tears and the circle will never end. Until the Judgement day.

    4. Mimi says:

      The owner should absolutely be held accountable! It is reprehensible that he places blame on Taylor and he comes off as an uneducated moron. How can Texas allow such a clown to be responsible for the lives of our most vulnerable?

  2. Joy says:

    How sad! Fuller deserves jail time, not probation. He is a danger to society and needs to be locked up and beaten daily like he did to others.

    1. kimberly2589 says:

      I feel the same way.

    2. Linda says:

      I just pray he has no children or pets. Hopefully that will be looked into as well. He is pure evil.

  3. Donna says:

    This monster needs to be taken in an alley and have the *&^ beat out of him!!!! How can this owner even suggest that it may be a little fault of this young man. His business needs to be shut down and hopefully, he will spend some years in jail!!!!

    1. bds says:

      you better believe if that was my kid an ass kicking would be the least of fuller’s concerns…

  4. badboy15 says:

    wow…that’s horrible. that young man is defenseless and did not deserve to be treated that way…

    no probation please. this kid has broken bones and years of spiritual recovery ahead

    1. kimberly2589 says:

      I 100% agree. there is no excuse for what he did. Emotions take the longest to recover.

  5. Susie Kasper says:

    I hope the state will now come in and take a good hard look at these group homes and the way they are run. With the owner of the homes make an excuse for the employee it makes we wonder what else is going on behind closed doors. He should have been more than out raged at the conduct of his employee.

    1. karen hartley says:

      Thanks for your comment. I just heard from Lifepath in Allen, the group home supervisors for our HCS providers and they are saying that their procedures are appropriate, that it is not their responsibility to provide a safe environment for persons like Taylor in HCS group Homes. This is ridiculous that the state of Texas is not willing to enable their HCS service coordinators with the tools to protect and report owners like the nerkowski’s to the local police department for negligence and physical abuse.These monthly inspectors should be held reponsible for investigating crime in group homes and reporting it. Taylor’s MOM

      1. Ms David says:

        Would love to talk to you can you call me at the church office-ms David 🙂

      2. Wendy says:

        I have an 8 year old Autistic son. I can’t imagine how you felt after seeing the tape. I think it is the states responsibilty to make sure our children our in a safe environment. I can’t believe that they said that it isn’t their responsibilty. That just horrifies me. That is the craziest thing I have ever heard. Fuller does not deserve jail time he deserves death.

  6. Evelyn Shaw says:

    All facilities should have cameras everywhere. Good providers would not object to being monitered. The owner should be accountable also.

    1. YRofTexas says:

      I fully agree with you Evelyn. While my hubby was hospitalized Mar – May 2010, I stayed with him overnight then went to work. Just that little bit I saw attitudes and smart-mouthed techs and nurses. But they hated me because I got in their faces and made sure that they listened to my handicapped husband and did what they were expected to do. I believe that a family member and/or camera must always be present for when a loved one is outside the home.

    2. R. Stanley says:

      I agree all facilities should be required by law to have cameras for the safety of the residents who are nonverbal !

    3. Mimi says:

      I agree that there should be proper monitoring, however, installing a camera in each room would take away their privacy. These residents are adults and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. I can only imagine what a person capable of beating the vulnerable would do with recordings of them in the most private of moments! It would only be a matter of time before the tapes show up on the internet.

  7. Adam says:

    My family lives in Allen. Hope I dont see this Fuller guy when im there. For his sake. I cant believe some people.

    1. Sarah D says:

      I don’t live in Allen, but if I seen him I would be sure to make a racket and get someone to seriously hurt this man.

  8. Sarah D says:

    Absolutely Horrendous behavior. If that was my son and this guy only gets probation, I would find a way to get to him and harm him the same or if not worse.
    This man deserve fail time, and the owner should be forced to close down, or be forced to do legal evaluations of the people he hires.

  9. PKL says:

    OMG! How frightening. As a mother of an IDD/Austic child just now learning about my child’s life options, this absolutely horifies me! How can I ensure my child’s care and safety with sick, sadistic people like this out there holding care-giver positions???!!! OMG!

    1. momof2cubs says:

      My son is Autistic and is going to be 5 in March. I am with you. I am afraid that if I leave my child with someone I don’t really know, this could happen. I guess all we can do is research places that we want to send them. Or work at these places so we can keep an eye on them. Its hard all around. 😦

      1. karen hartley says:

        Thanks for your comment. Embrace your son’s autism, enjoy every minute you can of his childhood, help him to enjoy his life with this affliction. Receive your strength to do this from God, for Jesus sai d, My grace is sufficient for you, for
        My strength is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12: 9-10 NKJV.
        Follow your heart on when you feel your son is safe, when you feel that he is not safe, check it out , don’t trust anyone that does not love your son, like you do. Karen Hartley Taylor’s MOM

      2. momof2cubs says:

        Thank you Karen. 🙂

      3. The Other Side says:

        I too have an autistic child that has improved greatly. i wanted to share my knowledge with another family and volunteered to work with one in Richardson. They were deceptive with me from the beginning and didn’t inform me that their “child” was a 200 lb. teen with a history of sudden violence. I was severely assaulted in their home, attacked from behind, thrown ten feet by the hair, pinned down and my head violently shaken. The home health care agency that paid me refused any responsibility and never checked to see if these people had insurance. They didn’t, or at least claimed they didn’t, and according to police had done the same thing to at least four other people. I took them to court and won the costs of my medical bills which they never paid. Their son was a doctor at Parkland who retaliated by violating my medical records. His fine was a whopping $500 while I am out over $2,000 and NO state agency gives a wit.

  10. Ben says:

    This makes me physically ill. That man is twice the boy’s size! Takes a pretty good hit to beak someone’s jaw. No one deserves treatment like that anytime, any reason.

  11. Tami says:

    astonishingly, bills to get cameras installed in group homes to ensure there’s video oversight have been shot down time and time again using “privacy” as the excuse. parents need to rise up to meet the neeeds of their children, and if they can’t , they need to insist on homes where there are cameras installed.

    1. momof2cubs says:

      I agree, its not like they expect them in the bathrooms. But to keep an eye on what is happening with their child. The ones who don’t want it probably have something to hide.

