AT&T Relents On ‘Unlimited Data’ Plan Limits

iphone 129223342 AT&T Relents On Unlimited Data Plan Limits

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NEW YORK (AP) – AT&T is caving to complaints that it’s placing unreasonable limits on the “unlimited data” plans it offers smartphone subscribers.

The cellphone company says that from now on, it will only slow down service for its “unlimited data” subscribers when they hit 3 gigabytes of usage within a billing cycle.

Previously, the company had been slowing down service when subscribers entered the heaviest 5 percent of data users for that month and that area.

Several subscribers told The Associated Press that their data service had been throttled at just over 2 gigabytes of data use, lower than most people on AT&T’s “limited” plans.

AT&T has about 17 million “unlimited” smartphone subscribers.

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  1. Michael Johnston says:

    Rather they admit it or not, I’m pretty sure I’m getting “throttled” by Verizon even though I have an unlimted plan too. I have a speed test app on my iPhone and I’m certainly not getting anywhere near the advertised 3G speeds.

  2. justhinkinoutloud says:

    The “unlimited” data plan is totally useless if you live anywhere outside the I-95 Maine Turnpike! And that is good only until just north go Bangor! Have you looked at a map of Maine lately? I was texted twice that I was exceeding my data plan, then I was permanently restricted from any data usage….forever except within the network – while on I-95! I called three times explaining that I did not know how to tell when I was getting close to the 24K or something limit, but alas, too late, I’m cut off forever. I have been an AT&T customer since 1989 and that’s the service I get. I offered to pay extra since AT&T does not deem it profitable to put up any additional towers in Maine – and I’ve been waiting for over 10 years! – I guess they don’t mind US Cellular and Sprint taking all their customers in Maine – we do have cell phones up here, AT&T! One “customer service” HA! representative told me “there was no plan I could afford that would cover the cost of “you people” – you cost us money!”, I was told. Well, I can now get service for my iPhone elsewhere….guess brand loyalty does not mean much anymore.

    1. Etienne Perret says:

      I live in Camden, Maine and have been an AT&T customer for many years. Love my iPhone, but alas AT&T just cut off my roaming for data.
      Anybody have any ideas what AT&T plans to do in regards to a tower in the Rockland to Belfast corridor?
      I may just have to switch our family over to Verizon.

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