Barbara Bush Unhappy With 2012 GOP Campaign

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) –  At a conference at SMU featuring former First Ladies Monday, Barbara Bush said she was very unhappy with the 2012 campaign and the lack of civility in political debate.

Mrs. Bush said, “I just hate it. I hate the fact that people think compromise is a dirty word. It is not a dirty word.”

Her daughter-in-law, Laura Bush agreed, and remembered the sharp political attacks her husband, Former President George W. Bush received during his eight years in office.

“Obviously, when George was being criticized a lot, I thought things were worse than ever. But then we went to the Lincoln Library in Springfield, Illinois, and we saw those terrible cartoons about Lincoln, and you realize it’s just part of American politics,” she said.

Their comments come on the eve of the all-important Super Tuesday Republican Primary.

During this campaign year, the Republican candidates have all beaten each other up politically during the debates.

But at a recent conference on education reform in Dallas, another member of the Bush family, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush disagreed the negative campaigning would hurt Republicans. He said, “I think so far, the process has toughened up the eventual nominee.”

As for Barbara Bush, she endorsed Mitt Romney.

But in keeping with her theme, she changed a recorded phone call to voters on Romney’s behalf, and removed a line that said America couldn’t survive four more years of President Barack Obama.

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One Comment

  1. Sad But True says:

    Your husbands were colossal morons in office, ladies, and not conservatives by any stretch of the imagination, especially W. The true Reagan conservative is now extinct. I don’t put much stock in their opinions at all.

  2. Christian says:

    If you vote GOP you are accepting the Mark Of The Beast. Especially if the Catholic Anti-Christ “wins.” Obama protect us from these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    1. DDT says:

      LOL. OK, LOONEY.

  3. altha says:

    Barbara Bush watch television she have seen the blundering four. Newt, Rick, Paul and Romney

    1. marianne says:

      Altha, if you were born in the United States, please use proper English. My parents were born in Europe, were very poor but went to night school and spoke proper English.

      1. DDT says:

        Hey, leave the dumb jig alone.

  4. tom sharp says:

    I guess she misses the comic relief and prat falls provided by W in the debates.

  5. norulers says:

    What a sick, psychotic cow. Discussion of “civility” from the matriarch of Texas’ leading crime family. Talk of “civility” from a family guilty of murdering tens of thousands and becoming obscenely wealthy doing it.

  6. FedUpTxn says:

    Has it occurred to either of these first ladies that our current president has received less respect than any other president before him and that most of it has been generated by the Republican party that has been hell bent on insuring that he cannot accomplish anything while in office? The American people are the least of the politicians concern. Their own income and admiration is far more important than the welfare of the country as a whole. From someone who has voted Republican for decades and likely will not again any time soon, I am more than disgusted at their behavior.

  7. FedUpTxn says:

    … and for all those Republicans who call themselves “Christians”; Have you forgotten that tiny little commandment that states “Thou shalt not bear false witness”? Or how about the one about coveting they neighbors goods, or adultry? Ah yes, do as I say, not as I do!

  8. helen says:

    does she think we could survive 4 more years of her son????

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