Mother Takes To Facebook To Find Miracle Kidney For Her Son

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Chances are slim for a teenager who needs a kidney. Only two-percent of the population could make a potential match. His mother thinks Facebook could help them find the kidney they need.

All Blake Jordan Pearce wants right now is his BMX bike and a ramp.

It’s all he can do to move around right now. A dialysis session wiped him out for the day.

“You just take it day by day and just hope one day you get the call,” Blake said.

Blake and his mother, Stephanie, live in Oklahoma. They’ve been staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Dallas since January.

That’s when Blake developed an infection and was taken by medical helicopter to Children Medical Center.

“Watching him just fight to live is excruciating. It is. It is. You have a kid and it’s your heart,” Stephanie Pearce said.

Blake’s fight for life started March 19, 1994. That was the day he was born.  It was traumatic. His mother was rushed to the hospital where doctors performed an emergency C-section.

Blake had to be resuscitated. “All of his organs shut down to save the brain,” his mother said.

His kidneys suffered most. “When he was 13. They quit working all together,” she said.

Blake received his first kidney transplant in 2007. But his body rejected it. “He’s the only patient in the world which has rejected it within 2 weeks of transplant,” she said.

Stephanie Pearce said they knew the kidney had come from an alcohol related fatality. What found out later was that the kidney not only tested positive for alcohol but for marijuana and cocaine as well.

Because his body rejected the first kidney, it’s likely to reject any kidney that is biologically similar. That’s almost everyone.

Dr. Dev Desai is Blake’s transplant surgeon at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.   “So, only two percent of the local or regional population would be a potential match for Blake,” said Dr. Desai.

Dr. Desai did the math. If there are four million people in the Metroplex, two-percent would be 80,0000 people.

Widening the net would help which is why Stephanie Pearce has turned to Facebook to help her son find a kidney.

2,200 people have already “liked” his page called “Blake Jordan’s Miracle.

More than a thumbs up he needs a kidney from a living donor. It can’t be anyone with high blood pressure or diabetes and the blood type needs to be O-positive.

Blake is 17. He just wants to live like everyone else.

Anyone needing more information can contact Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.


One Comment

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for sharing my son’s story! Stephanie Pearce

    1. Kelly B. says:

      How would I know if Im a match? I dont have high blood pressure or diabetes and my blood type is O-positive….. I am 31, F, dont drink. Never smoked or done drugs and I’m very interested in being a potential donor. Live in CA

      1. Kristi Tackett says:

        you can go to his page Blake Jordan’s Miracle and post your email tell them your blood type and one of the admins of the group will email you an app thank you for wanting to help Blake

    2. Jennifer says:

      My name is Jennifer and I have o positive blood type. i am an occasional cig. smoker and am willing to stop to see if me and blake are a good match. If you have any questions you can email me at Thanks!

  2. Suzanne Shelpman says:

    If you just read this article and didn’t click Share to get the word out of Blake’s need for a kidney, then we may have missed reaching the one person who is a viable donor. Don’t let Blake down. Share this with everyone, everywhere. Please.

  3. Corky Baggett says:

    Thank you CBS DALLAS for sharing Blake’s story. The response seems to be great so far- hope you can run it again and again til he get s his donor!!

  4. Kristi Tackett says:

    Thank you so so much for sharing Blake’s story with so so many people I’m amazed at how many likes his page got after your news cast so exciting to think his hero his miracle is among us.Praying and sharing his story is a very important part of this journey the more people that know the better his chances for a new kidney are so either share pray or apply to donate be a part of his miracle.

  5. John Dziak says:

    This is an awesome story but I think an important correction is needed in this story. According to his family on their Facebook page, you do NOT have to be O-positive to apply. You could be either O-positive or O-negative.

    1. stephanie says:

      Thanks, John! Steph (Blake’s mom)

  6. Anon says:

    I am O negative. I cannot access facebook from work but I would be willing to find out if we match.

  7. Janie says:

    I was willing to be tested as a donor (since I’m from the same area as this young man, over 18, O positive, don’t drink/smoke and no medical problems) but according to their Facebook page, “7. Female donor candidates may undergo a gynecological exam and mammography.” (Sorry, as a virgin, I’m not willing to undergo a pelvic/pap smear). Wish him the best.

    1. Teri says:

      I will have to re-read the page as I did not see anything about the gyno stuff in there/

  8. Theo says: follow the link, buy the flight tickets, run a phone call … 45 minutes away or more depending on the distance between you and the place as shown in this link i showed you here … BON CHANCE:)

  9. Theo says:

    follow the link, buy the flight tickets, run a phone call … 45 minutes away or more depending on the distance between you and the place as shown in this link i showed you here … BON CHANCE:)

  10. Theo says:

    I see no need for this request if you follow the link i already posted above:

  11. Chris Knox says:

    I am in the military and it would be an honor to donate one of my kidneys to know that someone in the near future could possibly walk in the same steps as myself. I have never donated nor felt the need, but its bad enough we are losing family brothers and sisters over seas, why lose someone at home on our own turf for something they cannot do anything about. My blood is 0+ and please help this young man live his dreams…..

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