      1. 2sister says:

        I understand how you feel, but their really are some privacy issues that would have to be dealt with. Also, it doesn’t necessarily mean that people who don’t want them have have something to hide. I’m not saying that some of them aren’t trying to cover something up, but again, just that this isn’t necessarily the case
        Some people are probably just afraid that the pictures taken might be misused by some people ( i. e. perverts) and violate the privacy of the person with the disability. Note: I’m not saying that there should not be any cameras, but we have to consider the fact that cameras in a person’s room could violate the person’s privacy.

      2. Voo says:

        I have a son with autism. I want a camera in every nook & cranny where he is. Jerks like this would just find a way to get my baby out of camera view! Every adult with autism that is difficult to handle is someone’s baby. Did he treat his children this way?! Does he have children? If so , CPS had better get involved quick! I’m disgusted.

    2. Marty says:

      We are doing that in NJ Tami. We now have the “Registry Bill” which once a direct care staff is convicted of abusing a client in a group home, that he/she is never aloud to work in any other facility in NJ. It still needs improvement, the families I am working with are meeting again with legislatures to amend that bill to make it stronger. We also are working with a NJ State Senator, Senator Beck regarding a bill she is trying to get passed which I believe this will have no problem getting passed after the loss of a client who was starved to death, in which the state of nj never followed up with this particular “foster group home for the dd” I proposed to expand Tara’s Law to include Group Home, Developmental Centers, supervised apartments, and nursing homes, caring for the developmentally disabled. Most of the legislatures agree with us, especially Senator Beck. We are proposing which an Assemblywoman who chairs the health and human services committee to get a bill passed making it manditory to educate, and certify direct care staff and to make sure they are qualified to work with the autistic with challenging behaviors. So many staff take it too personal when the developmentally disabled strikes out at them. That could be avoided by re directing, and using relaxation techniques to avoid a melt down. My son who is autistic pdd 27 yrs old is working well now in a well run program. I suggest families work together form an alliance, get politically involved to better the system that “oversees” these facilities….
      Marty Mother and Advocate…

  12. Charlena says:

    Probation my *^%^%^ put him in jail!

  13. momof2cubs says:

    This guy is sick! Beating someone who can’t fight back? What a coward!! If this were my son, I would try and keep him at home, or move somewhere where there are better group homes. Pick a state that protects special needs people. I hope the laws are a lot better by the time my son is ready to move out. The ex owner says Quote “believes Taylor’s behavioral problems contributed to what happened”. OH MY GOD…are you serious? There is NO excuse to abuse someone. Special needs or not. Disgusting.

    1. Laura says:

      as they said his size was a reason he was no longer at home. a lot of times the parent cannot offer the proper supervision (for various reasons like health, age, physical limitations and work). Ideally the group home would offer this. This type of situation with the caregivers being the abuser is a crisis nationwide. A lot of times the victim is not verbal enough to tell anyone or too afraid. There does need to be a camera in every facility, parents or guardians can sign a waiver. The footage can be viewed on a secure server (many daycare centers do this like the Children’s Courtyard) where the parent is given specific user id. But also any abuse against a Special needs person should be treated as a hate crime and the sentence given should be the maximum allowed under those laws.

  14. Tyna says:

    I started to leave so many different comments. All I can do is cry. My son is 16, severely autistic and blind. We take care of him at home (my in laws and my husband and I) and he also goes to school. Someday, we are going to die. That is plain cold truth. And all i can do is cry about his future and the sick, sick people of the world who would never love him and take care of him the way we do. My heart goes out to Taylor. I do not want to judge his parents. I know first hand how hard it is when a kid Taylor’s size has a tantrum etc…I have a few holes in my walls to attest to that. Right now my husband had to go get him from school for unruly behavior. But for now, until I have no breath left in my body, he will NEVER go to a group home.

    1. karen hartley says:

      Thanks for your comment. I will say a special prayer for your son and your family. We have been in the same situation as you are now, except we did not have family support, like your in-laws. ( Holes in the wall, the school calling) One thing that I have learned being the mother of an autistic child, never say never.. I sincerely hope that you will be able to take care of your son in your home, always. Taylor still wants to come home to live with mom & dad. Sincerely, Taylor’s MOM, Karen Hartley

      1. 2sister says:

        I’m sorry for what happened to your son. I have a loved one with a disability.

      2. Autism Mom says:

        Mrs. Hartley, I too do not family support and I am a single mom of an autistic child and a legally blind child with autism like symptoms. I hate that this has happened to Taylor. I am praying for you all. That someone will take him into their group home and give him what he needs love and support. And that you will be able to gain trust in caregivers who do care. 😦

      3. midwesterner2 says:

        I am so, so sorry for what happened to your son, Mr. and Mrs. Hartley. I know something of the dilemmas you face. I am also a mom of a young-adult son with autism. I pray that I am never in a situation such as yours.

        Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

      4. grebis says:

        Karen, you and your husband are to be commended on your restraint. This article would have a different headline had I been involved. May you find a graceful path in life. Peace be with you.

    2. Jennifer says:

      My heart was just sick watching this video… how can anyone do something like this to another human being… especially a defenseless one. What a horrible situation and it does happen more often than we all like to think. It is definitely hard to watch especially when you have an autistic child like we do and you wonder how life is going to play out for them. I know I have wondered many times and worried about these same things you do. I would like to interject some positive points and put it out there that this is not the norm for people to be treated like this with disabilities. There are so many wonderful and caring people that work in the field of taking care of autistic adults along with other disabilities. My 18 yo son is autistic as well and I have been fortunate enough not to have to ever use daycare or anything and he had wonderful, wonderful people all throughout his education and therapies that were around him… except ONE that we found out was being pretty rough with him when he would have his outbursts/meltdowns. When that happens, it sure bruises your trust in humanity and can tend to overshadow all the good that is around. We can all hope that we can somehow set our kids up to be in the ideal situation in case we are not around to provide or watch over and I pray you really don’t ever have to send him to a group home, but I think it is a bit unrealistic to not see that as a possibility at some point. When you have a child with special needs, you really have to be very realistic. Best of luck to you and your family.

