fish 4 Possible Record Rod & Reel Catch At Lake Tawakoni

Danny Miles with what he hopes is a record Blue Catfish catch at Lake Tawakoni. (credit: Paul Miles)

HUNT COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – It could very well be one for the history books. On March 1, 2012, using a rod and reel, Danny Miles, of Irving, caught the pending Lake Tawakoni record Blue Catfish.

With a certified scale, the fish weighed in at 82 pounds and measured 51 inches long. The gargantuan creature was also 28 inches in circumference.

According to Danny’s brother, Paul, the family isn’t new to ‘catfishing’ and the brothers regularly compete in local catfish tournaments.

Paul said his brother is a trophy catfish angler that practices CPR, which in this case stands for catch, photo and release.

So, if you’ve got the skills, you too can catch the very same fish, since it was released healthy back into Lake Tawakoni.

“He [Danny] understands how valuable a resource a catfish of this size is to the sport,” Paul stated in an email.

The catch isn’t an official record yet. The current record is 73 pound Blue Catfish caught in January of 2010.

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