brayden How To Melt A Daddys Heart

Came home last night, and found this note on the kitchen counter, and another one from my daughter. The notes were congratulating daddy on a successful “rating book” as we call it in TV news. The fact that they both took the time, to congratulate their dad, made me feel like we’re on the right track in raising our kids, and melted my heart at the same time.

In this fast paced, email, Twitter, text world we live in, my wife and I go out of our way to keep the good old-fashioned “note” alive. I still believe there is a more meaningful touch, and a deeper sincerity, through a handwritten note. When people take the time to share their thoughts, through the written word, it says a lot. Take it from my kids, if you want to warm someone’s heart, take the time to send them a note. They will always feel like “number one”, when they read what you’ve taken the time to write.