    3. TH says:

      You sound like an awesome parent. I commend you for caring for your child at home and the sacrifices that you must make to give him a higher quality of life. I hope you can find someone who will care for him and love him as much as you do.

  15. A Friend says:

    I know Taylor’s sister and met Taylor at her wedding… He is a great guy. I have heard what his sister and family have gone through… I pray that Collin County does the right thing and the caretakers gets the max of his sentence…

  16. Autism Mom says:

    I would kill this guy!!! And yes he can take that as a promise! You don’t go messing with another person especially one with special needs. I am so sorry this happened to Taylor and his family. I have an autistic son and I am fearful of who I leave him. 😦 My prayers are with Taylor as he heals.

  17. charisa says:

    I am so sorry this has happened to your family, i am in TEARS as i think about what this has done to your son..emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I cannot even begin to think of the pain your enduring emotionally as well. There are some SICK people in this world and i am saddend to see it has been taken out on a defensless person. Many prayers!

  18. autism mummy says:

    this is so so sad to read! im just wondering how many other patients have to go through this ordeal everyday and there are no family/carers to bring it to light… son is autistic and to even think this sort of thing would ever happen breaks my heart…….why are some people so sick in the head that they would even ever think of harming someone so fragile in the firstplace… doesnt give you any more power, if thats what its all over…….this needs to stop today
    there should be weekly checks in these types of places and if there are any tiny clues that it is happening then everyone working there should be questioned…..better still cameras in every room possible inc bathrooms!!!!!

  19. Karma says:

    Karma is going to get this guy back when he becomes the helpless coward that he is in jail! I hope they treat him just like he treated little Taylor. Praying for Taylor and his family! You dont mess with one of my kiddos!

    1. Linda says:

      OH he will get his in jail. Other inmates do not take lightly-child abusers, etc…Let’s just hope they don’t put him in protective custody.

  20. lynn says:

    We all have to be vigilant and watch out for our kids. Trust your gut instinct and do not be disuaded by others. I hope Taylor heals and that you all will find a truly loving home for Taylor.

    It is truly disgusting that the former owner tried to blame Fuller’s actions on Taylor. We are all responsible for our own actions. No one person can “make” us abuse, yell, curse, or whatever. Our actions are soley in our own power and society should start holding people accountable, without exscuse.

    It is truly sad that some people get their jollies out of terrifying and abusing the weak and innocent. My only hope is that they will receive just punishment now, and if not now, then on the other side.

    1. midwesterner2 says:

      You are absolutely right, Lynn!

      The manager shows that he has no clue by his statement “no discipline”…. I hope that all their clients are able to go elsewhere, because no one should be running a group home with that abysmal lack of insight into autism!

      1. loveothersnomatterwhat says:

        What got me was the comment made by the owner that Taylor’s behaviour had led to the care takers actions of physically and no doubt verbally abusing Taylor. I am VERY PROUD of Taylor’s parents for putting in a secret surveillance camera. These actions are uncalled for and not needed. These care takers are supposed to be TRAINED Properly of how to Conduct themselves when working with anyone with Challenges. I agree with you as well Lynn with all above the statement you have made but I am quoting this last statement of yours “It is truly sad that some people get their jollies out of terrifying and abusing the weak and innocent. My only hope is that they will receive just punishment now, and if not now, then on the other side.” because I am sickened by BULLIES and ABUSERS. In my opinion the care takers punishment isn’t even a punishment, it’s a slap on the wrist and that’s all.

      2. Voo says:

        Even worse, he claims Taylor’s behavior caused it! Knowing through working in institutions & group homes, the behavior can be awful. It feels like “a lack of discipline” until you learn through education that traditional discipline backfires with a child that has an inability to understand social skills. These people are poorly paid (again you get what you pay for), not education, poorly supervised (I was not supervised either) and the people with disabilities pay the price. It is time for the officials to pay as well. They were supposed to be monitoring these homes. They were not doing their jobs. People should be losing their jobs right now!

  21. carol norwell says:

    Evil….its happened here in the UK….no plea deal, no favours…anyone who does this deserves prison…and hopefully gets to meet some people inside who have had relatives abused in this way before … show them the error of their ways…..

  22. Mom says:

    Unfortunately, as thousands of these children are aging out of their parents houses, we are going to hear more and more about abuse. There needs to be laws and stiff punishments for these people who treat people with special needs like this. So many rules/laws about no “child left behind”, but what happens when they are out of school. What are the parents supposed to do? My son is autistic and only 11 years old. He is getting very large and I fear the day when he has to leave me. I can’t even bear to think about it.

    1. Morentin1326 says:

      you don’t have to send them away… i’ve seen plenty of adults with autism that are still at home… i would rather medicate my son (who is 16 and my daughter who is 17, both with autism) then stick them in a home… I hope they never leave me… who will sing them their bedtime songs and give them hugs and kisses… centers and homes and no employee’s paycheck is big enough to make some one want to do those kinds of things… family is what is best for them, but not every situation is the same… i hope you never have to send your child away, too…

      1. Marcy says:

        It’s hard to tell in the video, but Taylor outweighs my mother by about 50 lbs, and is stronger than she is. They had Taylor later in life(like a lot of autistic kids). Taylor is my younger brother. I was 15 when we were blessed with him. There was no medication that would keep him calm enough at home without causing seizures and further medical issues. We tried everything. My parent’s paid out of pocket for attendants at home, but it was very hard to find good people. The group home really was a last resort for our family, and none of us wanted to do it. There really was no way to care for him at home any longer. This was the only group home in Allen at the time of placement. They moved him out the very same day that they saw the video’s. He is now in another home in a neighboring city(with different owner’s obviously), and they seem to be taking very good care of him(so far- we have lost all ability to trust).

      2. Morentin1326 says:

        I am sure it was a very hard choice, and i pray that i am never faced with that. i hope your brother is in a place where he is treated with the care he deserves. i meant no judgement to you, as i know every situation is different. I was just commenting on that i feel home is best. I actually know a family who sent both their boys who have autism, away as soon as they reached 12, not because they were difficult or uncontrollable, but because the parents did not want a life of sacrifice for themselves and their other child. I just wanted to point out that parents have a choice and if it is a choice that is good for both the child and family to stay together than they should keep the child at home. Many people don’t know that.

