Rising Gas Prices Hitting North Texans Hard

Phyllis K. Smith, CBSDFW.COM

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Gas prices are now averaging $3.57 a gallon in Texas, a nickel higher than last week.

It’s still below the national average but that’s no consolation for north Texans who have no choice but to pay up when they fill up.

Tomas Aguayo is a landscaper. He says he’s barely making ends meet because his customers refuse to pay more money for his services. He says he used to pay $70 or $80 a week on gas for his truck and lawn equipment, but that’s gone up to $110 a week.

Tracy Coffee is a mother and part-time pre-school teacher. She has kids at home she drives to school and extra curricular activities as well as one in college. She says just this past week she filled up her car 5 times at $20 a pop. Coffee says the gas prices plus the higher cost for essentials like milk and bread are forcing her family to make some changes. She’s thinking of downsizing and simplifying to cut costs.

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Industry analysts say prices traditionally go up this time of year for several reasons including higher demand and refineries that shut down for routine maintenance.

To find the cheapest gasoline prices in your area, check our KRLD Pump Patrol.

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One Comment

  1. VFW American says:

    This is another mess the Dems Reps have scewed the American Peolpe. Allowing the Oil Industries to be Traded on the Commodities Market and their ability not more that a month ago to have insider trading status for themselfs. If they are in office now they are the problem. We need to keep voting these career politicians out of office. The Dems and Reps are the same parties that have consistantly put our lives on the line with their greed. It is time for these Criminals to be put in prison for misappropriations of our Tax Money. They are not on our side they are against all our farfathers have sacrificed for us.

    1. altha says:

      VFW American Don’t get on this board being an idiot person I know we have lot’s of you out there. Why didn’t you say something about the gas prices in 2008 while Bush was in office? it was higher then.

  2. susan says:

    it isnt just north texas, its all over..the problem, as before, is gas prices for farmers,truckers,etcetera are passed down to the consumer,so that bag of groceries that was $100 last week, is going to be $ 125 this week..and no one is getting cost of living raises these days…..

  3. callen says:

    The extra money we pay for each gallon of gas goes somewhere. It will be interesting to see if Exxon has yet another year of billions and billions of record profits each quarter. Perhaps the oil industry needs far more government regulation.

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