    2. karen hartley says:

      The thought of ever placing Taylor in a group home was always uxceptable to me. as taylor grew older I painfully realized there would come a day when we would have no choice. I did my best to prepare him by reading him Bible stories each night, praying with him, kissing him on the head, and telling him I loved him. As time went on the looming pain of eventual separation became more intense. I realized that Taylor needed to leave in order to mature to the best of his ability and become the best he could be. Taylor has grown into an honest mad with a gentle spirit and a child like faith in God that exceeds my comprehension. I am very proud on him and will continue to love and protect his as long as I live.
      Taylor’s Dad, Michael Hartley

      1. Jennifer says:

        I just want to say my heart goes out to you guys. That video was so difficult to watch and can’t even imagine if it was my own child in his place. I really hope things work out for your family and that Taylor can learn to trust again somehow. Kudos to you guys for having the strength to do what you needed to do to protect Taylor. I pray God watches over him and protects him wherever he is being cared for.

      2. SeekingJustice says:

        We too had a child badly injured while in a home run by Frank Nerkowski, his son Tony Nerkowski and wife Pam Nerkowski. I would very much like to speak with Karen and Michael. How can we get in contact with each other without sacrificing our privacy?

      3. Maureen Goddard says:

        Karen and Family,
        Thank you for sharing your story, and I hope you can pass over the disparaging comments and take comfort in the resources that are out there to make change for others like Taylor.

      4. Marcy says:

        Seeking Justice- I am Mike and Karen’s eldest daughter. I can get you in touch with them. Email me The main reason that we went to the press was to get the word out on the Nerkowski’s since the state is too inept to shut them down. We are hoping at the very least for people trying to place their child will find this story and keep their kids out of there(my parents were *not* warned).

      5. Lisa Day says:

        Karen, first of all blessings to you & Taylor and family. Feel free to have all of our comments copied and I here sign my name that laws to be passed in every location of any child or elders housings cameras. Letting all know they are being watched 24/7. No cameras no licenses allowed. Devices that can be used from your own home like GPS trackers or as now days Skype. Those people make money on our children and loved ones. I know it’s only right to leave it in the hands of God but I also know I would have a mighty hard time not waiting and taking things into my own hands. My son is 13 with A.D.H.D. & has Asperger’s syndrome. I give you my heart and pray this evil monster to be placed in a cell with a bigger guy who knows what he did to your son and or others and may he be blessed with the same kinda love each night.

  23. Morentin1326 says:

    figures they would try and put the blame on the autistic boy… i saw this and my heart fell… i don’t care how big my son get’s i will never put him in a home… what do they think happens there? no one! i mean no one loves your child like you do… the worse part is this happens all the time, and they (children and people with autism) are the perfect victims, they can’t tell you, or explain it, or they blame them or their behavior, or they make excuses or just straight out lie, after all who wants to admit they are abusing disabled people???… this is why i never leave my kids… no one deserves to be treated like this, i don’t care what his behavior is… i hope this guy gets worse in jail… some one will get him, they always do…and the people who run the home should be charged too,they had to know something was happening, and if they lie and say they didn’t then they should be closed down, after all if you don’t know what is happening in your center then you don’t need to run it… UGH… ******* people… I tell you…

  24. pepe says:

    The owner of the facility almost comes out and states that physical restraint is needed with the clients because of their size. If thats the case, then it should be monitored with cameras. But, this was clearly not the casse or the situation. The owner needs to be included in the complaint filed in court. Stupidity and not taking action sooner is not only the fault of the system who monitors these facilities… but where were the relatives of these poor innocent mentally challenged victims!!!!!!!!!!!! Sue the son’s of “B”…, and take their licenses away so that can’t hurt anyone else.

  25. karen hartley says:

    Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the Devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. But may the God of all grace who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you. To Him bethe glory and the dominion forever and ever. Amen. 1 Peter 5: 8-11 nkjv Thanks, Taylor’s MOM

  26. Friend says:

    This breaks my heart, This poor guy is putting his hand up to block a hit before the guy even gets in the cameras view. I’m so glad you did not accept “probation” what a freaking joke and terrible injustice that would have been for Taylor. That prosecutor should be ashamed for even offering the deal. I look forward to hearing about the guilty verdict and the sentence that follows…although I believe this guy deserves more of a public beating that anyhing else. Taylors Mom, please look into websites like that will help petition for signatures to get laws changed.

  27. Maureen Goddard says:

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to Taylor and his family. Making a decision to find a different living situation is VERY hard emotionally, and is often done as a last resort- please- no negativity to these parents. I hope that you can find a better place. I worked with adults with Developmental Disabilities for years and was honored to serve them. There are others like me who can be trusted, and agencies that will give training to employees so that the persons served can live a life they desire and deserve. Kansas has great programs, great resources ( KU, Beach Center on Disability).

  28. Anonymous says:

    if your sitting on your ass all day watching day time tv you can WATCH YOUR OWN CHILD regardless of his size and what ever, you gave birth to this child you brought him into this world he is your responsibility and your choice you need to take care of him and if you did just that NONE OF THIS WOULD OF HAPPENED!

    1. Marcy says:

      “Judge Not lest ye be Judged”. My parents think this every day and destroy themselves with the guilt. Not a day or an hour goes by that they don’t beat themselves up with that exact same thought. He is 175 lbs and 5’7″ with the reasoning capabilities of a toddler. I really believe that if he had stayed home the story we would be reading right now would be about a Mom that tried and was injured herself or a story of Taylor being run over by a car because she wasn’t strong enough physically to keep him safe. Then judgmental people would be saying “Why didn’t they put him in a home?” Your comment is very hurtful, but I don’t blame you for your obvious ignorance. It is easy to say things on the internet, but please remember that these are real people that will carry these harmful words with them forever. I told my mother last night that she didn’t need to read this thread anymore.

    2. Steph says:

      I have to agree with this post. I would never put my son in home and if he was too much for me to handle alone I would get someone to help me in my own home where I can make sure he is safe.

    3. Lisa Day says:

      Of course your Anonymous. Go on and hide behind your little screen and place words out like spit of a camel. You have first of all no clue the duties of a challenged child that grows into adulthood as the parents are of Elders to have grandchildren run and play as they go back home. Don’t you dare place an adult of this story their fault as duties of care takes a toll on them. It’s very hard work and sometimes too hard for them to chase or to protect him at all hours. What the hell do you mean NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED? Maybe the GUY WHO HITS SHOULD HAVE BEEN SPANKED MORE or taught to be kind and be happy to be free of illnesses that happens in life. You’re an idiot just like the abuser. Keep slapping that tongue around and do it in public and I would only hope someone has an arm spasm all over your stupidity. Oh and I live in Manteca California and my name is Lisa Day. I don’t have to hide like you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Linda says:

      I can certainly see why you are ‘Anonymous’. You’re an insensitive, ignorant idiot. Your comment doesn’t even dignify a response. I”m sick to my stomach after reading your ridiculous, callous statement.You better get to a shrink ASAP Maybe you are Michael Fuller!!!!!!!!!! VERY SAD.

  29. Trish says:

    Please overlook the cruel comments of ignorant people who don’t have a clue. Unfortunately, the statistics of every family being affected by autism is stacked against them as well. Environmental toxins in our air, food, water and other sources are taking it’s toll on what our bodies and brains can handle. Families who have lovingly raised their affected children along with their typically developing siblings, should be able to look to the day when their children can achieve independence on various levels. This couple has every right to allow their son to live in a safe, nurturing environment away from home. It has nothing to do with shirking responsibility, and everything to do with securing a comfortable life for their adult son. And to be honest? Parents of adult children with special needs have the right to plan for their own aging like everybody else.
    I have been on both sides of the coin. I spent my career in Special Education, working part time in a small group home. I can tell you that older parents love their adult children who have special needs, as much as the parents of the Doctor or Lawyer who live next door! I also have a grandson with autism. He is only 10, but believe me when I tell you, I worry a lot about his future as his we and his parents age!
    I am so sorry that this abuse goes on. Stories like this continue to scare young parents as they responsibly plan for the future of their disabled children. Remember that there are a lot of good, caring people out there who serve to enhance the lives of our most vulnerable citizens. We just need to monitor the bad ones and see that they are thrown out!!!!! Love and prayers.

  30. Susie says:

    Just horrrible.. I pray for that young man and his family.

  31. Zelma says:

    Wow such a sad story! I was horrified probation I scoff at it! He wasn’t kind,caring,and merciful to Taylor! Abuse of any kind to anyone I have zero tolerance for! Taylor is a person who deserves respect and has the same rights as we. His disability doesn’t cancel out his dignity, honor, his freedom to feel safe and loved. My heart goes out to Taylor. I pray he’s in a much better environment and his spirit heals soon! God bless!

  32. Pixie says:

    How dare Frank Nerkowski blame the abuse on the child! It is NEVER ok to beat a child, no matter what they have done. I am appalled. He should not be allowed to work in a residential setting ever again after a comment like that.

  33. Marty says:

    We have the same problem in NJ. In fact I along with other families have met with legislatures who are currently working on bills to protect our most vulnerable. The only way to protect the most vulnerable is to start an alliance.. What we have here in Jersey is “Family Alliance to Stop Abuse and Neglect” There has been 2 bills we had passed.. The Registry Bill, and Danielles Law..We are no working on certification bill, “Mandatory Direct Care Certification where staff are to be educated and taught how to work with the dev disabled, especiallly those with challenging behaviors. NJ Governor Chris Christie is working hard with families and legislatures to make the necessary changes caring for the developmentally disabled by bringing in transparency and accountability.. We feel, in which legislatures agree, that the state should not have their own investigational unit.. that it should be handled at the level of the Attorney Generals Office… Many of the developmentally disabled have lost their lives due to abuse and neglect at hands of caretakers in these facilities in which the administrators turn the other way… My son has endured the most terrible loss at one facility in NJ, and my sons former housemate died due to neglect… .. I fought to finally get him placed in one of the better programs, and just became a strong advocate for my son and other families.. That is what you all need to do in Texas… You need to work with your legislatures…. and get involved….

  34. Family of Taylor says:

    Taylor’s sister got married to my cousin a little over a year ago, so I have met Taylor a couple of times. He Is sweet to everyone and I have been lucky to be able to share in one of his beautiful smiles. I hope his heart heals quickly and I get to see that smile again for it is one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen.

  35. Anne McElroy Dachel says:

    We are just beginning to see the tidal wave of dependent, disabled adults with autism who will eventually flood this country. Stories of abuse of students with autism in our schools are now commonplace. For two decades, health officials and mainstream medicine have looked on as autism soared to epidemic levels. One percent of U.S. children now have autism. Among boys alone, it’s almost two percent. We are totally unprepared to take on the support and care of hundreds of thousands of these children as adults. What is it going to take to make autism a national health care emergency?

    Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

  36. anonymous says:

    Texas is a nightmare when it comes to any kind of autism intervention. There is so much restraint and abuse going on in that state (an so many others-Florida is another nightmare) unfortunately. I would say get him the hell out of Texas and move north. The south is SO far behind in treating the kids humanely.

    1. Marty says:

      It happens everywhere anonymous.. Google “Family Alliance to stop abuse and neglect NJ” And read those articles

    2. Marty says:

      It happens everywhere anonymous.. My son has been abused in several group homes in NJ.. All forms of abuse

      1. STOP ABUSE says:

        This is a recurring problem. Here in NJ we are dealing with problems like this. My prayers go out to this young man and his family. PARENTS AND GUARDIANS NEED TO SPEAK OUT OF THE ABUSE AND NEGLECT. There are good caretakers, however the abusive ones need to be punished to the max.

  37. getagrip says:

    Wow, the owner says it is partially the autistic man’s fault his caretaker abused him? I felt sorry for him at first because it is hard to ensure your employees behave properly. However, I lost my sympathy for him after that statement.

  38. Maureen Goddard says:

    Karen can you keep us all apprised of how this case plays out, and how letters from others might be helpful. Thank you, Maureen

    1. karen hartley says:

      Maureen, thanks for all your comments and support. The plan is to keep everyone informed, so that Taylor is the last victim of this group home. Frank
      is to go to trial on march 21, for criminal neglence of another client that took place before we placed Taylor. We have been to Kansas, Taylor calls it,
      “Dorothy’s state”. Karen

  39. Marty says:

    “The Other Side” That is because the program you worked didn’t give you the tools to be trained and educated to work with this population, especially those with challenging behaviors… My son too had been abused in several group homes in NJ, and now working with our legislatures to get a “Mandatory Certification Bill” passed so the staff will be educated and comfortable working with this population. Go on CAISA website http://www.caisa. either .org or .com to see the abuse that happens all over the country..

  40. Marty says:

    Actually, “On the Other Side” Google “Family Alliance to Stop Abuse and Neglect NJ and read those stories…

  41. Another concerned minority says:

    I hate to say this but why is a lot of black ppl always caretakers or work in nursing homes. They dont even take care of themselves or their own kids how can a person expect them to take care of another person. They are like animals. Sorry but no need to be nice anymore Black History month is over. This monster needs to be another perfect statistics and put this black person in jail with all the others.

    1. Compassionate Mom says:

      Please do not categorize all Black people as being heartless, insufficient, and animal-like. I agree that there are alot of cases, in the media, where the perpetrator is a Black male, however, there are alot of cases, that are not in the media, where care-takers who are Black are just that_ care takers (people who actually care and take care of those unable to take care of themselves). It is unfortunate that you have not had the opportunity to meet Black people who care and take care of their own kids because despite what you think, there are alot that are successful at doing just that. It has been proven that crime, racism, and ignorance is delivered in all racial packages. God Bless!

    2. Linda says:

      If you ‘hate to say this’ then you shouldn’t have. ARE YOU SERIOUSLY THIS IGNORANT? Go starch your pointed white hood, you piece of trash. Unreal.

  42. Anna says:

    Put him on Facebook,and let the world know how much he is cared for. Monitor the account. This way perhaps good people can undo the emotional damage.

  43. Anna says:

    I meant by using Facebook, the world can send him vitrual hugs to let him know so many good people are standing up for him.

  44. STOP ABUSE says:

    My heart and prayers go out to this young mans parents and to him as well. I pray to God that may he bring to justice all those who have caused harm and pain to this young man and his family.

    This is a recurring problem that the autistic and developmental disabled have to endure. My son was abused and brutally beaten up, I had to go to the media and report it because the developmental center tried to sweep it under the rug. There are good caretakers, however, the abusive ones need to be punished to the max. The developmental center tried to say it was a fall down. They just love to use that as an excuse, and they love to use the autistic persons disability against them. Also, the investigative special response unit is always using their favorite word “unsubstantiated”.


    1. lucy says:

      My heart broke when i first saw the video of your son being abused. I am very sorry that this happened to your son but your family did the right thing by secretly placing the hidden camera. I have 2 boys that have autism. My 12 yr old son is severly autistic & non-verbal & can be very difficult to manage. He still lives at home but i know that one day more likely he will have to go a group home. I hope this guy jail time & never gets a chance to work with disabled persons again. I hope this comapny is forced to close down. I cannot even believe this owner making excuses. Prayers to your family.

  45. Kami Albers says:

    I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS!!!! Taylor is a great kid and is doing well. His parents and his support team love him to bits. This should never happen to our children who cannot protect themselves-EVER. OMG~they look and us for protection. How could this have happended in a regulated group home. I have been in the business for 20 years and I can tell you there are good group homes and bad group homes. Taylor’s body and spirit are recoerying nicely…. Love ya!!

  46. suzyQ says:

    OK so YES this is horrific. But why is the mother sitting home watching daytime television, in her obviously upscale home, and her son has to live in a group home? I do not condone this behavior by any medical professional but why on earth is Mom at home watching DAYTIME TV, its not like she has to work all day and the boy can’t be alone. SHE IS WATCHING TELEVISION DURING THS DAMN DAY!

  47. Dave says:

    When the I saw the victim was white & it said that it was a ‘man’ doing the beating, I suspected before I even watched it that the perpetrator was black. Of course that will automatically be called ‘racist.’ You tell ME who’s the racist here?

    1. Linda says:


    2. Marcy says:

      The white owner of the group home is just as negligent. Some of Taylor’s favorite and best caretakers have been African American. The color of the skin has nothing to do with the quality of the heart. Please don’t turn this into anything to do with race.

  48. Janet Payne says:

    I’m so sorry that Taylor had to endure such horrible treatment. I’m the mother of a special needs child. May this man rot in ______. In the video your son was doing nothing. So why would this man do this to him? Why are there no sheets on his bed also. Taylor deserves dignity. Give Taylor a big hug from me. and my wish for Taylor is that he can build trust again. Love to you all, Janet Payne

    1. karen hartley says:

      thanks for your comment. For Taylor’s birthday & christmas, we gave him many new blankets and pillows, his latest favorite,” Sponge Bob” . One of his new staff gave him a “Sponge Bob” comforter that she had bought for her own children, just because he liked it. Taylor has always been a blankie, pilla, kind of kid, thanks for noticing. Men don’t notice, mamas do, that the monsters even denied him blankets and pillows, we didnt even find any in his closet when we picked him up, just unwrapped presents, new toys and clothes. Taylor’s MOM

  49. Wales says:

    Wow. Look at all these people with autistic children.. Wake up people. Vaccines cause most of this autism! As for the creep that assaulted that boy…Give him the max!

  50. JT says:

    One in 90 children who get all the recommended vaccines, gets autism. Completely unvaccinated children almost never get autism.

    Today’s ‘family physician’ and pediatrician INFLICT autism on 1 in 90 kids.

    They ought to pay damages for taking care of such children, not everybody else.

  51. Tired of it says:

    TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN KID WOMAN!! Instead of watching your soap operas every day, how about facing the fact that your son needs YOU, not your money to pay for him to be taken care of by people who are beating him. TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILD YOURSELF!

    1. Marcy says:

      Do you really think that choosing this path was an easy choice? Or that every other possible alternative wasn’t tried? Do you think that the entire family didn’t go over every possible option? My mother did take care of Taylor for 19 years. She is 58 years old and he is stronger than she is. The attendants didn’t work, they would stay for a few months or so and then quit with no notice, leaving an upset autistic kid that didn’t understand why they left. It is very easy to say these kinds of things when you don’t have to bear the heartache.

      1. April says:

        Was your mother the only family member Taylor had?

      2. Marcy says:

        There is no other family support besides my sister and myself. My sister is a special needs teacher(one of the many blessings Taylor gave to our family is that my sister discovered a gift with special needs kids and gets to work with them every day). She gave up her entire summer break to help take care of Taylor after we discovered the video footage until we found him a good group home. I have 4 children, my eldest is 13 and has Muscular Dystrophy and I also have a daughter and twin three year old boys, so I cannot help with Taylor. Believe me, if I could have I would.

      3. Linda says:

        Marcy; I”m so sorry. Some no minds on this site are just cruel and ignorant. Don’t even bother explaining- no words to these types of individuals, can teach or make them compassionate. I apologize for their callousness.

  52. Lawanna Bean says:

    Thank God they put the hidden camera in so that they were able to see the abuse happening and stop it. I can’t tell you how many similar stories I have heard from people. If you have a need for a hidden camera, go to

  53. YRofTexas says:

    To the Mom of Taylor:
    suggestion? Go to and submit a petition to change the laws in Texas so that there are mandatory cameras set up with families to monitor the activity with their loved ones? I know there are day care centers that offer that; the Moms and Dads can get logged in and watch from their computers at work.
    The technology is there, and when it comes to the healthcare provider, they need to understand that their privacy is limited because people need to be responsible for their actions.
    What about it? Make good come out of this experience! Name it after Taylor!
    God Bless you, Taylor, your hubby and all of those who suffer from this form of abuse at the hands of their caretakers.

  54. Hammaer says:

    My son has also been abused. Also please search Hollie Greig

  55. concerned says:

    Give us Fuller and the owners phone number and address!
    who agrees?

    1. concerned says:

      Franks # is 214-705-4301
      Let him know how you feel on his voicemail, I did!!!!!

      1. concerned says:

        Frank is such a terrible human being for justifying Fullers violence.
        Call him and tell him how you feel!!!

      2. Lisa Day says:

        Oh I called alright, and had to toss in the question as at the end of his message he says, Jesus loves you. Jesus loves you ? Really Frank? I think you need to bring your phone to court but I bet you wont because too many of us are standing up for Tylor.

  56. April says:

    Poor boy. Not only did his “care takers” fail him but also his parents. The mom (and I use that term loosly) talks about how she was sitting there watching “daytime” TV while paying someone else to care for her child. His parents claim he was moved to a home because it was “difficult” to care for him. If you won’t do it yourself then what makes youself, then what makes you think someone else (that doesn’t even know the boy to begin with) will do it better. If more parents would stand up and be real “PARENTS” then incidents like this wouldn’t have to happen. My heart goes out to Taylor and I hope he will find someone in life who will love him.

    1. YRofTexas says:

      April – you have made a VERY CRUEL statement.
      Have you not heard the phrase
      “don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes”?
      Paraphrased poorly, but you catch my gist?
      At some point in your life, you will have to meet with some trial, some decision, about someone you love or even yourself. We all grow old. And that is a time when changes and challenges come about that may have never happened across before.
      You will then just begin to understand, and have a little humanity, about the plight of these parents.
      Then you will have some compassion, rather than hurtful words and assumptions.
      God has mercy for you…extend that toward others, please.

      1. April says:

        YRofTexas – I have met with several trials in my life! My father died 4 years ago after battling debilitating cancer and several strokes. Never once did my mother or I consider throwing him away in a home! My mother turned 84 Wednesday. She has been living in my 3 bedroom home with me, my husband and 3 children for almost 2 years now. The conditions aren’t the most pleasant in the world and I have had to quit my job to stay with her, but there were no other options. I listened to many, many people (including family members) that asked why I didn’t just put her in a home. I know that this is an “accepted” way of dealing with the elderly and people who are unable to care for themselves in this day and age, but for my family, that is NOT an option. My mother did not throw me away when I was born because I could not care for myself and I will NOT do that to her. There are times that I want to cry, pull my hair out, run away and just all together quit, but again this is NOT an option. I have been very blessed with 3 fairly healthy children though my youngest has diabetes. This also was a life changer for my family. The way we ate and lived our everyday lives changed because of the illness of one person in our family. We do not look at this as a problem, but just the way life is. When one person in a family is hurt, sick, or otherwise down, the the family as a whole works together to do what has to be done. So your little quote about not judging is maybe something you should reread and learn from yourself.

    2. Lisa Day says:

      April really? I’m impressed how someone can make themselves look so stupid that or the Devil has used you as one of his Army. You’re cold, harsh and cruel just as one of the staff that was caught on tape. You clearly don’t see truth behind the two horned beast, as you march in tune with the Devil. You said you’re mother didn’t throw you away when you were born because you couldn’t care for yourself….What does that have to do with Tylor he wasn’t an infant and what does your life story make Tylors abuse okay? Did you not see the video? You have 3 kids and just seeing abuse doesn’t make you feel like the rest of us feel? Of course not…okay well go pack a lunch with your kids and go to a park and never mind the man in a car looking at your kids cause your a great wonderful mommy and your the superhero who don’t see wrong other than pointing fingers, three back at you.

      1. April says:

        I guess if you would read all the comments, you would see what my comment is about. I wrote the things about my life in response to someone, just as ignorant as you, that assumed that I haven’t dealt with any trials in my life. My life story in no way makes Taylor’s abuse ok. Taylor’s abuse is not ok and never will be. No abuse is ok. But if Taylor were being cared for by his family and not paid strangers, then they would not have needed to install cameras to watch him. The mother herself said that watching daytime television was what she chose to do with her time instead of caring for her son. It totally amazes me how people “act” like they are sooo concerned for each other, unless they have to put forth some effort. I cannot imagine why any mother would throw her own child away, espically one that needs care more than most. I guess that was their chioce and unfortanutley Taylor paid the price.

      2. Lisa Day says:

        As so many are misreading the report, the news she got was while she was watching daytime t.v. (“I’m sitting here watching daytime television and my son is being beat and treated horribly,” said Taylor’s mother, “I feel so guilty we didn’t do the camera earlier.”) She used the wording daytime t.v. as to the time she got the news. No where in reports does she said (The mother herself said that watching daytime television was what she chose to do with her time instead of caring for her son.) Anyways……blessing to all children and elder abuse. This is why so many take out of content the Bible and it becomes switched to something else in meaning. As an example!!

      3. Marcy says:

        April you are a mother of three. You have probably experienced a three year old’s temper tantrum. Imagine if that three year old was bigger and stronger than you were, and the tantrums happened at random times with no warning. You would probably try to hire a helper. Where would you find such a helper? If they called in sick or suddenly quit on you how would you keep your child safe? What would you do?

      4. Lisa Day says:

        Marcy, I’m with you on that as my son is A.D.H.D. with Asperger syndrome. I asked so many Doctors when my son was 3 to help me. Something just wasn’t right. I went to Valley Mountain Regional Center and so many said he was too young for diagnosis. I couldn’t find child care because someone had to know my sons illness and knew if someone harmed him I would have to go to prison. After long battles and his signs became worse. I had to go emergency and I requested help or I was going to lose my mind. My son @ 4 got up in the middle of the night and stabbed me in the back from a kitchen knife. A team of 6 Doctors and 2 mental health specialist diagnosed him with Bipolar and A.D.H.D. It took 3 more years to find out he was with Aspergers. His was running at 8 months old. He was Spiderman, he was walking the fence line at 10 months old, and another time he was on my neighbors roof as I was in the shower and my husband at the time was to be watching him. I’m a bad Mommy I know, I’m sure I will be told after this post that I must have allowed my son to watch horror movies which never happen. Anyways I really didn’t want to post my private life but I’ll be damned if someone ever says to my face that I was a bad Mom. I have learned so much on medications and foods for my son what he can or should not eat. So many times I had to pass on showers, yes it was that bad. He can play possum at anytime. It was till he started school in special ed that I was finally able to have a quiet time to relax and watch a show on T.V. or call a friend. I also had to dead bolt every door high out of reach just to make sure my son was safe and even having a window open with a screen he cut loose on me and I thought I was going to jail for not taking care of my son properly as ones may say. Your family touched my heart and other Moms who said their child was also abused. Well so was my son at school by a teacher….I had to pray fast to not push her into the bushes and beat the tar out of her. My son at age 6 was at my next door neighbors and my neighbor said go clean house and he will be fine playing with her nephews. My son was sexually assaulted by force of oral……!! So for all those Mommies out their with children who are without illnesses don’t hammer down on parents who tried all efforts in helping their child and been turned down for lack of Government aid all because a child’s father made too much money but yet it was a life of living check to check and the medication was of $688.00 for Generics and not covered by insurance. I had to divorce my husband and got all the aid handed all at once. S.S.I. and given better Teachers through I.E.P meetings. It takes a long toll and a twisted road to take. I can’t hold a job because my son is my job & I trust no one. No child should deal with abuse of others and others need to realize to keep their mouth shut when at a store as a few told me I need to take him outside and whip his ass. I said YOU”RE FIRST!!!!!!!! Blessings to your family and the others who have dealt with silent children who doesn’t understand people who don’t understand the life they live.

      5. Linda says:

        well said, Lisa. I believe April has alot of growing up to do.

      6. Lisa Day says:

        Thank you Linda, Marcy posted a video of her brother all should see. So touching and loving to see Tylor when he was 14. No child such as ours should never be hurt nor all children for this very matter. It made me cry in the most compassionate way. ( passing on this link )

  57. Wondering says:

    Why was the mother not caring for the child herself? The article states that “He’s just real sad. He’s lost some of the zest for the things he used to enjoy,” He probably became sad and lost zest for things when his parents discarded him like trash!

    1. karen hartley says:

      No more comments please…. the only reason any parent would place an autistic child in a group home is because they could no longer provide the care that their child needs. I did not do it to sit on my ass all day and watch soap operas. I have not done that ! Everyone that knows me, knows that! Frank sat at my kitchen table with Taylor doing a puzzle and promised that he would take care of our son. He Lied…Taylor knows what he did and so does God, he belongs in prison. Your comments are only hurting the victims of this crime not the criminals that did the crime! Taylor’s Mama
      Taylor is with me tonight, sleeping in his room , at this family home!

  58. Ana says:

    The younng man’s civil rights were severely violated, the family needs a lawyer and that psycho needs to pay not only for medical bills, but the psycological pain he caused the family. Back ground checks should be manditory for all employees before being hired.

  59. J says:

    Rot in Hell you dirty rotten Demon.

  60. Marcy says:

    I made a video of the Taylor that I know and love. Want to share it with you so that you can see him and he can make you smile. I didn’t want the only video of Taylor being this awful thing.

  61. Surah says:

    I agree, Taylor’s problems have “nothing” to do with the actions of the caretaker, and there is “NO” excuses for being hit/abused. No one should stand up for or justify what Fuller did. The owner/manager is just as guilty for trying to justify Fuller. I also feel the parents should have taken Taylor back to their home especially after something so horrible as being beaten. I really cannot believe the mothers comment where she said, “Oh, I was home just watching daytime TV all while my son was beaten” Really? that’s just selfish. He is their son, don’t just throw him around from place to place for other’s to watch over while you sit around watching TV. Having children is difficult, even more having a special needs child, but oh well… that’s life take care of your child. Why did they wait so long to investigate, they should have taken him out of their the very second they thought something was wrong. Bad people, all of them. I feel sorry for Taylor.

  62. Doodlebug2222 says:

    The group home should be brought up on charges – period. They ARE legally responsible for their employees and monitoring. How often do they monitor the rooms and the patients physical/mental well-being? When he ‘fell’ and was obviously hurt (fracture), was a form filled out, was he taken to a nurse? Why not? What kind of questions were the investigators asking? They need to look into the amount of bruises, and given VALID reasons on how they came about. The burn marks especially. If he was burned – HOW? If one person is receiving so many burns and bruises on their own, then even THEN there should be questions about lack of supervision. The person(s) that accosted this young man, broke the law and should be brought up on charges as well as the group home for failure to investigate repeated signs of abuse. To me, it sounds as if these group homes are akin to $$$ making puppy mills. Rent a house, rent some thugs, and open the doors for business.

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